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Kent Home Improvements squares up with HOMAG CABTEQ S-250

With their old carcass press dying and no longer needing such a big press, Kent Home Improvements turned to HOMAG to invest in a robust and efficient carcass press.

The interaction of 3D CAD and ERP with one another, as well as with the digital assistants from HOMAG, plays an extremely important role. Web-based cutting optimization provided a huge productivity boost.

05/28/2024   ·   Augsburg

Simply more productive

Raimund Issle has set out on a digital path with his carpentry business. With digital tools from HOMAG, he and his team are boosting productivity.


HOMAG SAWTEQ B-400 beam saw: The perfect ‘fit’ for Universal Wood Products

With a Japanese multi-ripsaw fast approaching the ends of its life and an unsuccessful second-hand alternative, Universal Wood Products needed to find a suitable replacement.

B&O construction project

05/03/2024   ·   Frankfurt/Oder

Process steps "shortened"

With the development of a cost-optimized modular system, B&O Bau GmbH enriches its portfolio with a very interesting offer.

efbe möbelart Team

04/15/2024   ·   Ettlingen

One thing is certain: The craftsmanship remains

A portrait of the efbe möbelart joinery.

Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-300 from BRANDT


EDGETEQ S-300 improves quality and production capacity for C & S Interiors

Recognising the need to automate and speed up production, C & S Interiors invested in a new, automated edge bander to efficiently produce panels with a first class finish.

woodWOP 8.1: In use at the Fuchs joinery in Austria

03/19/2024   ·   Weitra

Used every day. Enthusiastic every day.

CNC programming software woodWOP 8.1: In use at the Fuchs joinery in Austria


CNC Creations invests in a beam saw and edge bander from HOMAG

A rise in demand triggered by the pandemic, saw local suppliers turn to CNC Creations to provide the panels and carpentry needed to meet the growth in the market.

CNC machining at Schreinerei Manfred Lehmann Innenausbau GmbH with the DRILLTEQ V-310V-310

02/27/2024   ·   Zell am Harmersbach

Maximum CNC processing at Lehmann Joinery

The space-saving miracle put to a practical test.

Consistent, digital and contemporary: The secret recipe of the teachers at Berufskolleg Beckum, a vocational college in Beckum, Germany

02/26/2024   ·   Beckum

Berufskolleg Beckum: Unparalleled networking of the training workshop.

An outstanding place of training.

Ryan and Sophie Woodward with their CENTATEQ P-310 CNC from HOMAG UK


A game-changer for timber window manufacturer French & Westcott

Realising their traditional business model was no longer profitable, French & Westcott recognised that they needed to invest in technically advanced machinery.

Managing board of Josef Eibl GmbH joinery

12/15/2023   ·   Aham

If you have a problem, you go to the Eibl joinery

A portrait of Josef Eibl GmbH.

Highly efficient: The SPRAYTEQ S-100 is designed for automated spray coating in various machine designs

12/13/2023   ·   Edinburgh

Jason Baker Design automates its finishing process with Makor Start One from HOMAG UK

With the consistent growth of the business, Jason Baker decided to automate some of their finishing processes by investing in a Makor Start One spraying machine from HOMAG.

Stephan Ganz, Owner and joiner with heart and soul.

12/01/2023   ·   Rimpar

Sustainably producing individual customer requirements

Whether it's kitchens, staircases, doors, bathroom furniture, floors or interior fittings, everything that can be produced from wood is in excellent hands at the Ganz joinery.

HOMAG SAWTEQ S-100 entry level beam saw


HOMAG automates production for Claris Housewares & Stationery Solutions

Having analysed the bottlenecks in production, it was clear that both panel dividing and drilling operations at Claris Housewares had to be improved.

Modules ready for dispatch and waiting for transport to the construction site.

11/06/2023   ·   Toruń

German-Polish module

Radical change from conventional to modular timber construction. With a new plant in Toruń, MOD21 is one of the major module suppliers on the German market.

10/30/2023   ·   Villingen-Schwenningen

Cutting in craftsmanship quality — with industrial efficiency

HOMAG SAWTEQ S-300 saw in use

10/23/2023   ·   Braubach, Rheinland-Pfalz

Noticeably increased performance with the SAWTEQ B-130 (now S-100)

Schreinerei Schwieck sets itself up for the future in panel cutting

An impressive project for the University of Hohenheim. ©Copyright Universitätsbauamt

10/02/2023   ·   Reutlingen


SYNdikat Zimmerei AG focuses on large new construction projects. To cope with the production volume, the company is investing in automated production.

Together, Rebecca Fischer (left), an employee in work preparation, and Managing Director Phillip Schuon (right) ensure that the digital overview is provided.

09/12/2023   ·   Haiterbach

Digital future with a clear overview

At MS-Schuon, productionManager ensures complete transparency of orders in production.

Moselle Lodge Skandi Living Interior by Swift Group


The Swift Group partners with HOMAG to completely redesign its production facility

Having undertook a review of its machinery facilities to improve efficiency & production, the Swift Group have seen a capacity increase in excess of 25 percent.

Water tower Al-Kohbar

08/07/2023   ·   Dammam

"Saudisation" leads to automation wave in the furniture industry

How manufacturer Al Joaib wants to reamin competitive

Brigitte Breisacher, owner of Alpnach Norm, and Bernhard Wyrsch, technical director of Alpnach Schränke

07/25/2023   ·   Alpnach

Robotic saw solves bottleneck at Alpnach Schränke

Flexible cutting in batch size 1

Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-380 from BRANDT

07/10/2023   ·   Wellington, Somerset

The Complete Kitchen Company invests in EDGETEQ S-380

Requiring a solution to increase their output capacity, The Complete Kitchen Company invested in an EDGETEQ S-380 as well as an XES 200 glue station.

07/01/2023   ·   Linz

Where skilled workers are forged

The Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) of the Upper Austrian Federal Economic Chamber sees itself as a partner of people and organizations that want to develop themselves

Thanks to the high level of prefabrication of the modules, this innovative residential complex was installed in a very short time.

07/01/2023   ·   Conception

Pioneers in the field of modular timber construction in Chile

Since its founding in 1995, Patagual has provided new impetus to the real estate industry through numerous innovative development projects.

06/29/2023   ·   Cuenca


LIGNUM TECH leads the wood construction industry in Spain. The company combines materials and optimizes processes for economic efficiency and and environmental protection.

Jonathan Henkenhaf has just designed a built-in cabinet and transfers the process to a digital job folder.

06/22/2023   ·   Elchesheim-Illingen

Beam all parts up to the assembly area

Digital operation from work preparation stage to production: Löw Breidenbach relies on the SmartWOP design software and the productionManager digital job folder.

SCHULER Consulting supports Schütt company on its way to becoming an industrial construction company.

06/20/2023   ·   Landscheide-Flethsee

On the path to industrial production

The experts for special constructions of company Schütt shape the change in their company with SCHULER Consulting.

The performance and processing range of the CENTATEQ S-800|900 series can be tailored to meet your needs


Mumford & Wood transforms window production with CENTATEQ S-800

To keep ahead of the rapidly changing UK market for windows, Essex based Mumford & Wood recently invested in the state-of-the-art CENTATEQ S-800 CNC machining centre.

05/16/2023   ·   Schondra


Portrait of the Möbel und Raum joinery.

This impressive construction project by SH Holz- und Modulbau demonstrates the surprisingly versatile design possibilities of modular construction. Photo: SH Holz- und Modulbau

05/15/2023   ·   Lingen

Finger firmly on the pulse

From exotic to pioneering role. Automation of production brings the company closer to the goal of realizing industrialized construction.

34 modern apartments distributed across four houses with pre-grayed timber casing in the newly built Donau residential community. Author: © Oliver Jaist

05/15/2023   ·   Falkenberg

Everything done right from an early stage

Haas Fertigbau GmbH has traditionally been very diversified and is active in many fields of prefabricated timber construction.

Return conveyor LOOPTEQ O-300 | HOMAG


Staverton (UK) Limited sees capacity increase 40 percent with HOMAG machinery

As the world slowly emerged from the COVID crisis Staverton began to question what the best strategy would be to grow the business.

Optimierungspotentiale mit der OEE-Analyse entdecken

05/09/2023   ·   Pfalzgrafenweiler

Five steps to more effectiveness

Targeted increase of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)!

US manufacturer increases production efficiency

04/26/2023   ·   Indianapolis, Indiana

Colorful, versatile, and highly efficient

US manufacturer increases production efficiency by more than 40 percent

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-200


HOMAG is the brand of choice for Woodcraft World

Starting a brand new business venture is never easy. Fledgling Woodcraft World joinery business began trading in 2022, despite facing the added challenges.

Martin Lechner at the EDGETEQ S-500: The Edge Data Package enables the entire team to access a catalog of all edgeband data from renowned edgeband suppliers directly at the machine.

03/20/2023   ·   Forstern

Even more efficient at the edge!

The Edge Data Package in use at Lechner joinery.

03/16/2023   ·   Steyr- Dietach

Production line for batch size 1 kitchens

At Breitschopf in Steyr-Dietach, kitchens are custom-made — always. What the kitchen looks like and how it is designed is entirely up to the customer.

03/16/2023   ·   Wels

Secure packaging of unique products

In Wels, individual kitchens are made with great attention to detail. To ensure that customers receive these unique products free of defects, ewe Küchen uses the PAQTEQ C-250.

Here you can see Florian and Fabian Hamacher, the managing directors of Hamacher GmbH.

03/01/2023   ·   Overath

Faster, better, more ergonomic

In 2021, Hamacher GmbH decided to invest in a cost-effective first step into the world of automation.

Gain transparency about value stream and intralogistics

02/20/2023   ·   Burg (bei Magdeburg)

The key to success lies in intralogistics

In order to manufacture more efficiently, Burger Küchen uses SCHULER Consulting's Digital Value Stream Optimization.

DRILLTEQ H-600 CNC processing centre at Richmond Furniture


Contract kitchen manufacturer invests in HOMAG DRILLTEQ H-600

Having acquired numerous HOMAG machines since the early 1980's, a DRILLTEQ H-600 CNC processing centre was Richmond Furniture's most recent purchase.

01/16/2023   ·   Riegersburg

Perfectly packed for the world's metropolises

Producing elegant furniture for customers who are keen to invest is the business of the Radaschitz carpentry company in Riegersburg, in the Austrian state of Styria.

Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-300 from BRANDT


HOMAG’s machinery and service continue to be favoured by Archispek

Following the increased demand for the company's products, kitchen designer and manufacturer Archispek Limited expanded and improved its workshop's woodworking machinery.

Luisa Schäfer (left) and Katharina Höppner (right) work with HOMAG digital products daily

12/19/2022   ·   Rastede

On the edgeband, get set, go!

Comprehensive and consistent edgeband management? That's no problem with the edgeband assistant — ZB Holzsysteme shows us how!

Jager aims to create a company not dependent on manpower, thus enlisting the help of HOMAG’s automated products

12/16/2022   ·   Ho Chi Minh City

Advanced woodworking solutions pay off with Jager and HOMAG

HOMAG has been providing machines and software that have helped multiple Asian companies rely less on manpower and transition towards automated processes.

Meesenburg has recently been producing innovative products with the newly installed HOMAG production center at the Bischofswerda site.

12/12/2022   ·   Bischofswerda

Made-to-measure "suits" for windows and doors

Meesenburg Großhandel KG invests in a HOMAG saw-storage combination

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-130


Lucabella Furniture invests in complete HOMAG solution

Based in Waltham Abbey, Lucabella Manufacturing was set up to manufacture quality bathroom furniture & have since partnered with HOMAG for their complete machinery solutions.

Manual operation of the robot saw, Foto: Georg Molinski, dds

11/28/2022   ·   Sulzfeld

A robot that never gets tired

The company Mayer in Sulzfeld leaves the cutting to a robot. The SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec is fully integrated in the STORETEQ S-200 storage system.

Dominik Baumgartner, Managing Director of the Alfred Baumgartner joinery

11/21/2022   ·   Ruprechtshofen

Sawing independently in-house

The Robot saw SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec in use at the Alfred Baumgartner joinery.

A strong team — Manuel zum Buttel and Katharina Höppner

11/14/2022   ·   Rastede

Goodbye endless paperwork, hello digital job folder

ZB Holzsysteme shares this opinion and is putting an end to endless paperwork by introducing productionManager.

ControllerMES, batch size 1, Walter Bosch GmbH

10/25/2022   ·   Rühlingstetten

Real throughput in batch size 1

ControllerMES in pratice at Walter Bosch GmbH

Lohnabbund Schuth GmbH in Ochtendung

10/10/2022   ·   Ochtendung

Significantly greater added value

Since 2013, Lohnabbund Schuth has been offering construction component manufacturing, in addition to beam processing services. In 2021, the company automated its production.

Schreinerei Fehlmann, showroom

09/29/2022   ·   Müllheim

Interior architects' favorite

Portrait of the Fehlmann joinery.

New production site of family Kinskofer

09/13/2022   ·   Parsberg

Sustainably on the road to success

Greenfield project and a change of generations at the wood-loam house builder Kinskofer

08/24/2022   ·   Ostfildern

A practical test mastered: productionManager proves successful in combination

Binsch GmbH relies on a digital future - and on digital solutions.

08/24/2022   ·   Dunningen in the Black Forest

Plenty of potential for healthy growth

Interior fittings specialist Reuss invests in HOMAG storage-nesting combination

CNC edge banding unit with powerEdge Pro Duo


Herman Miller extends HOMAG relationship with new CENTATEQ E-310

Founded in 1905 in Michigan, USA, Herman Miller is a design led office and home furniture manufacturer. The UK division recently invested in a CENTATEQ E-310 CNC.

HOMAG equipment facilitates market expansion for Quest Joinery


HOMAG equipment facilitates market expansion for Quest Joinery

Operating several HOMAG machines at its 25,000 sq. ft. production site in Hemel Hempstead, Quest Joinery has a history of delivering exceptional results.

07/18/2022   ·   Essex

Alexander Cleghorn invests in bespoke EDGETEQ S-810 powerLine edge banders

Bespoke staggered tandem line featuring two EDGETEQ S-810 powerLine machines has helped drive processing speeds & facilitate bespoke production of narrow double-sided panels.

Multistorey building in wood from Socopa

07/06/2022   ·   Vagney

Fit for the new standard

Modernization of the production line at SOCOPA in France.

Multi-storey building in wood the Dantebad in Munich


The world's wooden skyscrapers

Multi-story timber construction

HolzHaus Bonndorf Multi-family house

07/02/2022   ·   Bonndorf

Custom-made flexible workflow

New production line working at full load after two months.

Materio company building

07/01/2022   ·   Soest

The charm of serial construction

Due to the impact of the strained material situation, Materio GmbH has increasingly focused on project development and financing.

WEINMANN WALLTEQ M-120 at Kreutner & Schmälzlin

06/13/2022   ·   Bahlingen

Pilot project for future growth

With its investment in a WALLTEQ M-120, Kreutner & Schmälzlin Holzbau GmbH in Bahlingen has opted for a gentle first step into automation.

06/08/2022   ·   Doncaster

HOMAG technology helps Omega PLC to become a market leader

HOMAG has been Omega's woodworking machinery supplier of choice since 2014 when the company began its investment programme in the procurement of new machinery.

Pinhais Parc built by WEINMANN customer Tecverde

06/01/2022   ·   Araucária

Sustainable house construction in Brazil

Tecverde was founded in 2009 by a group of young entrepreneurs, with the purpose of making the Brazilian construction sector more industrialized and sustainable.

intelliGuide guides the machine operator through the cutting process.

05/12/2022   ·   Alerheim

Intelligent networked machine concept at Ries Akustik

High in-house production capabilities and maximum efficiency thanks to networked production and optimally coordinated processes

The original for your manufacture – DRILLTEQ V-200

05/09/2022   ·   London

HOMAG machinery is the brand of choice for Dashwood Interiors

To start the in-house manufacture of a range of made-to-measure furniture and customer cabinetry, London Pro-Fitters invested in three HOMAG woodworking machines.

Lanz Cabinets steps into the automated future

04/29/2022   ·   Eugene, Oregon

Step into the automated future

From 7,500 to 10,000 cabinets per week - automation project at Lanz Cabinets, Oregon (USA)

Löw Breidenbach Joinery, Owner Benjamin Löw in front of his CNC

04/15/2022   ·   Elchesheim-Illingen

The courage to take risks

A portrait of the Löw Breidenbach joinery.

In the joint project, the current production at Lotus Cabinetry Inc., CA was optimised and a new production was planned. The ideal layout can be implemented in several steps.

04/11/2022   ·   Santa Barbara, Kalifornien

Sleeves up and hands on – workshop at interior fitter Lotus Cabinetry

The Californian family business counts on the support of SCHULER Consulting for production optimisation.

B&O Group Dantebad

03/17/2022   ·   Bad Aibling

Tackling the housing shortage with timber construction

Affordable living space in a large city? There’s no such thing! This is the experience of people who are looking there for somewhere to live.

"I am generally open to new technologies," says Klaus Schurig, owner and managing director of Schurig GmbH.

03/08/2022   ·   Bönnigheim

What is the best possible way to manage the variety of materials in cutting?

Schurig GmbH in Bönnigheim, Baden-Württemberg, has helped to develop the answer.

JDH Joinery UK

02/24/2022   ·   Chester

JDH Joinery ramps-up production with new HOMAG equipment

JDH Joinery a diverse manufacturer of joinery products has seen a marked improvement in its production volumes following the recent installation of a HOMAG SAWTEQ B-130.


Leading fire door manufacturer extends HOMAG partnership

Ahmarra Door Solutions, one of the UK's leading fire door manufacturers, recently selected HOMAG as its preferred partner for woodworking equipment.

Diversity in wood: the offices of the company also act as a showroom

02/11/2022   ·   Vila Nova de Gaia

The wanderer between worlds

J&J Teixeira combines pure craftsmanship with industrial series production. The fully automated production line from HOMAG connects the two worlds.

Company premises of Holzbau Stocksiefen GmbH

01/31/2022   ·   Niederkassel

Familiar, but contemporary

"Small" automation solution for carpentry businesses.

Apartment kitchen by Peter Hay Kitchens

01/14/2022   ·   Auckland

Peter Hay Kitchens Makes Next Move

For nearly 50 years, Peter Hay Kitchens has been at the forefront of the New Zealand kitchen manufacturing industry. Now Peter Hay is investing in three new HOMAG machines.

Oliver Bantli with some of his happy and highly motivated team.

12/13/2021   ·   Eschenz

The next step — but certainly not the last.

Since spring 2021, the Bantli joinery in Eschenz, Thurgau, Switzerland has been using a DRILLTEQ V-500 CNC processing center with robotic support provided by a FEEDBOT D-300.

Edge-banding machine EDGETEQ S-500


Carlick Contract Furniture keeps pace with soaring production demands

With a growth in demand as a result of both Brexit and the pandemic, Carlick upgraded their capital equipment and installed a LOOPTEQ O-300 and EDGETEQ S-500

12/10/2021   ·   Julbach

Delivering precise quality

Oberhaizinger GmbH, based in Julbach, Lower Bavaria, specializes in series production of furnishings for car dealerships, banks and real estate.

Brüstung und Wandverkleidung Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

12/06/2021   ·   Mehring

On a growth course with Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur

SCHULER Consulting develops strategic roadmap for the capacity expansion of the long-established company from Mehring (Bavaria, Germany)

Interiors for luxury yachts, Fitz Interior GmbH

12/01/2021   ·   Mertingen

Launching ahead

Fitz Interior builds the interiors for high-end yachts. Machines from HOMAG are always a key part.

Wolfgang Thorwesten, horatec

11/25/2021   ·   Hövelhof

Robot-made 'single' cuts

A SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec robot saw from HOMAG forms the foundation of two automatic batch size 1 lines at horatec in Hövelhof.

Atlas Structural Systems manager

11/25/2021   ·   Richibucto

Orientating a path to advanced prefabrication with WEINMANN

Canadian prefabrication manufacturer Atlas Structural Systems embraces WEINMANN advanced timber processing equipment to grow business.

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ S-300


SAWTEQ B-300 drives production capabilities and efficiencies at Excel Laminating

Following its recent acquisition of a HOMAG panel saw SAWTEQ B-300, Excel Laminating has seen a noticeable increase in its manufacturing efficiency and capability.

