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Where sawdust flies and inspiration lands…

07/02/2024   ·   Fairs & Events

HOMAG Treff 2024

06/25/2024   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash: Technology Days 2024

Available immediately in productionManager: Combine orders into production lots quickly and easily and bundle them intelligently!

06/11/2024   ·   Digitalization

Ready, set, form your lots!

Dr. Daniel Schmitt HOMAG

05/16/2024   ·   Investor Relations

Annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

Catalog data from the manufacturers EGGER and Hranipex now available digitally!

05/15/2024   ·   Digitalization

materialManager: Adding edgebands with original data from EGGER and Hranipex

05/14/2024   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group with expected decline in sales and earnings in the first quarter of 2024

05/13/2024   ·   Services

Only for a short period: ServiceBoard „for free“

04/26/2024   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group acquires remaining shares in System TM

Production of wood frame elements

04/22/2024   ·   Machines & Technology

Benefits of element production with an assembly table

1997 - The beginnings and development of the first machines for special operations

04/15/2024   ·   Machines & Technology

25 Years of HOMAG Window Production Solutions - Concepts for automated production since 1999

Thanks to the reversing function to automated all-in-one processing

04/05/2024   ·   Machines & Technology

The motto from now on is "Turn it around!" New workpiece return system for the DRILLTEQ V-310

Optimizing and labeling made easy with the cutting assistant (Cutting Production Set)

04/03/2024   ·   Digitalization

Something for everyone: An overview of digital assistants

03/20/2024   ·   Machines & Technology

Holzbronn Technology Days 2024 attract numerous visitors

Current living trends: traditional handicraft innovatively implemented | HOMAG Maßarbeit 11-2024

03/19/2024   ·   Machines & Technology

New customers with clever edging technology

In production, you can record your post-production jobs with just two clicks!

03/19/2024   ·   Digitalization

Everything at a glance — including rework!

Modernisation of active spindle cooling | HOMAG Service

03/15/2024   ·   Services

Modernizing the spindle cooling system: Why you should switch now

03/13/2024   ·   Fairs & Events

Well-positioned for the future in timber construction

03/11/2024   ·   Digitalization

Digital Insight with intelliDivide Cutting - the brand new series

03/04/2024   ·   Digitalization

"Networked workshop" technology day: A close look at digitalization in woodworking shops!

Homag India Country Head and Managing Director, Venkataramana Gorti

02/27/2024   ·   India News

HOMAG India racing to HOMAG India 5.0

02/27/2024   ·   Investor Relations

Fiscal year 2023: High sales revenues with declining order intake

02/07/2024   ·   Fairs & Events

HOMAG Technology Days 2024

Spendenübergabe in der Kinderklinik Tübingen durch WEINMANN Geschäftsführung und den Betriebsrat.

02/01/2024   ·   Sustainability | HOMAG Cares

WEINMANN makes a donation to the "Hilfe für kranke Kinder" charitable foundation run by Uni-Kinderklinik Tübingen

In the CAD/CAM system SmartWOP, you can design your furniture quickly and easily...

01/31/2024   ·   Digitalization

Two solutions. One interface. Countless advantages: SmartWOP and productionManager

01/18/2024   ·   Services

HOMAG eShop – What customers say: "Simple. Fast. Convenient."

WEINMANN — timber construction from A to Z.

01/17/2024   ·   Fairs & Events

WEINMANN at DACH+HOLZ International 2024.

12/13/2023   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash - That was 2023!

The edgeband assistant gives you an overview of the available edge material and all associated information at all times.

12/07/2023   ·   Digitalization

No room for rough edges

12/04/2023   ·   Software & Data

New features in the HOMAG CNC software (Basis: NCCenter 1.22)

Hendrik Albers, Senior Manager Digital Product Innovation, accepted the award at the ceremony. Photo: Allianz Industrie 4.0/Stefan Schreier, Shout Media

11/23/2023   ·   Award

Allianz Industry 4.0 Award: Award for digital solutions from HOMAG

11/20/2023   ·   Machines & Technology

toleranceCheck: Consistently produce dimensionally and angularly accurate parts

Customer Magazine Maßarbeit – Issue 10 | 2023

11/16/2023   ·   Maßarbeit – Magazine for Joiners

Maßarbeit – Issue 10 | 2023

11/15/2023   ·   Fairs & Events

WEINMANN Treff 2023: A variety of impressions in the Swabian Alps

11/07/2023   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group responding to muted demand

11/07/2023   ·   Investor Relations

Package of measures adopted to boost efficiency and reduce capacity at HOMAG

Settings for the "Formatting" macro in the intelliDivide Nesting app

11/01/2023   ·   Digitalization

All-inclusive worry-free package for your nesting process

The fronts should have a coherent veneer pattern and must therefore lie next to each other in the cutting pattern during optimization, which is made easy via templates in intelliDivide.

10/18/2023   ·   Digitalization

intelliDivide: Optimize more intelligently with templates

Karl Weinmann

10/12/2023   ·   Timber House Construction

Karl Weinmann passed away at the age of 70

WEINMANN Treff 2024

10/10/2023   ·   Fairs & Events

WEINMANN Treff 2023 − Timber construction from A to Z.

HOMAG Korea at KOFURN Exhibition 2023

09/20/2023   ·   Asia News

HOMAG Korea Showcased Woodworking Solutions at KOFURN Exhibition 2023

09/13/2023   ·   Digitalization

What’s new in woodWOP 8.1: Important milestones and new innovations for CNC programming

08/03/2023   ·   Investor Relations

First half of 2023 of the HOMAG Group: Increasing sales with decreasing order intake

07/27/2023   ·   Machines & Technology

HOMAG India introduced SAWTEQ O-100.

