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Multi Rip Saws SAWTEQ C-700

Multi Rip Saws SAWTEQ C-700

A throughfeed saw for producing furniture and flooring parts in high batch quantities

This cross saw is ideal for dividing workpieces in the form of strips or panels on production lines for furniture parts or flooring elements. The saw features a transport system that comprises rolling chains with cams, making it the perfect choice when high performance levels are a key requirement.


  • High level of production precision thanks to the rolling block link chains
  • Precise workpiece positioning via a workpiece infeed featuring a cam counterpressure unit
  • No tearing occurs on the top surface since the saw units operate from underneath
  • The automated procedure for the transport units in addition to simultaneous positioning of the top roll pressure devices offers excellent flexibility when it comes to adjusting the cutting width


  • Modular configuration allows the number of transport systems and saw units to be varied

  • Flexible transport units and processing units for variable cutting patterns

  • Workpiece feed device at one level for workpieces with a delicate surface layer

  • Workpiece magazine delivers a high performance level

  • Individual suction devices for processing units

Technical Data

 SAWTEQ C-700  
Feed speed20–60 [m/min]  
Raw workpiece width max. 5,500 [mm]
Workpiece thickness6–40 [mm]
Raw workpiece lengthmin. 70–400 [mm]

(Previous product name: Multi rip saws FSQ 380: Flexible crosswise division for the upper performance range)