Christoph Amler, Business Manager Bau- und Möbelschreinerei Amler

10/31/2021   ·   Fribertshofen

Healthy growth

Portrait of the Amler joinery

Managing Director Stefan Göppert with his wife Sigrid Göppert

10/29/2021   ·   Schuttertal

Bottlenecks in element production

Elztal Holzhaus GmbH invested in a tailor-made production solution for its compact production hall.

Lackieranlage der Möbelfabrik Rudolf

10/08/2021   ·   Schlüchtern

Mastering software selection Part 2: Avoiding duplicate data maintenance wisely

In its search for a new ERP system, Möbelfabrik Rudolf counts on the support of SCHULER Consulting. Read now!


Beam saw SAWTEQ B-200 speeds up production at Timbertone Design

Timbertone Design has over 30 years' experience in manufacturing kitchen and bedroom furniture and is equipped with advanced production machinery from HOMAG.

09/17/2021   ·   Pfalzgrafenweiler

Mastering software selection - Part 1: Hands-on tips for SMEs and industrial manufacturers

What is important when choosing software? Read our recommendation from day-to-day experience here!

Duravit Bathroom furniture

09/16/2021   ·   Hornberg

Creators of living spaces

Duravit combines comfort-giving technologies and timeless design, in the sense of an individual, holistic design of the bathroom living space.

Kurt Buck: From a small carpentry and joinery company to a construction company

09/13/2021   ·   Bremervörde

Step by step to success

Growing step by step is not only more manageable from a financial perspective, it also minimizes the risk from fluctuations in the market.

Versalink exports high-quality system furniture to more than 40 countries worldwide.

09/10/2021   ·   Klang

Interview with Matthew Law, Versalink

The malaysian office furniture manufacturer has successfully added batch size 1 production to its series production. HOMAG spoke to Mathew Law, CEO of Versalink.

Furniture production with machinery from HOMAG


Evigol Limited achieves a tenfold improvement in production rates

Bespoke luxury kitchen design and build company, Evigol Limited, recently selected HOMAG as its preferred supplier to upgrade its wood processing machinery.

Ulrich Weber, plant manager of the Duravit AG in Schenkenzell

09/02/2021   ·   Schenkenzell

Two saws on the same batch

Speed and flexibility are very important for those in charge at Duravit. That's why Duravit purchased two identical saw systems with robotic feed from HOMAG.

Production site of Abbundzentrum Bodenseekreis from above

09/01/2021   ·   Heiligenberg

A flexible service provider for timber construction

Since the end of the 90s, Abbundzentrum Bodenseekreis has not only been providing beam processing, but also timber frame elements for carpentry firms.

08/19/2021   ·   Martinov

DÉMOS Furniture Center invests in an efficient production

The leading supplier of materials for furniture production in the Czech Republic has invested in HOMAG technology for its new furniture parts production.

08/12/2021   ·   Überlingen

Maintenance & Inspection: „Machines need full power“

Find out in this interview why Sauter GmbH places a great importance on regular maintenance and inspections of its machinery.

07/21/2021   ·   Montabaur

Installation Cutting Assistant at the vertical saw

A visit to d.b.holzdesign

Sky Living by Index Living Mall

07/21/2021   ·   Bangkok

Concepts for living spaces

Index Living Mall, Thailand's No. 1 in furniture and furnishings, aims for leadership position in Southeast Asia.

Skyline of Shanghai

07/15/2021   ·   Shanghai

Paradigm shift in furniture manufacturing in the Middle Kingdom

China's path from the "workbench of the world" to a highly innovative industrial nation

Hospital in timber construction of Zimmerei Hamdorf

07/06/2021   ·   Fahrenkrug

Artisanal timber construction 4.0

At Zimmerei Hamdorf, there is an excellent tradition of reinvesting a large proportion of the profits back into the company. As a result, it has expanded continuously.

Griffnerhaus sustainable timber house construction

06/23/2021   ·   Griffen

Eco house from native forests

Healthy indoor climate, pleasant scent and built in a few days. Homes made of wood are on trend. The Austrian company Griffner specializes in sustainable prefabricated houses.

Blumer Lehmann timber house construction

06/23/2021   ·   Gossau

From the felled tree to the finished house

Many hundreds of tree trunks are stored on the company's premises. Boards, square timbers and beams are piled up next to the workshops.

06/17/2021   ·   Newton-le-Willows

Starbank Panel Products invests to drive product innovation and gain competitive advantage

Starbank Panel Products is a laminate and wood-based panel fabricator for the interior fit-out industry. When it comes to product mix, no two weeks are the same.

Budman House work preparation

06/14/2021   ·   Chelm

Quickly built

Thanks to the investment in state-of-the-art technology, Budman House from Chelm is ideally equipped to meet the increasing demand for timber frame houses.

Die Schreinerei Adam Fusteria in Spanien wird in dritte Generation geführt. Auf dem Bild sind Ricard Adam und sein Vater Ricardo Adam zu sehen.

05/20/2021   ·   Puigcerdá

Productivity doubled: Spanish carpentry company implements imos

The renowned company ADAM Fustería from the region of Cerdanya relies on modern software, digital control techniques and an implementation by SCHULER Consulting

Versalink makes office furniture production more flexible with HOMAG

05/17/2021   ·   Kang (Kuala Lumpur)

Versalink makes office furniture production more flexible

With the increasing demand for customized office furnishings, Versalink has re-established itself with HOMAG in terms of production technology in recent years.

Carpentry Wissel in Mömbris

05/10/2021   ·   Mömbris

Thinking of tomorrow today

Visible timber frame elements, a self-supporting staircase, an exposed oak roof frame – it´s hard to believe what´s produced in the Zimmerei Wissel shop.

Picture source: HolzHaus Bonndorf

05/01/2021   ·   Bonndorf

Spaces for life

Ecological construction – this is the principle behind timber construction company Holzhaus Bonndorf from the Black Forest, Germany.

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-130


Retail Design Consultants partners with HOMAG for quality, performance and productivity

The individual nature of the furniture RDC produces and the ever-decreasing lead times, led them to look at how they could improve their production processes.

Lindinger Holztechnik GmbH

04/09/2021   ·   Germering

From carpenter for carpenters

Lindinger Holztechnik GmbH: Courage for innovation, automation and for the performance class.


Alexander Cleghorn moves towards a single supply chain with HOMAG

With a reputation for providing a high level of service and a personal touch, Alexander Cleghorn continually looks for opportunities to improve its manufacturing capabilities.

imos in action at Spanish carpentry Berbio Fusters

04/08/2021   ·   Lleida

BERBIO FUSTERS sees no limits to CAD-CAM by imos

The Spanish online magazine "Madera Sostenible" recently reported on the successful software implementation by SCHULER Consulting at the carpentry Berbio Fusters.

04/01/2021   ·   Eggermühlen

Kortland Möbelwerkstätten optimizes panel cutting with the SAWTEQ B-130

Compact and powerful: With the SAWTEQ B-130, Kortland Möbelwerkstätten are fit for the future and are on course for further growth when it comes to panel cutting.

DOC Elementi per Mobili - Mit Weitsicht und Innovationsfreude zum Erfolg

03/31/2021   ·   Motta di Livenza

Success through vision and innovative spirit

DOC Elementi per Mobili trusts in the flexibility and reliability of the DRILLTEQ C-800

Duravit Bathroom furniture

03/24/2021   ·   Schenkenzell

Industrial manufacturing for personal bathroom furniture

Duravit AG supplies almost everything that belongs in a bathroom - from sanitary ware ceramics to bathroom furniture. The product range is correspondingly diverse.

Case clamp CABTEQ S-250 | HOMAG


KWB London reaches new heights with HOMAG

Having had the weaknesses of their supply chain exposed during the first UK lockdown it became clear that the time was right for KWB London to make a major investment

Holz Design van Kessel – A wonderful profession

02/23/2021   ·   Pulheim

Holz Design van Kessel – A wonderful profession

Jan van Kessel is living his dream, which came true with the establishment of his own workshop.

Drouin West Timber and Truss FutureFit floor element

02/21/2021   ·   Victoria

With modern manufacturing and construction to success

Drouin West Timber and Truss has invested in modern manufacturing equipment to produce timber frame elements and relies on a high level of prefabrication.

CNC Gantry-Processing Centers CENTATEQ N-500


New start-up Intrinsic Works partners with HOMAG UK

Start-up furniture manufacturer, Intrinsic Works, knew they had to hit the ground running and have woodworking machinery that they could rely on to produce first class quality

01/18/2021   ·   Newberry Farm

Taylor Made Joinery investing in the future with HOMAG

Rather than opting for a short-term fix to accommodate an increasing demand of cabinetry units, TMJ decided to make a major investment in the future of the business.

Braden and Liam Russell, Greenmount Interiors

01/01/2021   ·   Auckland

Greenmount Interiors – a new world

Greenmount Interiors offers turn-key interior fit-out solutions to a wide range of sectors - focussing mainly on Retail, Hospitality and Commercial projects.

Tomáš Nemrava, managing director Nema, spol. s r.o.

12/02/2020   ·   Olešnice

Modular system allows for customized solutions

During the modernization of its production line, NEMA placed special focus on individual solutions and now processes wall, roof and ceiling components on one system.

Burger Küchen produces 500 kitchens a day at its site in Burg, to the very best quality.

11/30/2020   ·   Burg

Being faster — A key to success for Burger Küchen

500 individual kitchens every day. The successful company from Saxony-Anhalt creates its wide variety of kitchens mainly using solutions from the HOMAG Group.

Schreinerei Esch – Mario Esch operates his sorting assistant

11/30/2020   ·   Murrhardt

Master of the workpieces

With the sorting assistant, Mario Esch now has an overview of all his workpieces. His workshop is fully digitized from measurement to assembly.

Halcon Konferenztisch "Mesa" (Foto: Halcon)

11/16/2020   ·   Stewartville

Fulfilling tomorrow's demands

The experts from HALCON turned their production around with SCHULER Consulting. The jointly developed concept creates the basis for precise investments.

Rolf Rissel Objekteinrichtungen GmbH designs complete concepts for drugstores that are intended to appeal to visitors emotions.

11/09/2020   ·   Berlin

Stepping up the pace of production

Rolf Rissel, a furnisher from Berlin, has recently upgraded the beginning of its production chain with a saw-storage combination from HOMAG.

