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Compact line timber framing WEINMANN

Timber Frame Production Lines Compact Line

Timber Frame Production Lines Compact Line

The smallest and most flexible production unit

Consisting of a multifunction bridge and a butterfly turning table, the WEINMANN compact line offers the ideal solution for manufacturing timber frame elements. Wall, roof, floor and special elements can be produced efficiently in an area measuring just 34x9 m². In addition to timber frame elements different materials like solid wood elements can be processed with the compact line.


  • Increased productivity thanks to high processing speeds and the elimination of manual processes
  • Cost-effective production thanks to reduced changeover times
  • Easy to integrate into the production hall thanks to low space requirements
  • Increased efficiency due to production in batch size 1- minimal setup times when producing different and complex elements
  • Consistently high level of precision thanks to CNC-controlled production
  • Amortization from 15 houses per year


  • Capacity of up to 70 houses per year with just 3–4 operators required

  • The multifunction bridge enables planking to be secured and processed as part of a fully automated process

  • Butterfly turning table—consisting of two assembly tables—for easier production and handling of elements

  • User-friendly thanks to ergonomic processing heights

  • Can be expanded at any time for increased capacity requirements

  • Possible expansions: panel cutting and automatic frame work production

Technical Data

Min. element thickness [mm]75
Max. element thickness [mm]500
Element width [m]3.2
optional 3.8 
Element lengths [m]6 / 8 / 10 / 12 

All technical data are without engagement! 


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WEINMANN compact line

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