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Edge Banding Machines EDGETEQ S-380 | profiLine

Edge Banding Machines EDGETEQ S-380 | profiLine

A highly flexible all-rounder

These machines feature a comprehensive range of units, high feed speeds and high-performance motors. The glue application system allows you to switch easily between two colors or glue types (EVA, PU). What's more, the multifunction profile trimming offers rapid processing of radii and longitudinal edges. For frequent material changes, the multi-stage trimming unit and multi-stage scraper can be used. The profiLine modules offer you maximum flexibility. You define the task and we develop a machine that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.


Universal melting unit: The glue can be changed quickly and easily using two special interchangeable containers for PUR cartridges or EVA granulate.

Top belt pressure as the basis for top quality, because the workpieces are optimally clamped for processing.


  • NEW: woodCommander5.1 Software for quick selection of the processing programs and the edge material

  • Flexible glue application system for easy changing of the color and glue type (EVA, PU)

  • Multifunctional profile trimming for corner rounding and flush trimming

  • Multi-stage technology for easy adjustment when changing materials
    (As standard available at the edition-model)

  • airTec unit for the perfect zero joint

  • Fully automated machine for excellent flexibility and easy adjustment
    (As standard available at the Highflex-model)

Technical Data

 model 1650 FCmodel 1660 FGC - 1670 FGC
Machine length [mm]5,7736,273 - 6,773
Feed speed [m/min]8 - 208 - 20
Workpiece width [mm]*
in case of thickness   8 - 22 mm


Workpiece thickness [mm]8 - 608 - 60
Edge thickness coils [mm]0.3 - 30.3 - 3
Edge thickness strips / solid strips [mm]0.4 - 120.4 - 12

* depends on the workpiece thickness


 model 1650 E - 1660 Emodel 1650 HFmodel 1660 HF
Machine length [mm]5,773 - 6,5735,7736,273
Feed speed [m/min]8 - 208 - 208 - 20
Workpiece width [mm]*
in case of thickness   8 - 22 mm



Workpiece thickness [mm]8 - 608 - 608 - 60
Edge thickness coils [mm]0.3 - 30.3 - 30.3 - 3
Edge thickness strips / solid strips [mm]0.4 - 120.4 - 15**0.4 - 15

* depends on the workpiece thickness
** Assembly-dependent

(Previous product name: Edge banding machines Ambition 1600)

Automation & Further Functionality


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Mehr Flexibilität durch schnellen und sortenreinen Klebstoffwechsel

Schneller Wechsel zwischen Klebstoffarten und -farben bei der Kantenanleim-Maschine EDGETEQ S-380

  • Kantenanleimmaschine mit Werkstückrückführung LOOPTEQ O-300

    Mit der EDGETEQ S-380 erhalten Sie genau das Kanten-Ergebnis, nachdem Sie gesucht haben!


Product Comparison

Edge banding machine

  EDGETEQ S-200 EDGETEQ S-240 EDGETEQ S-300 EDGETEQ S-380 | profiLine EDGETEQ S-500 Optimat | profiLine
Feed rate adjustable [m/min]8-11118-148-2016-20 (25)
Workpiece width min. [mm] *
in case of thickness 8-22 mm
Workpiece thickness [mm]8-608-608-608-608-60
Edge thickness coils [mm]0,3-30,3-30,3-30,3-30,3-3
Edge thickness strips / solid strips [mm]0,3-30,4-60,4-80,4-150,3-12 (20)
  Details Details Details Details Details


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