Optimization in timber construction

07/20/2023   ·   Timber House Construction

A head start into timber construction

[Translate to English:] The detailed view shows the maintenance of your machine in detail including the associated maintenance instructions.

07/04/2023   ·   Services

serviceAssist Classic gets more functions: Maintenance Overview

More than 85% of all homes in the U.S. are built using the traditional stick framing method.

06/29/2023   ·   Timber House Construction

Radical change, one step at a time

Award Ceremony Top Consultant Award 2023

06/26/2023   ·   Award

Top Consultant 2023: Award-winning consulting for the timber and furniture industry

Guests watch the live demonstration on the CENTATEQ P-510. Foto: Stephan Engert

06/22/2023   ·   Fairs & Events

Review of the HOMAG Window Days

06/14/2023   ·   Award

German Brand Award 2023: HOMAG Group wins awards

06/14/2023   ·   LIGNA

HOMAG on the way to LIGNA

06/14/2023   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash – That's a wrap! This was LIGNA 2023

06/12/2023   ·   Digitalization

Digital job folder - even more efficiency through comment function!

LIGNA 2023: Thank you for your visit!

05/31/2023   ·   LIGNA

Welcome to the world's leading trade fair! – LIGNA is back

Serial renovation with timber frame elements offers great advantages, such as significantly improved energy efficiency as well as an attractive appearance. Copyright: Jannis Wiebusch

05/30/2023   ·   Timber House Construction

Renovation of existing buildings for CO₂-neutral living

05/25/2023   ·   LIGNA

LIGNA 2023 was a great success!

EDGETEQ S-240 edge banding machine

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

Future-oriented solutions for carpenters and joiners in all performance classes of edge banding machines

EDGETEQ S-500 narrow parts package — processing particularly narrow workpieces up to 40 mm

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

Digital production, automation and perfect edge quality with the EDGETEQ S-500 series

"Slim version" of the CENTATEQ P-110. Machine with optimized installation area for customers with limited space

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

CNC processing: New entry-level solution, robot support in woodworking shops and tool-free furniture

Effective service thanks to hotline, inspection and digital assistants

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

VALYOU — Maximum potential for your machine

Automated panel positioning with the FEEDBOT W-500.

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

WEINMANN solutions for timber construction

Thanks to the ControllerMES module "Automatic stack formation," effective, optimal and stable component arrangement is possible on every stack

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

HOMAG presents the new feature of the ControllerMES production control system at LIGNA

tapio — joint applications solve real customer problems

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

tapio – Joint applications solve real customer problems

The assistant for optimal use of the machine functions

05/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

HOMAG Panel Dividing: Name changes in the panel saw and storage technology sector

05/11/2023   ·   Investor Relations

Annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG in-person again

With just one click, the entire job is transferred to the digital job folder, the productionManager.

05/10/2023   ·   Digitalization

Data flow with one click: productionManager integrated with SWOOD CAD/CAM system

05/09/2023   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group sales increase in the first quarter of 2023

An impressive modular construction project. Picture reference: SH wood and modular construction

05/08/2023   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer magazine performance – Issue 22 | 2023

05/04/2023   ·   Digitalization

Heinz Dürr Award: Edge Data Package wins the race!

05/04/2023   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash – The LIGNA countdown is on!

HOMAG CARES about sustainablity

05/02/2023   ·   LIGNA

Sustainability at the trade fair: HOMAG CARES about sustainability

Customer Magazine Maßarbeit – Issue 9 | 2023

05/02/2023   ·   Maßarbeit – Magazine for Joiners

Maßarbeit – Issue 9 | 2023

Tools, materials and the machine working together: "Easy machining"!

04/20/2023   ·   LIGNA

Easy machining: Use data smartly

A clear display of the automatically calculated cutting patterns and the most important key figures. intelliDivide offers several alternatives for selection — the user makes the decision.

04/13/2023   ·   LIGNA

intelliDivide — an optimization software made to impress!

03/28/2023   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash - Innovations at LIGNA 2023

Your new machine with the HOMAG App Plus Pack. More service. More overview. More transparency.

03/28/2023   ·   Services

Special Offer: The App-Plus Package, free with every new HOMAG machine

Smart, simple and fast design of closets in the future with SmartWOP

03/27/2023   ·   LIGNA

SmartWOP: The easy way to design furniture

Whether the employees are in the work preparation department, in production or tasked with assembly at the customer's premises, the "digital job folder" now gives everyone access to all information about each job in real time.

03/17/2023   ·   LIGNA

The digital job folder brings transparency to the workshop

The HOMAG experience at LIGNA

03/16/2023   ·   LIGNA

Sharing Passion. HOMAG at LIGNA 2023

Display of the feedback data from your machine in the job progress in productionManager

03/07/2023   ·   Digitalization

HOMAG machine and productionManager working together

SCHULER Consulting offers strategic consulting for the international timber construction and furniture industry.

03/06/2023   ·   LIGNA

SCHULER Consulting at LIGNA 2023

02/23/2023   ·   Investor Relations

Fiscal year 2022 of the HOMAG Group - Record levels of sales and earnings

Job archive in productionManager (digital job folder)

01/31/2023   ·   Digitalization

Better clarity: Job archive available in productionManager!

