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Carpentry Machines BEAMTEQ B-520

Carpentry Machines BEAMTEQ B-520

Ideal for precise cutting and simple beam processing tasks

The BEAMTEQ B-520 cutting saw from WEINMANN, featuring an integrated trimming system, is ideal for cutting wall components, simple beam processing tasks and for processing nail plate trusses. This cutting saw therefore allows you to fully automatically manufacture notches, leaves and tongue and groove joints.


  • Rapid installation on-site: The uniformly precise design of all machine components facilitates the assembly process
  • Space-saving setup thanks to the compact design
  • Minimal noise and dust emissions thanks to the fully enclosed machine housing
  • Featuring the modern and user-friendly powerTouch operating concept


  • Sawing unit with 5-axis technology

  • Complete sawing and trimming tasks without the need for changeover time thanks to the integrated trimming chuck

  • Manufacture angle cuts and notches at a rotation angle of 0–360°

  • Swivel angle of 0–90° allows you to process rafter assembly cuts and rip cuts

  • High level of processing accuracy thanks to the NC gripper system combined with vertical and horizontal clamps

  • Automatic central lubrication as standard

Technical Data

Cross-section [mm]min. 20 x 50
max. 200 x 455
Unprocessed timber length [mm]min. 1,400
Unprocessed timber length with intervention  [m]max. 16.5

All technical data are without engagement!  

(Previous product name: Sawing Center WBS 120)