Index Living Mall benefits from HOMAG solutions

11/06/2020   ·   Bangkok

Index Living Mall benefits from HOMAG solutions

The Bangkok based furniture manufacturer and retailer has converted its manufacturing process to modern batch size 1 production.

The overall concept must be harmonious and the design of the doors is also very important. Doors enrich the comfort, functionality and atmosphere of rooms.

11/03/2020   ·   Someren

Handling without limits

HOMAG CNC stationary cell with robotic feeding — flexible processing for decorative grooves or cut-outs for glass panes

Ludwig Böggering, managing director of the LB Holzhaus GmbH

11/02/2020   ·   Borken

Perfect fit for the size of the company

After a continual increase in the number of orders in recent years, the carpentry company LB Holzbau in Borken decided to invest in automated production.

Managing Director Alexander Oliveri, Schreinerei Reichel

10/15/2020   ·   Bochum-Wattenscheid

The cabinet makers

Portrait of the Reichel carpentry

Stefanie und Holger Höfle, Managing directors Zimmerei Höfle

10/12/2020   ·   Thaining

An eye on the future

The vertical range of manufacture is an essential aspect at Zimmerei Höfle. With the carpentery bridge and the butterfly turner, this could be increased through automatic.

Modular construction Zimmerei Stark

10/02/2020   ·   Auhausen

A small quantum leap

Zimmerei Stark not only changed its premises, but also focused for digitalization and automation. The result is a permanently optimized workflow.

Smart Manufacturing: HOMAG and  Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer Furnindo Pave the Way

09/21/2020   ·   Tangerang, Java

Smart Manufacturing: HOMAG and Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer Furnindo

Wood panel processors and furniture manufacturers are looking towards the use of smart technology.

Owner and managing director Matthias Armbruster

09/01/2020   ·   Oberkirch

SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec: Maximum quality with significantly reduced throughfeed times

PAN + ARMBRUSTER have recently implemented the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec robot saw, meaning that production is now able to continue for hours even after the working day has ended.

Operating concept of the SANDTEQ W-200


Timbermark Manufacture invests for quality and throughput

With demands for very high quality products, an inordinate amount of time was spent hand-finishing. Ultimately, this lead Timbermark's decision to invest in a wide belt sander

Schreinerei Strom – digitalization

08/26/2020   ·   Bad Dürrheim

Simple steps to digitalization – with a sense of proportion

Schreinerei Strom benefits from digital support for panel cutting

 Managing director Michael Oberfeichtner of O.K. Energie Haus GmbH

08/06/2020   ·   Großpetersdorf

Inserting insulation at the factory

O.K. Energiehaus has been using one of the most modern wall production facilities in Austria with automatic blow-in insulation for almost one and a half years.

07/23/2020   ·   Erlau

The Cutting Production Set at the Schmidt & Bauer joinery

With a click: Label printing also on the manual saw

Günther Schweiger: "We are constantly developing further and Homag helps us to achieve higher productivity.

07/21/2020   ·   Eberstalzell

48 hours is all it takes

Speedmaster demonstrates that it is possible to deliver complete batch size 1 orders in 48 hours.

Technical director Markus Schandl of Elk-Haus

07/07/2020   ·   Schrems

How will prefabricated houses be produced in the future?

Having to increase production by 60% from one day to the next would not be easy, but it would be possible, says the technical manager of Elk-Haus, Ing. Markus Schandl.

06/15/2020   ·   Osten-Isensee

Investment in the future

The Gätke carpentry firm in Osten-Isensee, Germany, has taken the step to ensure that the business is set up in a good position going forward.

06/08/2020   ·   Heppenheim

Timber frame construction — clamping, alignment, setup

Errors often occur during the prefabrication of elements that have to be eliminated by time-consuming rework at the construction site.

Marin Raindl zusammen mit seiner Frau posen vor ihrem Holzhaus.

05/29/2020   ·   Immenstadt

Quality can be planned

Interview with Martin Raindl

Qualität bis ins Detail – Hochwertige Inneneinrichtungen von Civardi Furniture

05/29/2020   ·   Rydalmere

Quality in every detail — high-grade interior fittings from Civardi Furniture

Design and quality are decisive at Civardi Furniture. One more reason for the Australian furniture manufacturer to use solutions from HOMAG.

Roof and ceiling production line

05/25/2020   ·   Haaksbergen

Roof and house from the same production line

The new production line is flexible enough to produce wall and roof elements. This concept immediately offers Bouwkomeet access to a new, fast-growing field of business.

The FlyingSpaces of SchwörerHaus – turnkey and ready to move in.

05/19/2020   ·   Oberstetten

Construction method with a future

CAD production lines for module construction at SchwörerHaus.

Modulbauweise bei ModularWise

05/19/2020   ·   Herefordshire

Modern methods of construction

The UK is targeting to build 300,000 homes by the mid-2020s but due to the problems like shortage of skilled workers, they have to use alternative building methods.

The Lechner employees are proud of their new WALLTEQ M-120 multifunction bridge

05/04/2020   ·   Buchenbach

Optimized working conditions

Johann Lechner GmbH invested in a multifunctions bridge from WEINMANN to creat more ergonomic and flexible workplaces.

Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-240 from BRANDT

04/15/2020   ·   Macclesfield

HOMAG’s airTec system produces perfect edges for Atelier Joinery

For joiners with high-end requirements, the EDGETEQ S-240 airTec is the ideal machine and proved no exception for Macclesfield based Atelier Joinery.

Hammel Furniture: Two SANDTEQ W-300 grinding machines integrated into the production line.

04/14/2020   ·   Hammel

Danish furniture design with a perfect surface finish

The Danish furniture manufacturer Hammel Furniture has equipped its production with two sanding machines from the SANDTEQ W-300 series.

Increasing quality and speed one step at a time: Using modern production technologies and digitalization, Christoph (left) and Florian Otterbach have become specialists in panel processing. BM photos: Manfred Maier

03/29/2020   ·   Niederfischbach

Schreinerei Otterbach: Precise investment

Speed is often key, particularly when it comes to store design. In light of this, the Schreinerei Otterbach carpentry business is investing in permanent optimization.

Wagner Möbel Manufaktur: Taking the bull by the horns.

03/25/2020   ·   Mindelheim

Wagner Möbel Manufaktur: Taking the bull by the horns

What began with the production of farmhouse parlors 74 years ago has now developed into an exclusive interior design company.

All edgebands at a glance: The "miracle for edgebands" at the Löw Breidenbach carpentry

03/18/2020   ·   Elchesheim-Illingen

All edgebands at a glance

The "miracle for edgebands" at the Löw Breidenbach carpentry


HOMAG delivers quality and service to Rokitch Kitchens

In 2017 Minesh Mistry purchased a small joinery company in London, renaming it Rokitch. His goal was to create a professional, high quality kitchen company.

When one man becomes a team.

03/10/2020   ·   Feldkirchen-Westerham

Schreinerei Kilian Fuchs: When one man becomes a team.

Authentic. Dynamic. Single-minded. That is what Kilian Fuchs, founder and managing director of Holz- und Kunststoffbearbeitung Fuchs, radiates from the moment you meet him.

"Bosch and HOMAG; that's family to me" — Norbert Bosch, master joiner and managing director

03/08/2020   ·   Rühlingstetten

Growing together. A portrait of Walter Bosch GmbH.

Short delivery times, absolute flexibility and a high standard of quality within the company have made Walter Bosch GmbH what it is today.

What impresses us about HOMAG is the constant further development of the machine technology, the support thanks to what machines can do and the service. And that's where we say: HOMAG will continue to be our machine supplier.

03/05/2020   ·   Kaufering

Schreinerei Zeit: "We live and breathe carpentry!"

Quality, personal advice, careful execution and reliable delivery — Schreinerei Zeit, the carpentry business from the calm Kaufering community, claims to provide all of these.

Wiemer Einrichtungen: Olaf Wiemer and Sebastian Rettig in front of their HOMAG saw.

02/14/2020   ·   Oberhausen

New CNC processing centers make faster delivery times possible

Wiemer Einrichtungen employs the latest technology and manufactures its products solely using HOMAG machines. The result is optimized processes and increased efficiency.

Highly efficient: The SPRAYTEQ S-100 is designed for automated spray coating in various machine designs

02/12/2020   ·   Löhne

trendPANEL uses a new spray coating machine from HOMAG to automate its processes

To optimize the painting process, Eckhard Stallmann has purchased a spray painting machine from HOMAG.

Bribus Keukens – a dutch kitchen manufacturer

02/10/2020   ·   DINXPERLO

Assembly technology for the future

Flexible and future-oriented installation technology at the Dutch kitchen manufacturer Bribus.

Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-380 from BRANDT


Allengray Kitchens increase volumes by 45% with EDGETEQ S-380

As well as the improvement in throughput, Allengray's new edgebanding package saves about 30 per cent in terms of production time.

CNC edge banding unit with powerEdge Pro Duo

01/22/2020   ·   Wiesenbronn

CNC shaped edge banding with powerEdge Pro Duo

New options, perfect edges, extremely simple programming.

The compact system at the timber construction company consists of a multifunction bridge and a carpentry table.


Clean workflow

With the new compact line from WEINMANN, Holzbau Henz is producing elements at a consistently high quality and is saving time thanks to automated sheathing.

Burger Kuechen robotics production optimization

12/02/2019   ·   Burg (Magdeburg)

Shaping the future together

Burger Kitchens is one of the biggest kitchen producers. With the help of SCHULER Consulting, they managed to increase the productivity by over 16% in only 6 months.

Losgröße 1-Fertigung bei Möbelfabrik Rudolf

11/14/2019   ·   Schlüchtern

Batch size 1 takes center stage

Distribution cell SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec as the basis for a global 1-piece production at Möbelfabrik Rudolf

Economic digitization

11/07/2019   ·   Pfalzgrafenweiler

Economic digitization

SCHULER Consulting offers new approaches to simplified process digitization for a wide variety of corporate areas.

Surface CompetenceCenter Herrenberg

10/28/2019   ·   Oxfordshire

Cutlist puts its trust in HOMAG for new spraying solution

When Oxfordshire based Group, Cutlist and Langstaff-Ellis was looking to invest in an automated spray solution, they knew they wanted reliability and high quality.

Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-240 from BRANDT


Truwood invests in HOMAG EDGETEQ S-240 for future growth

With the change in markets and laminates becoming increasingly popular, Truwood took faith in the complete processing capabilities of a HOMAG EDGETEQ S-240.