12/20/2022   ·   Digitalization

Powerful software duo: SmartWOP and woodWOP in interaction

Nils Leitritz, Software Support Specialist HOMAG Australia

12/13/2022   ·   Australia News

#PeopleBehindTheBrand Nils Leitritz

Developing the right strategy for timber construction with SCHULER Consulting

12/01/2022   ·   Timber House Construction

The timber construction business - how to make it a success story

Brian Acraman, Purchasing Manager HOMAG Australia

11/29/2022   ·   Australia News

#PeopleBehindTheBrand Brian Acraman

11/28/2022   ·   Fairs & Events

The timber construction industry visits the Swabian Alps

Unique and a guaranteed eye-catcher: the woodWOP Christmas bottle holder

11/23/2022   ·   Software & Data

The tradition continues: The woodWOP holiday greeting from HOMAG

11/15/2022   ·   Australia News

#PeopleBehindTheBrand Elisabeth Kattenborn

Founder Klaus Papcke and son Phil present their winning machine, the T-50 table edge banding machine, formerly a BRANDT model, from 1978

11/10/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

Across the north with a wide range of services

11/10/2022   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group with significant increase in sales revenue and earnings

11/07/2022   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash - Highlights from the HOMAG Treff

Mark Vowles

11/01/2022   ·   Australia News

#PeopleBehindTheBrand Mark Vowles

Emmanuel Pseftoudis

10/19/2022   ·   Australia News

#PeopleBehindTheBrand Emmanuel Pseftoudis

Back in Southeastasia

10/13/2022   ·   Interviews & Statements

Back in the Southeast Asian market

10/13/2022   ·   Fairs & Events

HOMAG Treff 2022 in Holzbronn: Together again

Ross Campbell

10/05/2022   ·   Australia News

#PeopleBehindTheBrand Ross Campbell

Detailed production simulation based on your cutting patterns and production data on the SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec robot saw.

10/04/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

More transparency in hybrid cutting

10/03/2022   ·   Australia News

Quick change between glue types and glue colors made easy

WEINMANN Treff 2024

09/08/2022   ·   Timber House Construction

WEINMANN Treff 2022 - The A to Z for your timber framing needs

With the spare parts history you have an overview of all completed orders

08/22/2022   ·   Services

serviceAssist Classic gets more functions: Spare parts history

Measuring System Cutting Quality (MSQ)

08/18/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

HOMAG Treff: A calendar highlight for 30 years

Customer Magazine Maßarbeit – Issue 8 | 2022

08/08/2022   ·   Maßarbeit – Magazine for Joiners

Maßarbeit – Issue 8 | 2022

08/04/2022   ·   Investor Relations

Order intake in the first half of 2022 exceeds EUR 1 billion for the first time

Growing demands on manufacturers: even more automation needed

07/28/2022   ·   Interviews & Statements

Even more automation needed to cope with current challenges | Market report Northamerica

Impressions of the HOLZHANDWERK 2022

07/28/2022   ·   Fairs & Events

HOLZ-HANDWERK 2022 in Nuremberg: the big reunion

07/27/2022   ·   Asia News

20 Years of HOMAG India - Welcome to our new state-of-the-art factory.

07/27/2022   ·   Investor Relations

CFO Rainer Gausepohl extends contract until 2026

WEINMANN spendet 12.000 Euro an Asha21

07/20/2022   ·   Social / HOMAG Cares

WEINMANN donates 12,000 euros to Asha21

Apprenticeship at HOMAG

07/19/2022   ·   Award

HOMAG recognized as Training Champion 2022


07/18/2022   ·   Fairs & Events

Lots of personal encounters in the trade fair month of July


07/12/2022   ·   Fairs & Events


The Raumwunder — The new DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center.

07/12/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

Advanced solutions for CNC processing and drilling technology, from single operation to interlinking in cells.

Our Mission, Your Performance.

07/12/2022   ·   Services

HOMAG Service — Benefit for a lifetime. Now even more individual and with new products.

Countries where tapio is available.

07/12/2022   ·   Digitalization

tapio —Digital infrastructure with just ONE login.

SAWTEQ B-130 with further, optional clamp and Power Concept Classic for maximum flexibility and efficiency in cutting

07/05/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

Panel Dividing: new machines and software solutions provide even greater flexibility and efficiency

One of the latest innovations from HOMAG is woodCommander 5 the new software generation. Since 2022, it has been used additionally to establish direct connections to the edge band management

06/29/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

Edgebanding: Future-oriented solutions for carpenters/joiners in all performance classes

Customer magazin performance multi-storey building

06/07/2022   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Performance customer magazine – Issue 21 | 2022

Increased investment and automation

05/30/2022   ·   Interviews & Statements

Increased investment and automation | Market report India

Meicha Furniture has been using the same HOMAG edgebanding machine acquired in 1987 to create its soft-forming edges, alongside newer units.

05/19/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

Sixty years of edgebanding quality

woodCommander 5 software for EDGTEQ S-500 edge banding machines: faster, safer, more flexible

05/18/2022   ·   Machines & Technology

Experience real added value in practice live. HOMAG at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2022


05/18/2022   ·   Timber House Construction

Timber construction from A to Z. WEINMANN at DACH+HOLZ 2022.

Service responses in your time zone: The HOMAG APAC (Asia Pacific) Hotline

05/17/2022   ·   Services

Service responses in your time zone: The HOMAG APAC (Asia Pacific) Hotline

05/13/2022   ·   Interviews & Statements

Bye bye blackboxes – How to increase transparency in your production

05/12/2022   ·   Investor Relations

Virtual annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

05/03/2022   ·   Investor Relations

Record order intake in the first quarter of 2022

Discover YOUR SOLUTION during the INDIAWOOD | Bangalore in Hall 4, Booth No. H4120.

04/29/2022   ·   Fairs & Events

INDIAWOOD 2022: Hall 4 | All from one source | HOMAG India

Optimization and simplification of production processes and procedures

04/25/2022   ·   Interviews & Statements

How to be flexible – and remain so

Horizontal storage system STORETEQ S-200 | HOMAG

03/30/2022   ·   Software & Data

Paving The Way Towards Growth: An Asian Perspective

Integrating HOMAG’s digital tools into production workflow

03/11/2022   ·   Digitalization

A closer look: Boosting efficiency through digital solutions

Are you interested in a career in the wood industry?

