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CNC Automatic Drilling and Fitting Machines DRILLTEQ L-200

CNC Automatic Drilling and Fitting Machines DRILLTEQ L-200

Ideal for the cabinet side processing

Strong heart – strong performance. For our DRILLTEQ L-200 this means more than drilling and inserting fittings. Combined with HOMAG high-speed drilling blocks and the proven fitting insertion components it is the basis for just the performance you require. Professionally designed with fully developed components your individual requirements can be realized.


  • Versatile processing of panels by numerous configuration possibilities
  • Versatile possibilities for fitting insertion
  • Flexible process integration as production cell or in complete production lines (batch size 1)


  • Vertical drilling from top

  • Horizontal drilling in cross and longitudinal edges

  • Vertical routing from top

  • Grooving from top

  • Fitting insertion from top

  • Vertical glue application from top

Technical Data




Workpiece length [mm]



Workpiece width [mm]



Workpiece thickness [mm]



Further dimensions on request.

(Previous product name: Durchlauf-Bearbeitungszentren ABL–Baureihe)



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