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Case Clamps CABTEQ T-250

Case Clamps CABTEQ T-250

Flexible pressing technology in a continuous process with automatic clamping unit

The CABTEQ T-250 automatically presses every carcase gently and to the highest quality. No matter whether sensitive surfaces, thin-walled materials or mitred furniture. The result is absolutely right-angled, rigid and cleanly pressed cabinets. The CABTEQ T-250 is also equipped with a clamping unit. This inserts the clamps perpendicular to the rear wall or at an angle between the rear wall and the side/bottom of the cabinet.


The CABTEQ T-250 features an extended base frame. An x-axis is attached to this, which acts as a guide for the "clamp unit" assembly assistance. Other units can be used, for example for fastening the rear panel with "screwdrivers".

The throughfeed press is also equipped with a clamp unit. This inserts the clamps perpendicular to the back panel or at an angle between the back panel and the side/bottom of the enclosure and is the most commonly installed option for fastening the back panels. State-of-the-art 4-axis servomotor technology is used here.


  • Less manpower required thanks to automated back panel fastening of the stapling unit.

  • Reproducible quality thanks to automated back panel fastening of the clamping unit. 

  • Precisely adjustable pressing force allows pressing of carcasses with sensitive surfaces, thin-walled or small carcasses.

  • The main dimensions of length and height are scanned by sensors when the carcase is fed in and enable automatic positioning of the top pressure and the side pressure elements.

  • Electrical instead of pneumatic weight compensation of the upper pressure enables energy savings of up to 50 percent.

  • Pressing is centered on the zero line on the operator side. This means that the body is completely accessible to the operator.

  • Time efficiency thanks to automatic reloading of the clamps in the magazine, which can hold up to 10,000 clamps, while the furniture is being processed.

Technical Data

Carcass dimensions


Carcass length [mm]

250 - 2,500

Carcass depth [mm]

120 - 800

Carcass height [mm]

220 - 1,320



vertikal [kN]

max. 30

horizontal [kN] 

max. 15

Feed speed Transports [m/min]

12 - 40

Working height [mm]


Weight [t]


Operating pressure [bar]


Transport interface




(Previous product name: Electric throughfeed case clamp MDE 160)




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