03/04/2022   ·   Fairs & Events

"Company Day Wood" at the Biel University of Applied Sciences

Christoph Giese, managing director Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (left), and Frederik Meyer, Executive Vice President, HOMAG Business Unit CNC Processing (right) agree on partnership.

03/03/2022   ·   Surface

HOMAG and Heesemann agree to partnership

02/24/2022   ·   Investor Relations

Fiscal year 2021: Record orders and significant improvement in earnings

01/07/2022   ·   India News

One-Stop Shop for Woodworking Machinery

01/05/2022   ·   India News

Indo-German Newsletter Karnataka Region

12/08/2021   ·   Investor Relations

Dr. Sergej Schwarz appointed member of the Executive Board of HOMAG Group AG

11/11/2021   ·   Interviews & Statements

Building the future: How will construction processes change?

11/04/2021   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group heading for a record year

11/01/2021   ·   Solid Wood

From planning to production: timber construction from a single source

11/01/2021   ·   Solid Wood

Efficient and sustainable: the path from a board to an element

Experience holistic solutions for solid wood at HOMAG and WEINMANN Treff.

10/27/2021   ·   Solid Wood

A holistic view of solid wood

woodWOP 8 – Keynote

10/26/2021   ·   Software & Data

woodWOP 8 - New functions. Infinite options!

The FEEDBOT D-200 supplies two DRILLTEQ V-200 vertical CNC processing centers with material in parallel. | HOMAG

10/25/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

CNC technology — world premiere at HOMAG Treff

With the analysis options provided by the MMR (Machine Monitoring & Reporting) software, production managers can unlock their machine pool's full performance.

10/21/2021   ·   Fairs & Events

The production tachometer: Keeping an eye on production with MMR.

10/21/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

Edge banding machines — new equipment variants ensure even greater flexibility and efficiency

Thanks to the Cutting Production Set, residual material can be easily identified, managed and reused. Thus saving costs and protecting the environment.

10/19/2021   ·   Digitalization

Digital tools for panel dividing: Updates for cutting using saws & nesting machines

Power Concept Classic for the SAWTEQ B-130 and B-200

10/19/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

Panel cutting from woodworking shops to industrial applications

SCHULER Consulting mit Heinz Dürr Award ausgezeichnet

10/08/2021   ·   Award

SCHULER Consulting celebrates receiving the Heinz Dürr Award

Customer Magazine Maßarbeit – Issue 6 | 2021

10/08/2021   ·   Maßarbeit – Magazine for Joiners

Maßarbeit – Issue 6 | 2021

09/29/2021   ·   Investor Relations

Dr. Daniel Schmitt will continue HOMAG’s growth trajectory as new CEO

09/29/2021   ·   Ad-Hoc News

New Chairman for HOMAG Group AG’s Board of Management

HOMAG Asia Singapore office

09/23/2021   ·   Asia News

HOMAG Asia Moves Into New Singapore Office; Gears Up To Strengthen Presence In The Region

Horizontal storage system STORETEQ S-200 | HOMAG

09/22/2021   ·   Asia News

Optimise material flow with HOMAG STORETEQ

Sideboard with click system from VÄLINGE and HOMAG

08/20/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

One click can change a lot

08/10/2021   ·   Social / HOMAG Cares

€200,000, cars and machinery for craftsmen: Extensive aid package for the flooded areas

HOMAG ServiceBoard application enables users to report and broadcast service incidents at the machine to the HOMAG Service Center in real time using wireless video diagnostics.

08/05/2021   ·   Digitalization

Taking Industry 4.0 to the next level: Accelerating digitalisation in the Asian market

07/27/2021   ·   Investor Relations

Record level of orders in the first half of 2021

Live.HOMAG delivered concentrated knowledge for the workshop and the production hall live from Horb and Holzbronn.

07/09/2021   ·   Fairs & Events

Live.HOMAG Online Event Reaches Global Audience

The innovation network ambigence from Herford sets new impulses in the furniture industry

07/08/2021   ·   Consulting

On furniture trends and where to find them

07/08/2021   ·   Investor Relations

Groundbreaking ceremony in Schopfloch: HOMAG Group invests in building extension

Projects in multi-storey construction at Holzhaus Bonndorf

06/23/2021   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 20 | 2021

SCHULER Consulting GmbH wins Top Consultant Award 2021

06/15/2021   ·   Award

SCHULER Consulting wins TOP Consultant Award for the second time

Wooden loam house by Kinskofer

06/02/2021   ·   Sustainability | HOMAG Cares

The future of timber construction: Sustainability right from the start thanks to efficient production processes

Dr. Daniel Schmitt, Member of the HOMAG Group AG Board of Management

05/25/2021   ·   Investor Relations

Dr. Daniel Schmitt becomes a member of the HOMAG Group AG Board of Management

05/11/2021   ·   Newsflash


05/11/2021   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group starts successfully into the fiscal year 2021

This is how it works: Data flow with one click – optimization software integrated in the ERP system.

05/10/2021   ·   Digitalization

Data flow with one click: Optimization software integrated into ERP

05/06/2021   ·   Investor Relations

Virtual annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

04/29/2021   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group further expands activities in solid wood sector

Variant configuration in the kitchen industry

04/28/2021   ·   Consulting

Variant configuration in the kitchen industry

Cutting Production Set – the Cutting Assistant

04/28/2021   ·   Digitalization

LIVE.HOMAG: Apps and digital building blocks: practical tools for workshops.

