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CNC Machining Centers CENTATEQ P-310 | E-310

CNC Machining Centers CENTATEQ P-310 | E-310

Versatile performance. CNC processing from 5-axis to edgebanding.

Demanding applications and ease of use. Powerful units on a stable gantry construction. Customized design to meet your needs. All of the essential functions are directly in view and mounted directly on the machine. Thanks to the large window everything is always in view. Access to the table is free, no disturbing fences are required to the left and right. Fully implemented bumpers combine productivity, security and access to the machine.


The CENTATEQ E-310 is the ideal solution for craftsmen and suppliers when it comes to edge banding.

The CENTATEQ E-310 is the ideal solution for craftsmen and suppliers when it comes to edge banding. Thanks to the compact arrangement of the units and free choice of configuration with tool change spindles, drilling gears and tool changers, the CENTATEQ E-310 achieves high performance in a small space.

safeScan - area scanner for non-contact safeguarding

safeScan - area scanner for non-contact safeguarding of positioning on the automatic table and feed reduction in conjunction with the Speed-Pack. No fixed installations in front of the machine save valuable space.

Identical system components and standardized control technology

Our processing centers are the result of decades of experience in machine and plant construction. Identical system components, standardized control technology and ergonomic operation ensure greater productivity. Freely configurable equipment for spindles, changers, drilling gears and much more from the modular system.


  • Perfect edge banding: powerEdge Pro unit technology for perfect shaped edge banding - optionally also with glueless zero joint

  • Always in the right position: Effective extraction with low connected load thanks to optimized chip collection and removal. The hood can be adjusted in stages or optionally by motor and automatically adapts to the workpiece thickness.

  • HOMAG drilling technology: High-speed drilling technology, clamping of the spindle and quick-change system for tools. Precise drilling, fast cycles, maintenance-free and durable design. Additional optional attachment units extend the machine's range of applications.

  • Spindle sensor: Milling spindles with hybrid bearings offer a long service life. An additional (optional) vibration sensor detects tool imbalances and protects the spindle from overloading, e.g. due to excessive feed rates.

  • Pneumatic interface: Patented interface with 3-fold support on all C-axes and optionally on the DRIVE5CS enables the use of traced units, e.g. for precise rounding at the top and bottom, regardless of thickness tolerances.

  • The right table for every application: aluminum grid table, console table with optional LED set-up aid or automatically positioning A-Flex table with an extensive modular system of clamping elements. This is what safe, flexible and convenient clamping looks like.

Technical Data





Workpiece length X – Individual processing [mm]
(tool length 140 mm / with all aggregates)




Workpiece length X – Alternating processing* [mm]
(tool length 140 mm / with all aggregates)




Workpiece width Y [mm]
(with tool diameter 25 mm, rear stop)


Workpiece width Y [mm]
(with tool length 230 mm / with all aggregates, rear stop)


Workpiece width Y [mm]
(mit allen Aggregaten, stop forwards)


Workpiece width Y [mm]
(Edge gluing and post-processing, rear stop)


Workpiece width Y [mm]
(Edge gluing and post-processing, stop forwards)


Workpiece thickness Z [mm]
(vacuum cup height 100 mm)


* Dimension with central division.
Technical data and photographs are not binding in every detail. We reserve the right to make changes during further development.

(Previous product name: Venture processing centers | BMG 310 series)

Automation & Further Functionality

powerEdge Pro / Pro Duo

CNC edge banding unit with powerEdge Pro Duo

CNC edge gluing at a new level. One unit for all requirements. The new powerEdge Pro Duo is based on the experience of 30 years of unit construction for shaped edge banding. Optimized handling and simplified programming combined with innovations in unit technology and control make the new powerEdge Pro Duo what you need: a unit that allows you to master current and future requirements. Gluing internal contours The powerEdge units can also be used to glue cut-outs and inner circles.

Grid table

Versatile application: The MATRIX table

The grooved aluminum grid table means that clamping equipment can be attached with positive locking and so workpieces are held securely – even with high hogging forces. The design of the vacuum transmission within the table optimizes the distribution of the vacuum, reduces leaks and losses in vacuum transmission, and makes complex installations unnecessary. Thanks to various clamping equipment with variable clamping heights, the grid table can also be used with units.



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HOMAG CENTATEQ P-310 | Window production with rounded arches

With the CENTATEQ P-310, you gain from its versatility and high performance. It easily masters panel and solid wood processing, e.g. for window production.

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    Window production with the CENTATEQ P-310 & CENTATEQ S-800 at Detjen Bau- und Möbeltischlerei GmbH

    For over 75 years and now in its third generation, Detjen Bau- und Möbeltischlerei GmbH has been offering a wide range of services and experience. In addition to specialising in custom-made windows, doors and staircases, they offer integrated security, energy-saving measures, thermal insulation products and much more. Managing Director Marco Detjen introduces his company and reports on the work processes.



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