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CNC Machining Centers CENTATEQ T-300

CNC Machining Centers CENTATEQ T-300

CNC processing center with tandem table

When you decide on a CENTATEQ T-300, you receive a powerful processing center for a wide range of tasks. This makes the processing center is a complete system that guarantees maximum performance and efficiency in individual production tasks at all times.


  • COMPACT: Designed to maximize the processing area with minimum space requirements (Working area: 6,400 x 1,550 mm)
  • VERSATILE: Complete processing of workpieces over the entire working area
  • FLEXIBLE: The right operating mode for every job (Synchronous, Independent, Combined)
  • SPACE TO WORK: The main elements are integrated in the machine — this not only increases efficiency but also provides more space to work
  • COMFORTABLE: Literally machine-oriented handling
  • MODERN: The latest safety technology and user interface are used

Technical Data

Vector speed [m/min](X - Y) 141 - (Z) 19
Compressed air [bar]7
Compressed air connection [Inches]R 3/4
Suction stubs [mm]2 x 250
Suction capacity [m3/h]2 x 4,950
Electrical connection value [kW]46


Automation & Further Functionality

Panel dividing

What is nesting?

Our nesting machines and software enable cut-optimized processing and dividing of panel materials. This allows you to maximize your material yield, increase your productivity and remain flexible.




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