Driverless transport system TRANSBOT Basic — automation from a new perspective

04/28/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

LIVE.HOMAG: Transport systems - A small tool with a big impact.

Customized packaging ensures the best product protection and minimizes transport damage.

04/28/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

LIVE.HOMAG: Bespoke cardboard boxes - perfect protection in a small space.

04/28/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

LIVE.HOMAG: Panel dividing saws from S to XXL.

WZ14 workpiece feed system, new to EDGETEQ S-500.

04/28/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

LIVE.HOMAG: Edge processing: concepts to suit every production level.

Entry-level HOMAG machines already have an option for robot connection (shown here: DRILLTEQ V-Series). The safe, precise and automatic assignment, removing and stacking of workpieces results in more efficient production

04/28/2021   ·   Machines & Technology

Live.HOMAG: CNC high-performance centers.

serviceAssist is the next step by HOMAG toward digital support for its customers

04/27/2021   ·   Services

LIVE.HOMAG: Service – by your side at all times

04/12/2021   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group with largest investment program in the company’s history

Customer Magazine Maßarbeit – Issue 5 | 2021

04/07/2021   ·   Maßarbeit – Magazine for Joiners

Maßarbeit – Issue 5 | 2021

03/15/2021   ·   Timber House Construction

The first WEINMANN smartPrefab at WeberHaus

The digital value stream optimization links material and information flows

03/01/2021   ·   Consulting

Goodbye, stopwatch. Hello, digital value stream optimization!

02/25/2021   ·   Investor Relations

Positive result in a challenging year

Senior Manager Florian Hauswirth

02/18/2021   ·   Interviews & Statements

Optimism despite many turbulences

SCHULER Consulting is awarded the TOP 100 label 2021

01/25/2021   ·   Award

SCHULER Consulting awarded TOP 100 label 2021

01/10/2021   ·   India News

Market situation and trends 2021 for HOMAG India.

01/01/2021   ·   Timber House Construction

Building the future together

Ralf W. Dieter, CEO HOMAG Group AG

12/15/2020   ·   Investor Relations

Ralf W. Dieter to become new HOMAG Group CEO

11/05/2020   ·   Investor Relations

Signs of recovery in the third quarter

Smart-Factory-Konzepte: weniger Stapel, mehr Komfort

10/22/2020   ·   Digitalization

Automation is advancing further in woodworking shops – with innovative tools such as intelliOptimizer Stacking

10/15/2020   ·   60 Years HOMAG

HOMAG Newsflash – HOMAG Treff 2020

Solutions for window production

10/13/2020   ·   Solid Wood

Specially for windows

A room concept can have many facets. Flooring in particular has a big influence on a concept as a whole. With its individual design possibilities, laminate offers a lot of options here.

10/12/2020   ·   Flooring

Automatic measurement and readjustment in autopilot mode

Carbon 12, Portland Oregon ©Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation

10/09/2020   ·   Timber House Construction

HOMAG bundles its activities in the construction elements sector and acquires System TM A/S

Holzbau Baden-Württemberg Bildungszentrum in Biberach

09/25/2020   ·   Timber House Construction

WEINMANN Technology in Holzbau Bildungszentrum Biberach

60 years of HOMAG. 60 days of Treff.

09/24/2020   ·   Fairs & Events

60 years of HOMAG — 60 days of HOMAG Treff

09/22/2020   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Press release in addition to the ad hoc announcement of 21.09.2020

09/21/2020   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Chairman of the Board of Management will not seek another term of office

 Automatic insulation with WEINMANN WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill

09/21/2020   ·   Timber House Construction

Customer day at the carpentry Stark

SCHULER Consulting film project awarded with prize

08/13/2020   ·   Award

SCHULER Consulting film project awarded with prize

08/06/2020   ·   Investor Relations

First half-year 2020 of the HOMAG Group

07/07/2020   ·   Interviews & Statements

Demystifying the path towards Batch Size 1 Production

HOMAG Newsflash – News & Digital Events 2020

06/24/2020   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash – News & Digital Events 2020

We are HOMAG. YOUR SOLUTION | Machines and plants for the woodworking industry

06/19/2020   ·   60 Years HOMAG

We are HOMAG

Management of WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik GmbH (from left to right): Josef Zerle, Hansbert Ott, Sven Schempp

06/15/2020   ·   Timber House Construction

Strengthening the competence in the solid wood area

05/28/2020   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group AG's annual general meeting virtual for the first time

05/27/2020   ·   Investor Relations

Continuing to push ahead with digitization

Living concept FlyingSpaces – Small turnkey modular houses

05/19/2020   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 19 | 2020

Digitalization for carpenters and woodworking shops: Apps and assistants from HOMAG

05/19/2020   ·   Digitalization

Digitalization for carpenters and joiners: Apps and assistants from HOMAG

05/18/2020   ·   Digitalization

Index acquires high-tech system from Germany's HOMAG Group

05/14/2020   ·   Investor Relations

Order Backlog with slight increase

05/05/2020   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG strengthens leading position in China

CNC-controlled machines offers high potential.

04/21/2020   ·   Consulting

Automation in the solid wood sector

03/31/2020   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG suspends its guidance for the current financial year

HOMAG Group AG and imos AG strengthen their cooperation

03/26/2020   ·   Software & Data

woodCAD|CAM becomes HOMAG iX

CONCEPT 1: Introduction to digitalization

03/24/2020   ·   Software & Data

Concepts for the digital workshop

03/20/2020   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group AG postpones annual general meeting due to spread of coronavirus

Mr. Venkataramana Gorti, talked to Wood and Panel Europe from the floors of IndiaWood 2020.

