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Edge Banding Machines EDGETEQ S-300

Edge Banding Machines EDGETEQ S-300

The high-performance mid-range solution

Is your entry-level machine stretched to its limits? Then it is time to take the next step with these machines. They feature multi-level technology for automated processing of different profiles, as well as a grooving unit or the latest zero joint technology offered by the airTec unit. The high level of automation of the units ensures short setup times and optimum ease of use.


  • 9 different models to meet every requirement
  • From manual adjustment to full automation
  • Intuitive operation – innovative powerTouch control system
  • Highly flexible configuration


  • Flexible glue application system for easy changing of the color and glue type (EVA, PUR)

  • Multifunctional profile trimming unit for corner rounding and flush trimming

  • Short setup times thanks to pneumatic adjustment of the units

  • Multi-stage technology for highly flexible use with changing materials
    (As standard available at the edition-model)

  • Zero joints with airTec for optimum joint-free finish
    (As standard available at the airTec-model)

Technical Data

 model 1430 FC - 1450 FCmodel 1440 AT
Machine length [mm]4.773 - 6.0625.573
Workpiece width [mm]  
in case of thickness   8 - 22 mm 7070
Workpiece thickness [mm]8 - 608 - 60
8 - 40 (with airTec)
Edge thickness [mm]0,3 - 80,3 - 8
Feed speed [m/min]8 - 148 - 14


 model 1440 Emodel 1430 - 1440 HF
Machine length [mm]5.5734.773 - 5.273
Workpiece width [mm]  
in case of thickness 8 - 22 mm 7070
Workpiece thickness [mm]8 - 608 - 60
Edge thickness [mm]0,3 - 80,3 - 8
Feed speed [m/min]8 - 148 - 14

(Previous product name: Edge banding machines Ambition 1400: 14 m/min feed speed)

Automation & Further Functionality


Central material management in the company: an overview of all material data and stocks of your edgebands and panel types


The all-rounder that complements your edge banding machine for easy processing of PUR glue


The entry to a comfortable material flow


For a wide spectrum in the material flow


Here's how your colleagues produce



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