We don't simply sell what we can produce. We produce what we can sell — because that's what customers ask of us.

10/22/2019   ·   Sulgen, Thurgau

We are always on the pulse.

Erich Keller AG: Interiors, communication desks and indoor climate systems

Projektküche der Firma Kitzberger (Quelle: Kitzberger Möbel GmbH)

10/18/2019   ·   Altenfelden

Automated guided vehicle intralogistics

Automated guided vehicles are predestined to flexibly automate material movements within production.

With the production line, all wall elements are manufactured.


An extensive cultural change

Thanks to the new, automated wall production, Haas achieves a consistently high quality, less rework and an increased level of prefabrication.

Return conveyor LOOPTEQ O-300 | HOMAG


Advanced Furniture gains competitive edge with HOMAG

Celebrating it's 40th anniversary this year, Advanced Furniture's ambitious growth plans excel into the future with key investments of an EDGETEQ S-300 and a LOOPTEQ O-300

Employees enjoy working with the new production technology.


Customized and versatile

Automated production means more flexibility, improved quality and increased levels of prefabrication for CLTECH.

Multifunktionsbrücke WALLTEQ M-120.


Precise and efficiant – even for small quantities

With the multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120 Zimmerei Hänsler can achive shorter production time, while even improving their quality standarts.

Pyramid Lane, based near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been manufacturing office furniture and kitchens specifically designed for the Asian market since 1997.

08/22/2019   ·   Kg Kepayang

Pyramid Lane puts its trust in HOMAG machines

Thanks to a reputation for reliability, commitment and quality, the Malaysian furniture manufacturer Pyramid Lane has put its trust in German machine technology from HOMAG.

module45 – the cutting-edge option for precise bevel cuts


SAWTEQ B-130 increases CPA Bespoke Joinery’s capacity tenfold

Combining the knowledge and skills of traditional cabinet making with state of the art machinery, CPA Bespoke Joinery has taken their production to a new level with HOMAG.



ROK European Kitchens selects HOMAG for new business venture

Bringing together a dynamic team for their new business venture, ROK positioned themselves at the forefront of contemporary kitchen specification and design.

Across an area of 34 m x 9 m, the compact system is used to manufacture closed and open elements.


Wood frame construction — automated and customized production

Nail plate trusses, beam production and wood frame construction — Holz Binder Voss - HBV Rönnau GmbH is expanding its production portfolio and preparing itself for the future.

Responsible persons from Versalink in Controlling and Sales

07/18/2019   ·   Klang

Trade war focuses on design to cost approach

Aha effects in the implementation of a design to cost consideration of products

Wide-Belt Sanding Machines SANDTEQ W-300


Sylmar Technology selects HOMAG SANDTEQ W-300 wide belt sander

When Alfreton based Sylmar Technology came to replace its aging wide belt sander, the company left no stone unturned in its search to find the very best machine.

Panel dividing


John Worth Shopfitters invests in HOMAG CENTATEQ N-500 CNC

With business expanding, John Worth Shopfitters Ltd, a family run organisation, recognised the need to invest in a new HOMAG CNC processing centre.

The customer sees different wall structures.


Prefabrication as the key to success

Marlegno increases its production capacity with the WEINMANN compact system.

Modular constructions at TecnoFast with prefabrication WEINMANN


Modular constructions in different varieties

Tecno Fast increases its capacity by 2,300 module units of 40 m² each with the new automated production line from WEINMANN.

The production line includes a WALLTEQ M-380 multifunction bridge and three assembly tables.


High-quality and sustainable house construction

E2E achieves more power and precision by purchasing a new WEINMANN production line.

The production of the elements as well as the assembly of the modules takes place already in the production hall.


Promising future

Derome is more sustainable with its new product portfolio, offering eco friendly products and affordable homes.

Return conveyor LOOPTEQ O-500 | HOMAG


Sven Christiansen invests in new edge banding and CNC solutions

Batch size production changes within the market was putting increasing pressure on Sven Christiansen and drove the need for them to invest in new machines for the future.

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-300 with lifting table


Cookstown Panel Centre gains cutting advantage

In 2018 it became apparent that Cookstown Panel Centre would need to upgrade one of their beam saws to enable them to satisfy the increasing demand for their products.

Ola Magnusson, project manager at Lindbäcks.


Modular constructions in wood – the future way of building

In 2017, the largest and most modern house production facility in Europe was set up at Lindbäcks in Piteå, Sweden.

The machining data can be taken from the CAD program or entered manually on the machine.

05/22/2019   ·   Möttingen

A small solution for many tasks

Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120 for small companies - the ideal entry-level solution for CNC production.

WEINMANN Multifunktionsbrücke WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill


Environmentally friendly insulation

Terhalle Holzbau GmbH invests in automated production in order to be able to increase its capacity and to be able to produce in batch size 1.

Horizontal storage system STORETEQ S-200 | HOMAG


Opening doors for Hazlin of Ludlow

Investing close on £1M to improve their manufacturing efficiencies, Hazlin invested in a state-of-the-art machine collection to completely revolutionise their production.


Mr Edgebander’s opinion matters

Chances are you have heard of him or met him in your workshops helping customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Ross McCulloch, HOMAG Field Service Representative

Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-240 from BRANDT


Ocean Kitchens selects HOMAG for its new manufacturing facility

Tired of relying on external manufacturers to supply carcasses & edged doors Ocean Kitchens made the decision to set up its own manufacturing facility with the help from HOMAG

Bespoke kitchens: quality is master joiner Martin Geisberger's top priority

03/27/2019   ·   Bonbruck/Bodenkirchen

Bespoke kitchens by Schreinerei Geisberger

Eighteen members of staff, 11 of whom work in production, use a range of HOMAG machines that you'd be highly unlikely to find in a regular joinery workshop

Millimeter-precise furniture and complete individuality — produces custom-made furniture in its automated production featuring the automated guided vehicle system (AGV). | HOMAG

03/20/2019   ·   Rheinbach

TRANSBOT — the dawn of a new production philosophy

Furniture that is precise down to the millimeter, and an individual flair to every detail: produces customized furniture and counts on the AGV from HOMAG.

Andreas Balnuweit (left) and Andreas Watzinger have developed the company into a high-performance manufacturing specialist for panel processing.

03/19/2019   ·   Neustadt/Orla

Robot inspires flexibility

Theodor Schönefeldt GmbH has acquired a new system for its panel cutting process. This increases output and inspires flexibility.

Visiting Baido Spa: Federico Baido (left) and Vittorio Baido (right)

03/13/2019   ·   Santa Giustina in Colle

Continuous growth through passion, innovative power and quality

Thanks to the passion of Vittorino and Federico, Baido Spa has managed to acquire an excellent reputation by combining technical and aesthetic skills in their products.

Daily work at Ciuffo Cabinetry: complex kitchens in frame construction

03/07/2019   ·   New York

USA: Creating Amazing Spaces Out of Re-designed Operations

Rapidly growing custom cabinetry maker Ciuffo, leans on SCHULER Consulting to help maintain traditional family methods of production.

In OPPEIN's modern production halls you will find completely networked batch size 1 systems, as well as individual machines for production. The Chinese manufacturer currently uses approx. 1,700 HOMAG machines.

02/28/2019   ·   Guangzhou

Furniture production in China: OPPEIN inspires its customers

With about 1,700 HOMAG machines the kitchen and furniture manufacturer Oppein is one of our strongest and most innovative customers in China.

CNC Processing Centers CENTATEQ P-110


HOMAG improves reliability and throughput speed for Mobili Office

To keep up with market demands of small bespoke workpieces, Mobili Office invested in two CENTATEQ P-110 CNC machines allowing them to not only remain versatile but flexible.

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ S-300


HOMAG delivers quality, reliability and new business for C Workshop

C Workshop's two new panelsaw SAWTEQ B-300's give them the certainty that they can rely on day in, day out, to help deliver their promise to customers.


HOMAG raises the quality bar for Dominic Ash Kitchens

Focused on first class quality and individualism, Dominic Ash Ltd required a simple and easy to use sander that could handle solid wood and veneers with equal proficiency.

There it is: the part label with the barcode is a vital central bearer of information in the extremely effective production process of the master joiner Norbert Bosch. Well thought-out down to the last detail, it controls the processes and machines

01/17/2019   ·   Willburgstetten

Walter Bosch GmbH relies on manufacturing execution system ControllerMES

Master joiner Norbert Bosch has elevated production—which was already very modern—to a completely new level in terms of flexibility and capacity.

Furniture production with machinery from HOMAG

12/11/2018   ·   Bangkok

NewGio — High-quality design, made in Thailand

Quality for the discerning customer is the Thai company's trademark, with Aaron Chou, NewGio's Managing Director, at the helm.

Employees were trained in the use of the new machine.


Wood work is on the up

Since 2015, the construction industry in Hungary has been experiencing an enormous boost. The number of orders increased by around 300%.

As the production manager at the Schrems site in Austria, Markus Schandl has been the driving force behind the modernization of the production process.


Houses from the production line

Elk Fertighaus GmbH invests in two beam processing systems and a compact system to be used for the production of special elements.

CNC Processing Centers CENTATEQ P-310


HOMAG CNC revolutionises production at James Burleigh

HOMAG 5 axis CNC technology brings a complete revolution for production

Software COE: Rendering by Wireframe


HOMAG's woodCAD|CAM software revolutionises Aquapac Furniture

Aquapac Furniture's latest innovative software addition - woodCAD|CAM - revolutionises production processes for the future.

HYMER: Machine Monitoring as a basic for a culture change; Source: Hymer GmbH, Bad Waldsee

11/26/2018   ·   Bad Waldsee

Machine Monitoring as basis for a cultural change

The HYMER plant in Bad Waldsee is no typical automotive production facility, where mobile homes, caravans and camping-vans are produced.

What does future production look like and what do I have to do to be ready for Industry 4.0?

11/22/2018   ·   Pfalzgrafenweiler

Industry 4.0 in the Furniture Industry – a Snapshot

What does future production look like and what do I have to do to be ready for Industry 4.0?

The Thai furniture manufacturer Design Alternative produces high-quality products on German machine technology from HOMAG.

11/14/2018   ·   Bangkok

Design Alternative — Impressed by German technology

Even in the region around the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, German machine technology from HOMAG is the seal of quality for integrated solutions in furniture production.