03/09/2020   ·   Interviews & Statements

In conversation with Mr. Venkataramana Gorti at IndiaWood 2020

Next three years for HOMAG is to Innovate for India

03/04/2020   ·   Interviews & Statements

Next three years for HOMAG is to Innovate for India

HOMAG CUBE – Your central component for the digital workshop.

03/02/2020   ·   Digitalization

It's never been so easy to get started: Becoming a digital workshop with the new HOMAG CUBE.

Moser GmbH trusts on the Air Control from ALMiG compressors

02/27/2020   ·   Digitalization

Digitalisation in the compressed air technology

02/27/2020   ·   Investor Relations

Financial year 2019: Economy slowdown reduces incoming orders

Venkataramana Gorti, the newly-appointed Managing Director and Country Head of HOMAG India

02/20/2020   ·   India News

HOMAG India goes the VOC way!

02/19/2020   ·   Fairs & Events

Panel dividing made easy: HOMAG innovations for cutting in woodworking shops

Two become one: the HOMAG A-Flex table — flexible AND convenient

02/12/2020   ·   Fairs & Events

CNC-Technology: Almost infinite possibilities

Windows with narrow profiles now promote a sense of well-being by allowing significantly more daylight.

02/12/2020   ·   Fairs & Events

Integrated windows

At HOMAG Treff, this entry-level machine already features the first unit automations

02/12/2020   ·   Fairs & Events

Focus on flexibility and cost efficiency

serviceAssist is the next step by HOMAG toward digital support for its customers

02/12/2020   ·   Services

Extensive service and professional support

Driverless transport system TRANSBOT Basic — automation from a new perspective

02/06/2020   ·   Machines & Technology

Automation solutions for carpenters: Small aid with a big impact

Integrated and efficient: productionAssist Cutting enables label printing (even at a manual saw), including all important information for the subsequent processing machines

02/05/2020   ·   Machines & Technology

Production in the digital age

Dach+Holz International Stuttgart

01/24/2020   ·   Timber House Construction

WEINMANN at the Dach+Holz

The first DigitalDay in Denkendorf was a great success.

01/15/2020   ·   Digitalization

Review: The first DigitalDay in Denkendorf was a great success

12/16/2019   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group with new CFO as of March 2020

HOMAG donates to SOS Children's Villages.

12/02/2019   ·   Social / HOMAG Cares

HOMAG donates to SOS Children's Villages

11/25/2019   ·   Award

Crowned "Factory of the Year 2019" in the "Excellent Small Series Assembly" category

11/07/2019   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group feeling customers' reluctance to invest

11/06/2019   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Efficiency enhancement and structural measures, revised projection at HOMAG Group

11/06/2019   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group optimizes its structure

10/30/2019   ·   Investor Relations

Valuation proceedings: Appeal lodged by HOMAG shareholders against the ruling of the Regional Court of Stuttgart

Around 20 participants from the timber work industry came to the WEINMANN FutureCom customer event from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

10/29/2019   ·   Timber House Construction

First FutureCom event at WEINMANN

Hansbert Ott and Felipe Montes

10/28/2019   ·   Timber House Construction

Prefabricated wooden construction makes new leap in Chile

What's more, the HOMAG robot can handle stud weights of up to 75 kilograms. This application uses a clamping gripper, which clamps down on the studs from above.

10/02/2019   ·   Machines & Technology

Robotic technology offers opportunities for timber house construction

08/27/2019   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG: First-instance decision in rulings on control and profit transfer agreement

08/07/2019   ·   Investor Relations

Press release 1st half year 2019: Weaker economy influences incoming orders

07/22/2019   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG adjusts earnings expectations


07/05/2019   ·   Award

TOP 100 Award: HOMAG Group is one of the most innovative companies

smartPrefab – Robot technology enables the fully automated material handling.

07/01/2019   ·   Timber House Construction

smartPrefab - highest degree of prefabrication in timber construction

Screwing of plates and studs in an angle of 45° with screws (190 mm length)

06/30/2019   ·   Timber House Construction

New screw separator system increases efficiency

SCHULER Consulting receives Top Consultant Award

06/28/2019   ·   Award

SCHULER Consulting receives TOP CONSULTANT Award

Oppein places its trust in HOMAG for Industry 4.0: Strategic partnership for holistic production concepts

06/14/2019   ·   LIGNA

Oppein places its trust in HOMAG for Industry 4.0

Interview Elias Wagner - SCHULER Consulting

06/13/2019   ·   Fairs & Events

The opportunities to realize creative consulting approaches are endless


06/11/2019   ·   Award

German Brand Award 2019: HOMAG Group again honoured for new brand image

HOMAG Newsflash - Solutions for woodworking shops - live from the LIGNA 2019!

06/03/2019   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash: Solutions for woodworking shops at LIGNA 2019!

HOMAG Newsflash - Live from the LIGNA 2019!

05/28/2019   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash - Live from the LIGNA 2019!

05/20/2019   ·   Investor Relations

1st quarter 2019: HOMAG Group increased sales

Hauptversammlung der HOMAG Group AG

05/15/2019   ·   Investor Relations

Annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

05/15/2019   ·   edge – Magazine of the HOMAG Group

edge 2019

HOMAG Newsflash – 2 Halls, 50 Machines, 5.000 Square Meters: See what HOMAG is showing at LIGNA 2019!

