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General Information

The acquisition of the majority stake in HOMAG Group AG by Dürr in 2014 has also had an effect on the capital market orientation of HOMAG Group AG. Thus, a domination and profit and loss transfer agreement between Dürr Technologies GmbH and HOMAG Group AG was approved at the extraordinary general meeting held by HOMAG Group AG on March 5, 2015. Based on this agreement, the shareholders have been receiving a compensation payment from Dürr Technologies GmbH of € 1.01 per HOMAG share since 2016 - instead of a variable dividend.

On July 16, 2015, we changed our company's listing on the German Stock Exchange. As a result, the shares of HOMAG Group AG are no longer listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Regulated Market. The HOMAG Group AG shares were initially listed in the Entry Standard segment of the Open Market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Since the segments of the Stock Exchange were changed in March 2017, the shares have been listed in the Basic Board segment. In line with the transparency requirements of this listing segment, we have switched to six-monthly reporting and do not publish any consolidated financial statements.