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Case Clamps CABTEQ T-200

Case Clamps CABTEQ T-200

Flexible pressing technology in a throughfeed process

Even for delicate or thin-walled cabinets, high-quality or miter furniture — the electric throughfeed case clamp CABTEQ T-200 automatically presses every cabinet gently and with a high level of quality. The result is perfectly rightangled, stable and cleanly pressed cabinets. The electric throughfeed case clamp is ideally suited for use as an individual machine or in production lines, in series production, small-batch production and batch size 1 production. Ergonomic aids (optional) also simplify the assembly process.


The lateral clamping plates of the HOMAG CABTEQ T-200 operate as a unit. Pressing powers are generated electrically and can separately be varied.

The horizontal power transmission occurs via three pressing bars. A fourth pair can be added. Special supports can be used to press carcasses with plinth adapters.

The vacuum suction unit in the vertical pressure beam ensures that even long pages are kept in balance and thus a perfect press result is achieved.

The vertical pressing pressure is applied via the top pressure beam. The top pressure is balanced electrically. Clean fixing of the rear panel by fixing furniture parts to the top pressure using vacuum suction. Long sides are kept in balance.


  • Precisely adjustable pressing force allows cabinets with delicate surfaces, thin walls and small cabinets to be pressed.

  • Pressing is carried out centrally at the zero line on the operator side, meaning that the cabinet can always be freely accessed by the operator.

  • Precise ball screw drives with servo technology ensure accurate and fully automatic adjustment to different production parameters.

  • Electrical rather than pneumatic counterbalancing of the press top roll pressure unit enables energy savings of up to 50 percent.

Technical Data

Carcass dimensions


Carcass length [mm]

250 - 2,500

250 - 3,100

Carcass depth [mm]

120 - 800

120 - 1,000

Carcass height [mm]

220 - 1,320



vertikal [kN]

max. 30

horizontal [kN] 

max. 15

Feed speed Transports [m/min]

12 - 40

Working height [mm]


Weight [t]

5.0 - 6.0

Operating pressure [bar]


Transport interface




(Previous product name: Electric throughfeed case clamp MDE 120)




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