05/09/2019   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash – 2 Halls, 50 Machines, 5.000 Square Meters: See what HOMAG is showing at LIGNA 2019!

performance Lindbäcks Hausbau

05/01/2019   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 18 | 2019

HOMAG auf der LIGNA 2019 – Unser Fokus: Ihre Lösung

04/24/2019   ·   inspiration – Magazine for woodworking

Customer Magazine inspiration | Issue May 2019


04/08/2019   ·   Timber House Construction

HOMAG and HUNDEGGER have agreed on strategic partnership

Rapid assistance from intelliServiceNet

04/04/2019   ·   Services

The TeleService solution of the future

Six processing spindles — the optimum configuration for manufacturers of windows, doors, and strips

03/27/2019   ·   LIGNA

Production of window scantlings in trade: Automated and versatile

TENONTEQ D-500 double-end profiler

03/27/2019   ·   Fairs & Events

Laminate, parquet, LVT, SPC, wall and ceiling panels, mineral fiber panels — a diverse range of the highest quality

Planed unfinished element with the tesa® ACXplus adhesive tape applied

03/26/2019   ·   Machines & Technology

Gluing technology for composite windows: HOMAG and tesa develop a new process

WEINMANN Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill for automated insulation

03/18/2019   ·   LIGNA

Automation solutions for timber construction

02/28/2019   ·   Investor Relations

Financial year 2018: HOMAG Group achieves record result

German Design Award 2019

02/11/2019   ·   Award

German Design Award 2019: HOMAG Group receives awards

Collaborative research project named "proto_lab" (production tomorrow laboratory)

02/11/2019   ·   LIGNA

Digitalization: How will the production processes of woodworking shops look in the future?

With its new iPackage, HOMAG is offering an attractive service bundle for trade

02/05/2019   ·   LIGNA

iPackage service contract: The complete After-Sales Package for woodworking shops

01/23/2019   ·   Interviews & Statements

HOMAG in China: Your High-Tech and Innovation Partner for Furniture Production

HOMAG Newsflash in China - How HOMAG customers produce in the Chinese market (Special Edition)

01/07/2019   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash in China - How HOMAG customers produce in the Chinese market (Special Edition)

11/09/2018   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group with revenue growth in the first nine months of 2018: Successful with large-scale plants

HOMAG Newsflash: 25 years of HOMAG Treff – The chips were flying here!

10/01/2018   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash: 25 years of HOMAG Treff – The chips were flying here!


09/27/2018   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG CEO Pekka Paasivaara to become fourth member of Dürr AG's Board of Management

132 people are employed at WEINMANN in St. Johann.

09/27/2018   ·   Éducation et carrière

From humble beginnings in Lonsingen to global success

Windows with narrow profiles now promote a sense of well-being by allowing significantly more daylight.

09/26/2018   ·   Machines & Technology

Integrated windows Narrow profiles, more daylight

09/26/2018   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Plattenaufteiltechnik and Anthon plan close cooperation

MMR Office Lite offers quick and easy entry into the analysis and evaluation of machine key figures from the office.

09/19/2018   ·   Software & Data

On the offensive in data evaluation

08/09/2018   ·   Investor Relations

1st half of 2018 for the HOMAG Group: HOMAG with high capacity utilization

HOMAG Treff 2018 – We're letting the chips fly!

08/08/2018   ·   inspiration – Magazine for woodworking

Customer Magazine inspiration | Issue August 2018

SCHULER Consulting Services

08/08/2018   ·   Fairs & Events

When change becomes an opportunity

HOMAG Group opens engineering center in Poznan

07/26/2018   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group opens engineering center in Poznan

HOMAG Newsflash: The Top News from HOMAG in one video!

06/21/2018   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash: The Top News from HOMAG in one video!

05/16/2018   ·   Investor Relations

1st quarter 2018: HOMAG Group’s high order intake continues

05/15/2018   ·   Investor Relations

Annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

05/15/2018   ·   edge – Magazine of the HOMAG Group

edge 2018

WEINMANN machines can be digitally networked and are suitable for cloud-based technologies.

05/01/2018   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 17 | 2018

Experience our new machines at the XYLEXPO in Hall 3.

04/25/2018   ·   inspiration – Magazine for woodworking

Customer Magazine inspiration | Issue April 2018

04/12/2018   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group sets up a Smart Factory for furniture production

Partnership with Grenzebach

03/23/2018   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG and Grenzebach enter into strategic partnership

Partnership with KUKA

03/23/2018   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG and KUKA enter into strategic partnership

HOMAG Newsflash edition 1: Our new news format, live from HOLZ-HANDWERK

03/22/2018   ·   Newsflash

HOMAG Newsflash edition 1: Our new news format, live from HOLZ-HANDWERK

The donation was given to Future Chances in December — those involved have now met up and discussed what the money has been used for so far.

03/19/2018   ·   Social / HOMAG Cares

EUR 20,000 invested sustainably – "Beds4Poor" — HOMAG Cares donation for Tanzania

03/01/2018   ·   Investor Relations

Significant growth in 2017

Inspiration 03/2018

02/27/2018   ·   inspiration – Magazine for woodworking

Customer Magazine inspiration | Issue March 2018

12/19/2017   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group plans new, innovative building

11/15/2017   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group reinforces top management team

11/08/2017   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group continues to grow

11/01/2017   ·   inspiration – Magazine for woodworking

Customer Magazine inspiration | Issue November 2017

08/03/2017   ·   Investor Relations

Incoming orders increase by 33 percent in the first six months

The donation is presented at HOMAG in Schopfloch to Future Chances

07/20/2017   ·   Social / HOMAG Cares

HOMAG Cares: 4,000 Euro for pupils in Tanzania

07/12/2017   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group invests in Schopfloch site

… to very narrow.

