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Storage Systems STORETEQ F-100

Storage Systems STORETEQ F-100

Gentle on material, automatic and fast - The STORETEQ F-100 single-axis feeder supports panel dividing efficiently and flexibly

Efficient, ergonomic, and gentle on material: The new HOMAG STORETEQ F-100 single-axis feeder is a winner right down the line - and with minimal space require ments. Control, including off-cut handling, is particularly intuitive and simple directly at the saw via woodStore software. The gantry uses vacuum suction to fetch the next board just-in-time from the stacking area next to or behind the saw, rotates the material as needed, and places it in the saw. Everything is fully automatic.


Integrierte Steuerung des Einachsbeschickers STORETEQ F-100 in die Bearbeitungsmaschine

Intuitive and simple operation directly on the machine with the standardized HOMAG powerTouch machine control system. In combination with a SAWTEQ or CENTATEQ N-210 / N-510 from HOMAG, no additional operating terminal is required.

Saugtraverse STORETEQ F-100 mit automatischer Längeneinstellung und Gewichtserfassung

Automatic length adjustment of the suction traverse, as well as automatic panel weight detection.

Technical Data

Panel size stacking space [mm]

3200 x 2200
4200 x 2200

Panel length [mm]

2000 to 4200

Panel width [mm]

600 to 2200

Panel thickness coated [mm] 

8 to 40

Individual weight of panels [kg]

max. 250

Stacking height [mm]

max. 1800 (optionally 2100)

carriage [m/min] 


Lifting drive [m/min] 


Automation & Further Functionality

STORETEQ F-100 single-axis feeder with 2 infeed stations and 2 integrated panel saws

Expandable up to 8 stations, of which

- maximum 3 processing machines
- maximum 4 storage places


  • woodStore

    • Storage Management System for transparent information and material flows

    • Manages materials through to panel offcuts

    • Automatically records and analyzes all in- and outgoing movements


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Einachsbeschicker STORETEQ F-100 an einer Plattensäge SAWTEQ S-200

Effizient, ergonomisch, materialschonend: Der neue HOMAG Einachsbeschicker STORETEQ F-100 ist ein Gewinn auf ganzer Linie – und das bei minimalem Platzbedarf.



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