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Panel dividing saws SAWTEQ S-500

Panel dividing saws SAWTEQ S-500

Advantage through size is the motto of the SAWTEQ S-500 – an innovative, robust high-performance saw for mass producers.

The SAWTEQ S-500 boasts innovative technologies and a uniquely rugged design. The high saw blade projection of 150 mm, or even 170 mm, in itself ensures the tremendous panel cutting performance.


  • Future-proof due to the use of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Easy to maintain, due to, for example, just small number of centrally located, easily accessible lubrication points
  • Minimum dust emission as a result of innovative extraction geometry
  • New saw carriage guide with self-adjusting running wheels – patent pending


  • Innovative pressure beam guide principle for long service life and lasting precision

  • Saw body made of SORB TECH – advantages over steel girder designs:

    – 10 times better vibration dampening
    – 20% higher sound absorption
    – 30% longer saw blade life
    – 40% lower consumption of primary energy during its production

  • Control software CADmatic 5
    – Intuitively understandable
    – Full HD widescreen multi-touch monitor
    – Harmonized user interface powerTouch
    – The new 3D assistance graphic supports the operator and is intuitive to operate
    – Ready for connection to tapio
    – Graphically supported diagnostics

  • Energy-saving positioning of the main saw blade by means of linear guide system with rocker

Technical Data

Saw blade projection [mm]150 (170 as option)
Cutting length [mm]3,200 / 3,800 / 4,300 / 5,600 / 6,500
Program fence speed [m/min]up to 90
Saw carriage speed [m/min]up to 130 (150 as option)
Main saw motor [kW]50 Hz: 30 (47 as option)
60 Hz: 35 (54 as option)
Monitor24" full-HD multi-touch display
Operating softwareCADmatic 5

(Previous product name: Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-500 | HPP 500)


  • CADmatic 5

    • Intuitive machine control – simple, fast and clearly structured: these are the strengths of CADmatic 5


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Product Comparison

Single saws for cutting

Cutting length [mm]3,200 | 3,8003,200 | 3,800 | 4,3003,200 | 3,800 | 4,300 |  5,6003,200 | 3,800 | 4,300 | 5,6003,200 | 3,800 | 4,300 | 5,600 | 6,500
Saw blade projection [mm]6565 (optional 80 or 95)80 (optional 95)110 (optional 125)150 (optional 170)
Program fence speed [m/min]up to 60 up to 80up to 90up to 90up to 90
Saw carriage speed [m/min]up to 60 up to 80 (optional up to 120)up to 150 (optional 170)150 (optional up to170)up to 130 (optional 150)
Left handed machine possible--
  Details Details Details Details Details


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