06/21/2017   ·   Flooring

Flooring industry: A production vision

05/11/2017   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group reports successful first quarter

05/08/2017   ·   Investor Relations

Customer Oppein orders more than 300 machines

WEINMANN Multifunction bridge, framing table, timber construction, timber frame houses, wall manufacturing

05/01/2017   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 16 | 2017

Wir entwickeln gemeinsam IHRE LÖSUNG – ganz gleich, ob Sie anspruchsvolle Einzelstücke oder 1.000 individuelle Küchen pro Tag fertigen

04/18/2017   ·   inspiration – Magazine for woodworking

Customer Magazine inspiration | Issue May 2017

03/27/2017   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group continues to grow

HOMAG One Brand One Company Your Solution

03/01/2017   ·   inspiration – Magazine for woodworking

Customer Magazine Inspiration | Issue March 2017

Networked Workshop – Why Company Size Doesn't Matter

10/05/2016   ·   Digitalization

Networked Workshop (Part 2): Ready for the Future in Three Steps

Networked Workshop – Why Company Size Doesn't Matter

09/27/2016   ·   Digitalization

Networked Workshop (Part 1): Why Company Size Doesn't Matter

08/19/2016   ·   Investor Relations

Uninterrupted growth in sales revenue at HOMAG Group

module45 – the cutting-edge option for precise bevel cuts

08/01/2016   ·   Machines & Technology

module45: for precise bevel cuts on the saw

intelliGuide: fast, simple, intuitive

08/01/2016   ·   Machines & Technology

Fast, simple, intuitive: the operator assistance system LED

06/06/2016   ·   Investor Relations

Changes in Executive Board

06/02/2016   ·   Investor Relations

Dividend rises to EUR 1.01

Weingärtner Holzbau produced the entire beam processing for the Geroldsauer Mühle with the WEINMANN BEAMTEQ B-540

05/01/2016   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 15 | 2016

04/21/2016   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group's sales revenue reaches billion mark

01/12/2016   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group founds a sales and service company in Germany

11/05/2015   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group aims to reach the one billion euro mark in sales revenue in 2015

08/31/2015   ·   Investor Relations

Pekka Paasivaara to take the helm as sole CEO of HOMAG Group AG

08/12/2015   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group remains on track

06/15/2015   ·   Investor Relations

Building a successful future as ONE HOMAG

06/15/2015   ·   Investor Relations

Changes in the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board of HOMAG Group AG

05/12/2015   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group gets off to a good start in 2015

05/08/2015   ·   Investor Relations

Dividend increases to EUR 0.40

WEINMANN Prefab homes, carpentry machines, multifunction bridge, joinery, timber frame houses

05/01/2015   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 14 | 2015

03/30/2015   ·   Investor Relations

Following a strong 2014, the HOMAG Group to become significantly more profitable in 2015

03/05/2015   ·   Investor Relations

Extraordinary general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

03/04/2015   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Ad hoc announcement according to Sec. 15 WpHG [“Wertpapierhandelsgesetz”: German Securities Trading Act]

03/03/2015   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group generates record sales revenue in 2014

03/02/2015   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Ad hoc announcement according to Sec. 15 WpHG [“Wertpapierhandelsgesetz”: German Securities Trading Act]

01/14/2015   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Ad hoc announcement

12/16/2014   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Change in stock market segment from Prime Standard to Entry Standard of the Frankfurt stock exchange

12/03/2014   ·   Investor Relations

All Automation areas from one source

11/24/2014   ·   Investor Relations

Dürr and HOMAG prepare domination and potential profit and loss transfer agreement

11/13/2014   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group raises order intake, sales revenue and earnings

10/27/2014   ·   Investor Relations

Change of CEO and on the supervisory board of Homag Group AG

10/26/2014   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Ad hoc announcement according to Sec. 15 WpHG [“Wertpapierhandelsgesetz”: German Securities Trading Act]

10/15/2014   ·   Investor Relations

Dürr acquires majority shareholding in the HOMAG Group

08/14/2014   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group continues on successful course with a strong second quarter of 2014

07/14/2014   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Ad hoc announcement according to Sec. 15 WpHG [“Wertpapierhandelsgesetz”: German Securities Trading Act]

06/03/2014   ·   Investor Relations

Annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

05/23/2014   ·   Investor Relations

Syndicated loan agreement signed at further improved conditions ahead of schedule

05/13/2014   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group with successful Q1 2014

Customer Magazine performance – issue 13 | 2014

05/01/2014   ·   performance – magazine for timber construction

Customer Magazine performance – issue 13 | 2014

03/26/2014   ·   Investor Relations

The HOMAG Group aims to continue profitable growth in 2014

03/19/2014   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group AG wants to distribute a dividend of EUR 0.35 per share for 2013

02/26/2014   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group increases net profit for the year by 45 percent

02/02/2014   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG acquires US distribution and service partner

02/02/2014   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG acquires US distribution and service partner / Ad hoc announcement according to Sec. 15 WpHG [“Wertpapier

01/23/2014   ·   Investor Relations

HOMAG Group bundles its automation activities

10/05/2011   ·   Ad-Hoc News

The HOMAG Group plans to expand restructuring measures and expects to improve earnings in the medium term as a result / Ad hoc announcement

07/31/2011   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group adjusts projected results downward / Ad hoc announcement

12/15/2010   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Changes to the management board of HOMAG Group AG / Ad hoc announcement

08/11/2010   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Homag Group AG’s CFO leaves the company of his own volition / Ad hoc announcement

07/27/2009   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Reorganization of the management board of HOMAG Group AG / Ad hoc announcement

03/29/2009   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG plans to distribute dividend of EUR 0.30 per share / Ad hoc announcement

02/16/2009   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Financial and economic crisis leaves its mark on HOMAG Group AG / Ad hoc announcement

11/19/2008   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG acquires 51 per cent share in BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme / Ad hoc announcement

04/22/2008   ·   Ad-Hoc News

HOMAG Group AG will more than double its dividend / Ad hoc announcement

07/12/2007   ·   Ad-Hoc News

Homag Group AG sets issue price at EUR 31.00 / Ad hoc announcement