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Timber Frame Production Lines Wall production line

Timber Frame Production Lines Wall production line

Efficient production of wall elements in large batch sizes

The CAD/CAM-controlled production line enables you to produce your timber frame wall elements with a high level of precision and flexibility. The production plant is planned to meet your needs, based on capacity requirements and the construction of the elements. An output of up to 6000 houses per year is possible. Your personal contact will assist you from the initial consultation through to completion of the project.


  • High level of flexibility with production in batch size 1
  • Wall and gable elements with differing constructions and dimensions are manufactured on one production line
  • An integrated system from cutting to loading
  • Efficient production process thanks to high production speed and intelligent processes
  • High quality and reduced costs thanks to the high level of prefabrication


  • Creation of the frame work is either performed manually on an element table or is automated using a frame work station

  • The multifunction bridge secures and processes an extremely wide range of materials: OSB, Fermacell, soft fiber, wood fiber

  • Production of elements with a multilayer construction and increased installation and finishing work is simplified

  • Handling systems for careful and ergonomic movement of materials: transportation, assembly, removal, intermediate storage, loading

  • Both longitudinal and lateral travel and transport paths are possible, offering a wide range of possibilities when organizing work sequences

  • Transport of the wall elements into the wall magazine using special storage and handling systems — where windows are installed or plaster is applied, for example

  • Wall production line components: frame work station, work tables, multifunction bridge, handling and storage system — components vary depending on requirements

  • Short setup times, as the machines automatically adjust to the properties of the element

  • Integrated data flow with standardized software ensures optimum machine availability and productivity

  • Intuitive operation including numerous help functions and wizard with the innovative powerTouch control system

Technical Data

Element thickness [mm]75 - 500
Element width [m]1,5 - 3,2
Optional: 3,8
Element length [m]6 / 8 / 10 / 12
Element weight max. [kg]3.500
Option: until 6.000
System outputcustomer-specific

All technical data are without engagement!