Complete solution from HOMAG at Ernst Fischer GmbH (Erfi): Industry 4.0 is now the norm for Erfi

11/01/2018   ·   Freudenstadt

Industry 4.0 is now the norm for erfi

Complete solution from HOMAG at Ernst Fischer GmbH (erfi)

Owners stand with their new EDGETEQ S-500


Your solution could be written right here.

Do articles in woodworking magazines resonate or influence your business decisions?

From left to right: Volker Pfefferle (Head of Work Preparation for wood and wood/aluminum), Managing Director Jürgen Nestle, Carsten Rosner (Head of Production for the wood department), Johannes Lang (Product Manager for planing machines)

09/03/2018   ·   Waldachtal

Nestle Fenster invests in new HOMAG planing machines

Proven planing technology with a new control system

Production optimization with SCHULER Consulting in Naturno.


Positive wind of change blowing through production

Production optimization with SCHULER Consulting – Schweitzer Project AG, innovation lead-er in shopfitting

The robot inserts the studs required in the frame fully automatically.


Robots in production — a new trend?

By using an industrial robot, Bien-Zenker GmbH can achieve greater precision and a high level of machine availability.


Growth thanks to smart investments

Since opening its doors 31 years ago, Sen Wan Timber (‘Senwan’) has grown to become one of Singapore's largest suppliers of timber and plywood

WEINMANN Carpentry Roßner stands for high quality, delivery reliability and service


Beam processing by dimension

Modernization has brought a breakthrough: Carpentry Roßner has developed into a successful timber construction business by making targeted investments.

The elements are assembled on the construction site after being closed on both sides in the workshop.


Wood frame construction - efficiency with a small footprint

M. Räuber Holzbau transitions to cutting-edge CNC technology over a period of just two years.


The journey of a Wood Working Consultant

For any customer seeking advice from a consultant is essential that they are receiving advice from proven individuals who have the level of experience and knowledge to do so.


Quality, reliability and service win the day for Thomas Johnstone

After recognising that the company needed a modernisation in technology, they made an investment which ultimately transformed their production facility for the future.

Canadian office furniture manufacturer Artopex

07/16/2018   ·   Granby

Open heart surgery

Artopex has commissioned HOMAG to build a fully automated production line, and production is continuing simultaneously in the same hall.

WEINMANN Elementproduktion


Think bigger

Gebr. Schütt KG invests in an automated production line

Vice presidents Freres Lumber: Kyle Freres, Rob Freres and Tyler Freres. WEINMANN


MPP - new, innovative plywood panel product

With the new MPP facility Freres Lumber has enormously expanded its product variety.

The feeding portal picks up the raw parts from different stacking positions and then feeds it to the WEINMANN BEAMTEQ B-560.


Fully automated handling increases productivity

At WEINMANN, Groothuisbouw found a complete solution with which they could increase their capacity and improve their effectiveness.

HOMAG showcase: Industry 4.0 in Dessau at Goldbach Kirchner

06/13/2018   ·   Dessau

State-of-the-art automation

HOMAG showcase: Industry 4.0 in Dessau at Goldbach Kirchner

Roller plate HOMAG edge banding machines


HOMAG delivers faster production and zero joint edges for Fern Doors

Recognising the increase in demand for both production volume and size of doors requested, Fern Doors decided that it was the right time to enhance production processes.

The BEAMTEQ B-540 from WEINMANN makes work easier and impresses the employees


Tailored to the carpenter - Compact, versatile beam processing

Großmann wanted a machine that would complete all beam processing work without any problems and that would fit in the limited space available: WEINMANN had the solution.

Hoher Vorfertigungsgrad durch Kompaktanlage von WEINMANN.


Subissati increases capacity at its company site

To make production flexible and fit for the future, the company decided to purchase a WEINMANN compact line.


Hill’s Panel Products invests in game changing production solution

Recognising that their existing processes were both time-consuming and laborious, Hill's Panel Products began the search for the ideal revolutionary solution.

dustEx technology


Clean cuts increase Willerby’s productivity by 14 per cent

Passionate about looking after their workforce and their customers, Willerby, continuously searches for ways to increase safety, quality and speed of their production.

Goldbach Kirchner: One of the furniture industry’s most up-to-date plants


Goldbach Kirchner: One of the most up-to-date Industry 4.0 plants

One manufacturing execution system, 12 new machines, 1,500 square meters of space.: a fully networked, highly flexible batch size 1 furniture production.

WEINMANN, timber construction, timber frame construction, wall production, multifunction bridge, prefab homes


Insulating has never been so easy

The WALLTEQ M-380 blowTEC can not only process timber elements - with an integrated blowing plate, it also takes over fully automatic insulation.

Hammonds Furniture fully automatic push off device


Hammonds Furniture trusts HOMAG for future proof machinery

Evolving production processes at Hammonds Furniture saw the introduction of a HOMAG Vantage 100 CNC and a fully efficient staggered edgebanding line.

A storage system for the Plastics Industry - HOMAG horizontal storage system STORETEQ S-500

01/11/2018   ·   Solingen

A storage system for the Plastics Industry

The increase of added value by means of automation is also a concern of the company item Industrietechnik.

WEINMANN Linear Saw, timber framing, framing table, house construction, carpentry, multifunction bridge


Pioneers in their own countries

Welement AS, based in Estonia, and Blueprint Robotics Inc., based in the United States: both are pioneers in their field starting virtually from scratch.

WEINMANN Linear Saw, timber framing, framing table, house construction, carpentry, multifunction bridge

12/18/2017   ·   St. Johann

Faster than manual production - WALLTEQ M-120

A beam processing center in St. Johann in Swabia, Germany gains experience with a new "small" solution for element production.

Horizontal storage system STORETEQ S-200 | HOMAG


Retail Furniture puts its faith in HOMAG machinery and software

Shropshire based Retail Furniture is a well-respected specialist manufacturer of bespoke shop fitting solutions and display stands and believes HOMAG offers the full package!

WEINMANN Carpentry, Multifunction Bridge, Prefab house, Compact Line, wood construction


Modular construction of temporary and permanent buildings

Blumer-Lehmann AG has reduced its production costs and production times significantly thanks to a new production line from WEINMANN.


The robotic saw manager

Flexible production while simultaneously meeting the customer's individual requirements — that is the order of the day for kitchen furniture manufacturer Sachsenküchen.

The HOMAG robot receives the order from the cell computer to put the part into the shelf - or to let it pass, because it is immediately required.

11/06/2017   ·   Schönbach

Use of Robots in a carpenter’s workshop

At STARKE, the robot cell provides more flexibility, more process safety and more storage capacity with higher throughput and less manual work.

Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ S-300


HOMAG helps Atlas Washrooms almost double capacity

Having invested in HOMAG machinery for the past 14 years, Atlas Washrooms were keen to continue their loyalty when investing in new machinery.

WEINMANN Multifunction BridgeWALLTEQ M-380


Bridges build houses

Modern beam processing and prefabricated housing line increase output and Quality. Wolf Haus has realized one of the most modern prefabricated house lines in Central Europe.


Forza Doors underpins its rapid growth with HOMAG machinery

At least 80% of Forza Doors machinery comes from HOMAG. Their machine collection operates across 40,000 sq ft of production space.

Roller plate HOMAG edge banding machines


Mathews Kitchens increase edging capacity with HOMAG Ambition 2274

Five years ago, Irish manufacturer Mathews Kitchen expanded their production into the contract office furniture market.


HOMAG hits the mark

For his window production, Joinery Meinzinger invested in a new sanding machine - a true all-rounder.

WEINMANN Linear Saw, timber framing, framing table, house construction, carpentry, multifunction bridge


Flexibility was key

Roland Zimmermann's carpentry firm is able to meet a wide range of customer demands. His new automated production line also manufactures free-forms.


Fully automatic panel saw at furniture manufacturer MS Schuon

Production cell for "lights-out" panel cutting

kitchen production


HOMAG supplies complete production cell for ECF Ltd

Leicestershire based ECF Ltd is a family owned business that has been trading for more than 37 years. With 140 employees based in its 100,000 sq. ft. facility.

CNC Gantry-Processing Centers CENTATEQ N-500


The Swift Group puts its faith in HOMAG for its CNC solution

The Swift Group is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes. The Group has a turnover in excess of £200m and in 2014 celebrated its 50th anniversary. It has gone from strength to strength in recent years with the workforce growing to over 1,080 employees.

Zero-joint-technology with HOMAG airTec


Orchard Kitchens & Woodcraft Joinery select the Ambition 1230 airTec edgebander for zero-joint technology solution

Unless you’ve been on a desert island for the last couple of years, you will have heard a lot about zero-joint technology in the woodworking industry. Naturally, as with any new technology, there has been much discussion around the zero-joint concept.

Precise, safe, and space saving - drilling with the DRILLTEQ C-800 combined with robot handling from HOMAG

07/26/2017   ·   Sankt Johann

State-of-the-art Automation

Robots resolve the part flow in one of Europe’s most innovative drilling lines at EGGER in Sankt Johann - precise, safe, and space saving.

Mayer Holzbearbeitung Inhaber Berthold Mayer


Networked production for greater efficiency

Mayer Holzprodukte, a specialist supplier for joiner colleagues has put edge processing on a completely new footing. The basis for the efficient, fully automated process is the ControllerMES manufacturing execution system from HOMAG.

Battistella Company: New edge system with innovative woodFlex cell control


Maximum transparency throughout the edge system

Battistella Company: New edge system with innovative woodFlex cell control.

CNC Processing Centers CENTATEQ P-110


Quest Joinery becomes first UK company to invest in a Venture BMG 114

Established in 2011, Hertfordshire based Quest Joinery has become a leading provider of high quality joinery for both commercial and residential clients.

WEINMANN Mutifunction Bridge WMS 150 blowTEC


German machine technology as the key to success

Blueprint Robotics produces single-family homes and multifamily apartment buildings. They also implement the individual blueprint of the customers.

WEINMANN Frame work station, prefabrication, assembly table


Nordhus focuses on multi-story modular construction

Nordhus is specialized in the modular construction of multi-story buildings. The modules demonstrate a higher level of prefabrication than the more simple element method.

WEINMANN Timber frame houses, carpentry machines, multifunction bridge


2 birds with one stone — cutting and element production in one machine

High level of processing accuracy, diversity and flexibility with the highest degree of efficiency and consistency in production.

