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CNC Machining Centers CENTATEQ S-800|900

CNC Machining Centers CENTATEQ S-800|900

A firm "grip" on window production

This series offers automated window production solutions – from entry-level machines to individual plant concepts for industrial multi-shift operation. With automated feed and removal, these solutions work independently. The additional console table also enables you to process curved and surface parts. The result: One machine for all components.


  • More than 20 years' experience developing CNC machines for window construction
  • Countless profile design options thanks to new gripping and clamping technology
  • Integration of all components: straight parts, curved parts, doors and supplementary elements
  • Low space requirements, ergonomic operation, reduced investment and operating costs
  • Can be integrated in an overall system with planing machine, cutting or surface treatment: solutions tailored to your production needs


  • Optimum processing quality with the basic machine comprising a heavy-duty gantry bridge plus compact, rigid guide track for the clamping tables

  • Dual-level infeed and outfeed for centralized workpiece handling

  • Precise clamping of components in all directions thanks to gripper system that pivots on both sides

  • High-performance processing spindles with liquid cooling, a variable speed range, vector control and a spindle sensor that detects imbalances and vibrations, thus protecting the spindle

  • Minimal clamp-to-clamp time thanks to compact tool magazines in different sizes with inte-grated pre-changing system

Technical Data

Workpiece parameters 
Workpiece width [mm]20 - 300
Workpiece height [mm]25 - 150
Workpiece length [mm]up to 4,200 for automatic operation
up to 6,000 with reclamping

(Previous product name: BMB 800|900 processing centers)


CENTATEQ S-800|900 processing centers

Window production: The 3rd generation of the powerProfiler - dynamic, fast, precise and flexible

  • Bearbeitungszentrum CENTATEQ S-800 | Mannarme Fensterfertigung

    Mit der Baureihe CENTATEQ S-800/S-900 setzen Sie auf die automatisierte Fenster-Fertigung – vom Einstieg bis zu individuellen Anlagen-Konzepten für den industriellen Mehrschicht-Betrieb.

  • Bearbeitungszentrum CENTATEQ S-900 | Türenbearbeitung mit integriertem Konsolentisch

    Mit dieser Baureihe setzen Sie auf die automatisierte Fenster-Fertigung – vom Einstieg bis zu individuellen Anlagen-Konzepten für den industriellen Mehrschicht-Betrieb. Durch automatisierte Beschickung und Entnahme arbeiten diese Lösungen autonom.



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