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Storage Systems STORETEQ P-300 | P-500

Storage Systems STORETEQ P-300 | P-500

More potential for operating machines

A lot of leeway in combining operating machines and in panel variety make the STORETEQ P-300 | P-500 the icon within the storage systems. This storage system offers high efficient logistics for industry and handicraft.


  • High material variety, whether plastic, plexiglass, laminates, coated or uncoated panels
  • High flexibility of the extension in length and width
  • Standard interfaces for integration of different operating machines
  • Low resource consumption by means of automatic offcut management, also for panels that do not fit into the storage


  • Span width up to 16 m, and travel length up to 100 m 

  • Panel weight up to 350 kg and panel length up to 5,600 mm

  • Controlled, low vibration travel movements also in the max. extension

  • Failure-free transport also on structured surfaces

  • High stability of double scissors for exact panel handling

  • Handling of plastic panels

  • Handling without extra costs – Coated sheets from 0.8 mm thickness are already possible as standard thanks to the ST 61 suction traverse.

Technical Data

STORETEQ STORAGE SYSTEM Basic machineWith additional equipment
Span width [mm] P-3005,00012,000
Span width [mm] P-5005,00016,000
Frame length [mm] P-30010,00050,000
Frame length [mm] P-50010,000100,000
Speed of Bridge [m/min.]60120
Speed of carriage [m/min.]80120
Speed lifting drive [m/min.]3045 without double scissor-lift
65 with double scissor-lift
Workpiece length [mm]2,000 - 4,200max. 5,600
Workpiece width [mm]800 - 2,200min. 400
Workpiece thickness raw boards [mm]from 6 
Workpiece thickness MDF [mm]ab 3 
Workpiece thickness, coated [mm]ab 0,8 
Panel weight [kg]250350
Stack height [mm]2,1002,500

(Previous product name: Storage system TLF 411 | STORETEQ S-200/S-500)


  • woodStore

    • Storage Management System for transparent information and material flows

    • Manages materials through to panel offcuts

    • Automatically records and analyzes all in- and outgoing movements

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