Detailed view of the edge magazine with operator


A rapid change

HOMAG edge plants opens up completely new possibilities for Polish door manufacturer Erkado.

HOMAG’s Vantech 480 is one of the most respected CNC routers on the market and is perfectly designed for the Australian market.


HOMAG Vantech: a long manufacturing history

Two companies in Perth have invested in a Vantech 480 B CNC nesting machine. Aleks’ Wood Craft and Prime Cabinets are both smaller cabinet making shops that have stepped up massively in efficiency and quality of their products.

Sage’s laser-edged doors are produced on HOMAG KAL high-spec hot-air enabled edgebanders.


HOMAG preferred edgebander for door manufacturers in NZ

100 per cent speed, quality and reliability for three major kitchen fronts manufactures in New Zealand that have invested in HOMAG Group edgebanding machines

Lots of space for a wide variety of materials.

06/15/2017   ·   Lichtenberg, Hemmoor

More than 650 storage systems installed all over the world in 10 years

Over 650 installed storage systems already assist various companies around the world. They are able to deal more efficiently with their resources and to increase their product’s value added. Companies which have already invested in a storage system can no longer imagine their production without this form of transparent logistics. And there are more every day.

WEINMANN Assembly table, butterfly turning table


Prefabricated housing manufacturer wins prestigious award

Impresa House is using German WEINMANN technology that manufactures millimetreperfect housing.

TimberLab's Overwater Restaurant Rubys in Abu Dhabi


TimberLab Solutions: The CNC Processing Journey

Auckland-based TimberLab Solutions is Australasia’s largest, most experienced, internationally recognised provider of customised structural engineered timber products.

edge banding machines EDGETEQ S-500 HOMAG edge bander


Browns 2000 select HOMAG for new 60 metre laser edge banding line

Established in 1983, Browns 2000 is a family owned and managed business with a manufacturing facility of over 300,000 sq. ft. in Northumberland. The state of the art factory is equipped with the latest machinery to provide high quality doors and components to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom trades.

CNC-Processing ccenters Venture CENTATEQ P-300 from HOMAG


Derg Joinery leaps ahead of competition

With over forty years’ experience of both the window and joinery trades, Damian Balfry and Greg Carey continued to form Derg Joinery in 2015. Their high level of expertise and knowledge they brought to the company has led to Derg Joinery becoming the leading manufacturer of timber window frames, casings, doors and screens in Ireland.

WEINMANN Abbundmaschine, Holzbearbeitung, Holzhausbau


Investment in the future

In light of excellent market conditions and a desire to equip his company for the future, a carpenter in Neresheim-Elchingen is entering the world of automated production.

Beny's Joinery stands in front of his first HOMAG Ambition edgebander.


A machine that can run all day

The two decision makers at the family-owned business Beny’s Joinery, founder Beny Forte and son Raffaele Forte, finally found the right machine for their requirements.

The owners of UTJ Interiors in front of their HOMAG Ambition 2470 edgebanding machine.


A lifetime investment

Established in 1950 as Unanderra Timber and Joinery, UTJ Interiors has grown to become a premier manufacturer of custom joinery and detailed veneering.


Worth taking the risk

Taishi Tech Industries' vision is not only to become the premier producer and supplier of artificial marbles and decorative panels in Malaysia but also to the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

Storage TLF: Increased productivity


Increased productivity by about 30 per cent

Providing competitive pricing, short lead times and a high quality product to their clients, Meloz Manufacturing has been continuously investing in up-to-date leading edge technology and software.

With the new woodCAD|CAM version, work steps from the areas of design and production data creation are separated into individual steps. This means that CAD data and CAM data can be created independently of one another.


HOMAG’s woodCAD|CAM software improves presentation

HOMAG’s woodCAD|CAM software improves presentation and drives automation for contract furnishing manufacturers.

Robot sorting cell SORTBOT | HOMAG

03/29/2017   ·   Schönbach

Direct access to each workpiece, and that fully automated

Robots are the crucial key to higher productivity and more efficiency. This is also the case at STARKE Objekteinrichtungen.

On his screen, Benjamin Löw proudly shows us what his employees are currently producing in the Workshop. Image: Georg Molinski, dds


Join the big league with 3D

Carpenter produces 3D parts for his 5 axis CNC without using a CAD-CAM System.

Matthias Schäfer has gained a name among some of the biggest brands of the outerwear sector with his innovative products.


Products with true added value

From zero to a hundred:The shopfitting company Holzakzente startet in 2008. Within an incredibly short time, the company had made a name for itself.


“I enjoy woodworking”

Wood has long turned into a passion for Shao-Huay Wang. Since he founded his business The Wood Work Folk last year, he couldn’t be happier.

Hamdorf Wandelement von WEINMANN


All or nothing

Restructuring results in more flexibility and capacity

Daxenberger - Networked production in joineries


Networked production in joineries

The Daxenberger brothers have taken the advertising slogan "Growing with the HOMAG Group" to heart.

HOLZMA customer Voit takes a new approach to panel cutting: quality plus quantity


Batch size 1 in series production

Joinery business Voit takes a new approach to panel cutting. The specialist company combines the revolutionary production cell HPS 320 FlexTec with an intelligent horizontal storage system.

Homag UK helps AR 18 to double production and improve quality


AR18 doubles production, improves quality & reduces waste

AR 18 Limited has been in the CNC routing trade for around 15 years, producing high quality retail furniture and display stands, reception desks, feature walls and cladding panels for shop fitters. It also provides a full service offering to small joinery companies and sign makers without in-house CNC facilities.

WEINMANN beam processing machine


Breaking into new markets

Carpentry Hess and XLam are both relatively new companies in Namibia and New Zealand respectively. Even though the framework conditions for timber work are very different in the two countries, both companies have tapped a new market for their products, which they are now continuously expanding.

Every part lands up here. Milan presides over the failsafe collation of different orders

11/15/2016   ·   Beograd

Guided by the network

Furniture ordered online - delivered in 48 hours: Industry 4.0 at Darex Home

George Kaiser standing in front of his TLF 211 storage system


Storage system: “It’s the ducks guts”

George Kaiser stands proudly if front of his latest acquisition from the HOMAG Group.

Precise Precut AirTec HOMAG


airTec edges: “We are now able to target big cabinetmakers”

Precise Precut is a production-orientated business and they have sold cut-to-size flat packs to the trade from the very start. Aaron could see an opportunity on the Gold Coast to open a precut business as there was only one other company doing precut at a high level and knew that some competition was needed.

WEINMANN Carpentry Machine WBS 140


Internal growth

Automation: with a lean combination of CAD software and a carpentry machine, carpenter Marco Büsing specializes in producing roof trusses with a high degree of prefabrication. One of the advantages of this is that thanks to this unique selling point, he has been able to distance himself from the general price war.

WEINMANN Multifunction bridge WMS


"Giving customers exactly what they want"

After entering the timber frame construction industry just ten years ago, Ing. Holzbau Schnoor GmbH & Co. KG now supplies high-quality timber frame elements to builders and timber work companies. At the top of the company's agenda is the topic of individuality.

beam processing carpentry - roof connections


HOMAG UK provides Trade CNC the helping hand for increased production

Established in 2008, Trade CNC pride themselves in offering the complete package that any customer could want from a CNC routing business. Their ever increasing reputation has been built on the solid foundations of quality, professionalism and innovation


Increased production flow with the Weeke Vantech 480 B 

RMW Joinery aspire to become well known for their attention to detail and punctuality when completing jobs. The Sydney-based company caters for specific niche joinery requirements that are more difficult to achieve for standard joiners.

WEINMANN Purchase of a new beam processing machine WBZ 160


"In, through, out, away...

... is exactly the way a carpentry machine should work," gushes timber construction specialist Hans Nehr. Satisfied customers come back. And sometimes quicker than you think. Timber construction specialist Hans Nehr had no intention of buying a new carpentry machine. He had only been using his WBS 140 for three years. But everybody was so happy with it that the orders soon exceeded the capacities. His sons finally persuaded him to invest in the faster WBZ 160 carpentry machine.

HOMAG All-round edge cell at Flömö: Automated batch size 1 production for the trade


All-round edge cell at Flömö: A revolution in edge processing!

When it comes to edge processing, the interior fittings company is using automated processes for a wide variety of parts and materials, heralding a new era in quality, flexibility and efficiency.

WEINMANN Roof and ceiling production line

09/01/2016   ·   Seebruck/Chiemsee

New production system optimizes processes

In Seebruck, Germany, the home of Regnauer Fertigbau, the company has developed its "vital office". The Regnauer passive house wall and fully thermally insulated roof were installed in the 15-m tall prefabricated building and built with sustainable timber construction methods. Regnauer invested in a WEINMANN CNC production system for the manufacturing process.


Nesting and edging at the highest level

Capital Design Works are on the fast track: Since the upgrade to new machinery, the Sydney-based company has been growing continuously.


Technical Finesse in Southeast Asia at Versalink

Malaysia is not only considered as the emerging market, but also as the tenth largest furniture exporter worldwide. Therefore, the local producers have to face the same challenges as their competitors in Europe.

Battistella Company: High Quality Furniture in Batch Size 1 with woodFlex cell control


Industry 4.0 and Digitization at Battistella Company

Furniture producers are already manufacturing millions of furniture variants on completely networked, highly fl exible batch size1 plants – with minimized delivery times. Looking into the future, the degree of networking is set to increase until the “Industry 4.0” vision becomes a reality.


Consistent investment in the future: Batch size 1 production in Italy

The Italian furniture producer Erba reacts to market changes and has invested in a batch size 1 production line. Hereby, the company increased their sales revenue and, at the same time, reduced their stock.

Nowy Styl Group – office furniture production plant


Industry 4.0: 4,000 furniture components leave Nowy Styl factory per s

The HOMAG Group built one of the most up-to-date production lines in the industry for the Nowy Styl Group office furniture manufacturer in the Polish town of Jasło.

A part of the new factory layout of Nexis 3 in a 3D view


USA: On the road to the high-tech factory

Nexis 3 is at a crossroads between craft and industrial production - a project with SCHULER Consulting.


Small or large

The topic of fully automated production is also an interesting one for companies in the field of timber work, but there are many different reasons why a company would purchase a fully automated production plant.


