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Case Clamps Stationary CABTEQ S-250

Case Clamps Stationary CABTEQ S-250

Power and ergonomics combine for challenging cabinet assemblies

The CABTEQ S-250 is highly versatile, with applications in the small trade sector, interior design and custom industrial production. Enhanced by an ergonomic environment, with features such as the sliding pre-plugging station and the manual cabinet uprighter, assembly is more efficient, performance can be increased and the workload of staff is markedly reduced.


Sliding pre-plugging station

Sliding pre-plugging station: The preplugging station allows a simple assembly of the carcasses at working height of the press.

Manual cabinet uprighter

Manual cabinet uprighter: The cabinet uprighter is used for the uprighting and onward transport of assembled cabinets.

Press surfaces with tolerance compensation

Press surfaces with tolerance compensation: The press plates function as a unit and sit on rubber feet, which provide cushioning. When the plates simultaneously reach the cabinet, the pressure is distributed completely evenly. This ensures that tolerances in the cabinet are better absorbed.


  • The CABTEQ has two speeds: an approach speed (rapid speed) and a pressing speed.

  • At the touch of a button, the plates move from their starting position to the pressing position at rapid speed just before hitting the cabinet. The speed then switches to pressing speed.

  • Depending on the cabinet type, the pressing force can be adjusted to different requirements at the controller.

  • Each cabinet is pressed centrally and over the entire surface.

  • Built-in sensors detect the carcasses before they hit the pressing areas. This means that carcasses are pressed more gently.

Technical Data

Carcass dimensions


Carcass length [mm]

150 - 2,500

150 - 3,000

Carcass depth [mm]

250 - 700

250 - 900

Carcass height [mm]

150 - 1,400

Press capacity


vertical [kN]

max. 12 - 18

horizontal [kN]

max. 12 - 18

Positioning speed


Fast motion [mm/s]


Slow motion [mm/s]


Working height [mm]


Weight [t]



contactor control

(Previous product name: Case clamp MPH 450)


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Case clamp CABTEQ S-250

Smart design and perfect for your assembly needs. The CABTEQ S-250.



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