A furniture configurator to make planning and designing furniture easy.

Our furniture configurator allows you to create your customized furniture quickly and easily. It gives you access to a selection of predefined basic forms that you can adapt step by step. You can also create your own library. Once you have designed your furniture according to the customer's wishes, cabinetCreator creates a suitable selection of fixtures for you. And then everything goes to production: cabinetCreator creates the digital job data for you. All you have to do then is export the data and get started!


  • Saves time: Easy, intuitive configuration options (step-by-step navigation) and very fast creation of production data. Create drawings, parts lists and CNC programs directly in the application and export them.
  • Contains fixture information: Access to a large selection of fixtures based on the fixture data from all established manufacturers (Blum, Grass, Häfele, Hettich, Lamello).
  • Creates freedom for design: Large selection of predefined basic forms that you can adapt flexibly by entering the design parameters. You can also create your own library with your cabinet models (own model library).
  • Store your own design rules: You can store your own design rules, which you can also use for new models.
  • Visualize the furniture: 2D/3D display of the furniture during configuration.

  • Web-based application: You can use cabinetCreator on any device with an Internet browser. This means that it can be used in the office, at the machine or even on the go — without having to install any software.

  • Flexible: Can be used in conjunction with all machines (even from external providers); this does not apply for CNC programs (here, only MPR files can be output).

  • Step-by-step configuration of your furniture:

    1. Select a basic form from the library (e.g. straight cabinet, corner cabinet, cabinet for sloping ceiling)
    2. Define the external dimensions
    3. Configure the furniture (e.g. rear wall, partition panels, base, etc.)
    4. Define the fronts (e.g. doors, flaps, drawers)
    5. The fixtures required are suggested automatically
    6. All relevant production data generated: customer order, parts list for cutting, CNC programs, single part drawings, 3D assembly drawing

  • cabinetCreator is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop
  • Internet access (DSL, UMTS, LTE): min. 5 Mbit/recommended: 50 Mbit
  • Browser application: for use on a PC or laptop, we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser
  • Login via tapio (tapio account required,

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