Why invest in zero joint

While AKC – based in Darwin and Alice Springs – have purchased a BRANDT Ambition 1440 airTec, the Western Australian company Busselton Furniture Products decided to invest in the smaller BRANDT Ambition 1230 airTec model.


"Now is the time to invest in the future"

It did not take long until Martin Smith and his team at Euroline recognised the benefits of their newly purchased horizontal storage system. Since the installation of the HOMAG Automation TLF 210 in November last year, the workflow has increased big time.

Popp GmbH & Co. KG: Komfortable Platten­bearbeitung dank Säge-Lager-Kombination


Dividing panels ergonomically and efficiently

At Popp GmbH & Co. KG, the saw-saw-storage combination allows one employee to complete the entire cutting work. And very comfortably at that!

Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei: Customized packaging solution from batch size 1 from HOMAG

04/01/2016   ·   Pfarrkirchen

Cost savings of up to 50% thanks to exactly fitting cartons

Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei relies on the HOMAG Automation cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 250


High degree of prefabrication allows for top-quality timber frame construction

Modern technologies enable the automated production process in a factory hall. All elements can be manufactured off site so that just the erection process has to take place on site. The advantages of off-site manufacturing are obvious: All processes off-s

Weingärtner Holzbau produced the entire beam processing for the Geroldsauer Mühle with the WEINMANN WBS 140


Weingärtner Holzbau - Beam processing at a day's notice

Founded in 1999, the company, which is situated in Baden-Baden, currently employs six people. Its fields of business include roof renovations, timber frame construction houses, pergolas, garages, dormers, and roof lights.


In the fast lane - Polish prefab manufacturer takes off

We spoke with Mr. Antoni Zin, production manager of the largest prefabricated house manufacturer in Poland. Under the brandnames DAN-WOOD and DAN-WOOD Family, the company has been highly successful in producing and selling prefabricated houses that can be configured online.

WEINMANN timber framing, woodworking machines, prefab homes, joinery machines


Namibia - timber construction set on European standards

Interview with Christian Hess, CEO of Holzbau Carpentry Hess, Windhoek, Namibia.

Furniture production with machinery from HOMAG


Joinery Daxenberger: Enthusiastic about the HOMAG Automation horizontal storage system TLF 211 right from the beginning

Effective Workflow thanks to sophisticated Materials Management


When a progressive furniture production concept becomes reality

Portuguese interior designer J&J Teixeira realized a new investment concept with SCHULER Consulting. Results: better quality, lower personnel costs and consistent data flow.


Data generation in 3D: scan and get started

Extraordinary items made from solid wood — that has been the motto of Josef Wochner GmbH & Co. KG since the company was founded in 1934. The joinery is now living up to the company's claim of offering exclusive wooden items once again — reproducing a hand

Furniture manufacturer SieMatic relies on cardboard-box cutting machine from HOMAG

01/22/2016   ·   Löhne

SieMatic relies on cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 250

The HOMAG Automation's flexible packaging concept saves time and money

: Buffer area behind the edge banding machines in the new building


Canada: Growth through courage for risk-taking

When the Canadian furniture manufacturer Cutler was seeking a new place of location, it was necessary to consider many parameters.

Umdasch Shopfitting macht sich fit für die Fertigung der Zukunft und investiert in eine Säge-Lager-Kombination aus der HOMAG Group.


Shopfitter with new saw-storage combination

Umdasch Shopfitting prepares for the manufacturing demands of the future and invests in a saw-storage combination from the Homag Group.


Storage Systems shape a new era of manufacturing

Local manufacturers are constantly facing the pressure of customised products at highest quality and punctual delivery. In order to cope with the requirements a combination of integrated, intelligent production plants and flexible, highly efficient stand-


Delivering the edge over the competition — with the HOMAG KAL 330

"Furniture to last a lifetime" — that is the promise that Embru-Werke AG makes as a brand. The long-standing business is the market leader in Switzerland for school furniture and furniture that is used in hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes. In


LUXHAUS - 36% increase in output thanks to new carpentry machine

For beam processing, Luxhaus Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG in Georgensgmünd in Middle Franconia, Germany relies on machine technology from WEINMANN. We spoke with the Luxhaus production manager Manfred Simonavicius.


Small machine - big results

Pietro Ferrari from Struttura Legno magazine spoke with Manfred and Philipp Fäckl, proprietor of the Fäckl carpentry business in Aldein, South Tyrol.


Industry 4.0 at Sedus: One component produced every twelve seconds

Sedus Systems generates 30 percent of its turnover with custom produced articles. The time had come to think about in investing in a modern, flexible equipment.


Automating material infeed

CNC processing centers will be tomorrow’s standard machines. Their ability to be embedded in existing work flows is crucial to their successful application.


Courage to strike out for new horizons: Panel cutting including finish processing

Regnauer Fertigbau GmbH based in Seebruck am Chiemsee recently took the step of investing in a new panel cutting solution. Instead of sticking to a panel saw, the timber construction experts opted for a change of tack in the form of a CNC processing cente


Storage system for smart waste management

Rapid technological development forces local furniture manufacturers to invest in new equipment in order to increase productivity and cash-flow. Intelligent storage systems and software solutions help today's cabinet makers to increase their flexibility.

Weberhaus: The new BMG 512 profiLine does everything all at once


It does everything all at once

WeberHaus in Rheinau, Germany, builds 1000 staircases each year. With the old CNC, colleagues were left to do the edge processing work on the steps, as well as the profiling tasks. Now, the new BMG 512 profiLine from HOMAG does everything all at once.

WEINMANN Fertighausbau, Abbundmaschine, Mültifuktionsbrücke, Zimmerei, Holzhausbau, Kompaktanlage


WEINMANN production lines deliver max. flexibility for Schwörer Haus

In addition to wall and floor element production, the WEINMANN machines are now also used for the production of special elements such as dormers and flap tile elements.


The joiners of Regensburg

The HPP 130 from HOLZMA premieres in Germany: the joinery business of Pangerl & Voith is the first to put this new development into operation.

Severin - 100th VKS machine from HOMAG Automation

03/31/2015   ·   Ense Waltringen

Packaging is fun

A very important aspect in the eyes of company Severin is the fact that packaging shall reflect professional appearance additionally to high quality.

The Schneider Holding AG, located near Basel in Switzerland, makes no compromises. Perfection is a guiding principle of the company and has led it to build a completely new production facility – and equip it with machines from the HOMAG Group.


Swiss precision in processing panel materials

The Schneider Holding AG, located near Basel in Switzerland, makes no compromises. Perfection is a guiding principle of the company and has led it to build a completely new production facility – and equip it with machines from the Homag Group.


TimberLab´s monster CNC tames engineered timber

Last year one of the largest and most sophisticated woodworking machines currently available in the world arrived at Auckland based company TimberLab Solutions.


Courage brings its own reward

A man with the ability to take a quick decision – that is Norbert Bosch, CEO of “Bosch Objekteinrichtungen” in Rühlingstetten. But for the son of the former company founder Walter Bosch, “quick” does not (as so often in life) mean that his decisions are not well considered. Quite the opposite. Bosch knows just what it is he wants and – coupled with a good helping of courage to embrace new technologies and ideas – this go-getter attitude has seen his company reap rich rewards.


One-man band in the country stands up for quality

Starting your own business requires just a few key elements: entrepreneurship, courage and above all, enthusiasm.


Kitchen Direct steps up for quality with a BRANDT Ambition edgebander

Better finishes, higher speed and more efficiency have not only improved the product quality but also the whole production process for the Sydney-based company Kitchen Direct and its owner Alex Wang.


Maximizing system utilization

Speed, efficiency and flexibility are key factors in batch size 1 production. Nobilia has been using the new generation of powerTouch machine controllers from the HOMAG Group since early 2014 — and can report very positive results.


High quality finishes with BRANDT Ambition edgebanders

Two Sydney-based companies have improved their product quality thanks to their new investment in BRANDT Ambition edgebanders from HOMAG Australia.


Hamadia: New doors for Israel

Hamadia places trust in HOMAG


“Over 30,000 parts a day”

Chinese furniture producers back HOMAG Group batch size 1 concepts


SCHULER Consulting GmbH optimizes Chinese production organization

In China, the province of Guangdong, Roco creates order-related furniture according to customer requirements. The company invested in a new production plant of approx 10000m².

Machinery for shop fitting


World of brand experiences around the world

What do BMW, Borussia Dortmund, Bugatti and Zara have in common? They all rely on the same interior designer: The Dula Group. Animated presentation of high-quality products and transport of brand identities – these are the company tasks of the Dula Group.


Company EKG at Vifian AG

The Swiss company Vifian Möbelwerkstätten AG has decided to have a company EKG performed by the specialists from SCHULER Consulting GmbH.


Batch size one: bespoke manufacture on a grand scale

The Orgatec left no-one in any doubt: Zero joint edge coating has already become the new standard in office furniture.


Drei auf einen Streich

Normalerweise finden Sie hier einen Kollegen, der sich durch Idee, Betrieb oder eigene Persönlichkeit so hervortut, dass er mindestens diese Seiten füllt. In diesem Falle aber steht eine happige Investition und ihre Gründe im Mittelpunkt. Mit überraschenden Erkenntnissen!

Vehicle Construction at Bischoff + Scheckk


Hightech on the road

Just driving into the yard at Bischoff + Scheck is an amazing experience.


Production Optimization with 3D Visualization

The German Company Schäfer Trennwandsysteme GmbH optimized their material flow and production processes with the help of SCHULER Consulting’s 3D visualization.

Joinery Koch produces “historic” windows for the Römer building in Frankfurt


Tradition meets high tech: Joinery Koch produces “historic” windows for the Römer building in Frankfurt

A family firm with a historic tradition has been commissioned to fit new windows in a 100 year old cultural monument – produced on a high-tech machine in compliance with the latest technological standards.


Different edge quality to everyone else

Zero joint technology is not some fad; it is the latest technology in edgebanding. The hot air system "airTec" is both an industrial and craft-oriented solution.

Abbund und Zuschnitt


More profit through special products


The jackaroo with the passion for solid timber

When the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) hit Australia in 2008 and 2009, many businesses struggled. Some went broke, some are still struggling and others came out of it even stronger.

Door production


50,000 doors for Sweden

Processing cell replaces majority of the machine outfit for a Swedish door maunfacturer