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OEE Improvement - Gesamtanlageneffektivität

Process optimization: From good to better


We actively analyze our customers' processes with tools and expertise (Lean Six Sigma) that are unrivaled by any other manufacturer, in order to suggest the right adjustments and generate added value. Pricing that is more customer-oriented ensures that our solutions can be deployed flexibly. Costly damage or downtimes are prevented by proactive inspections (Keyword: predictive maintenance).

OEE process optimization (overall equipment effectiveness)

We identify potential for optimization in plant availability, performance and quality, develop solutions for this purpose and implement these in a sustainable manner together with the customer. We are able to increase the OEE of older machines and plants by 10% — an annual analysis by us (OEE potential analysis) ensures that no time at all is lost.

Simply increase the added value of your machines and plants

How? We analyze your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and work with you to identify the greatest potential for improvement, develop sustainable solution concepts and support you in the subsequent implementation.

Who? Our OEE experts take care of this. All of them are thoroughly trained in Lean Six Sigma and bring years of experience from a wide variety of projects into the consultation.

What? We are fully aware of the benefits from our long-standing and worldwide experience with projects with a wide variety of requirements: Over time, a multitude of improvement potentials are hidden in all processes, and we can help you uncover these to increase the OEE by up to 10%.

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  • OEE Improvement - Gesamtanlageneffektivität: Wie wir Ihren OEE steigern.
    Gesamtanlageneffektivität: Wie wir Ihren OEE steigern.