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Edge Banding Machines EDGETEQ S-500 Optimat | profiLine

Edge Banding Machines EDGETEQ S-500 Optimat | profiLine

Comprehensive equipment standard

The single-sided EDGETEQ S-500 offer precise gluing and perfect post-processing of edges. PUR and airTec can be used if required. The selectable feed rate of 16-20, 25 (30) m/min enables demand-based productivity for woodworking shops and for businesses with higher performance requirements. Automation and further functionality can be added on an individual basis for these edge banding machines.


powerTouch – trend-setting HOMAG control system

Intuitive operation with the powerTouch control system. Control machine functions directly using the multi-touch, widescreen monitor. The ergonomic design, as well as numerous help and assistant functions, simplify operation significantly.

Controlled chip collection. The chips are suctioned off in the interior and fed to the extraction hood in a targeted manner. Reduced wear and tear and lower service costs increase profitability and service life. The reduced suction speed lowers energy consumption and costs.

Trimming quality of the highest standard with the profile trimming unit FK30. The motion sequence is performed with linear motors. The high accelerations of the linear motors when rounding the edge enable the best-possible processing quality.


  • woodCommander5.1: Software for quick selection of the processing programs and the edge material

  • Processing of rolls of material up to 3 mm, of strips up to 12 mm alternative of solid strips up to 20 mm

  • The finishing unit at the outfeed removes any glue residue and ensures the edges grip well

  • Zero-joint technology with HOMAG airTec can be used

  • Automatic setup for different profiles

  • NEW: With the narrow part package, particularly narrow workpieces of up to 40 mm can be processed precisely

  • Logo ecoPlus

    Low energy costs plus material savings with ecoPlus

Technical Data



Feed speed adjustable [m/min]

16 – 20 (25)

Workpiece width [mm] *

with workpiece thickness 8 - 22 mm



Workpiece thickness [mm]

8 – 60 / 12 – 60

Edge thickness, coils [mm]

0.3 – 3

Edge thickness, strips / solid wood strips [mm]

0.3 – 12 (20)

* dependent on the workpiece thickness 

Automation & Further Functionality


Here's how your colleagues produce


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Höhere Produktivität für Ihre Kantenanleimmaschine

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    Das Edge Data Package im Einsatz

    Das Edge Data Package im Einsatz bei der Schreinerei Lechner


Product Comparison

Edge banding machine

  EDGETEQ S-200 EDGETEQ S-240 EDGETEQ S-300 EDGETEQ S-380 | profiLine EDGETEQ S-500 Optimat | profiLine
Feed rate adjustable [m/min]8-11118-148-2016-20 (25)
Workpiece width min. [mm] *
in case of thickness 8-22 mm
Workpiece thickness [mm]8-608-608-608-608-60
Edge thickness coils [mm]0,3-30,3-30,3-30,3-30,3-3
Edge thickness strips / solid strips [mm]0,3-30,4-60,4-80,4-150,3-12 (20)
  Details Details Details Details Details


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