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Robot Solutions for the Furniture Industry FEEDBOT D-300

Robot Solutions for the Furniture Industry FEEDBOT D-300

Safe, precise, automatic handling of workpieces for more efficient production

The CNC processing center with robot support forms one of the smallest possible cells of the furniture production. In this combination, the FEEDBOT D-300 increases your overall productivity. It does not have to take a break, can work around the clock on the shop floor and ensures consistently high quality. Small and medium-sized companies save a lot of time by using the robot integration FEEDBOT D-300 and reduce the workload for their staff. The resulting flexible manpower organization allows your workforce to be used more for value-added activities and production processes. The result is added value for your plant in terms of quality, availability and performance.


  • High availability – Machine running time can be extended to almost 100%
  • Long lifetime – no need to search for new workers
  • Highly flexible production – No training of new processes necessary
  • Low maintenance operation – 24/7 availability (no vacation, sickness, breaks)
  • High cleanliness and low noise
  • Ergonomics friendly – Manual parts handling almost completely eliminated
  • Consistently high quality – No reduction/ change due to change of workers


  • Everything from a single source from HOMAG (Liability and safety, CE, one contact, HOMAG service)

  • Processing on both sides possible due to return conveyor at the drilling machine

  • Robust suction technology and high-quality crosshead lead to high process reliability

  • Sensitive contact with the CNC pins - thanks to the floating crosshead - ensures gentle operation

  • Large workpiece variance

  • Automatic setup of the cell (CNC and and robot) as well as visualization in woodFlex

  • Plausibility check - comparison of the data from the control to the actual part

Technical Data

Technical Parameters
Carrier materialChipboard, MDF, HDF, plywood, solid wood
SurfacesMelamine, Raw (carrier material does not soak through), Veneer, Laminate, No overlap (optional)
Special workpiecesHighly structured or absorbent materials and workpieces with high adhesion must be requested separately.
Stacking hight max.1,500 mm incl. base frame
Technical Data

DRILLTEQ V-500 with FEEDBOT D-300*

Workpiece dimensions max. with manual feeding [mm]

3,050 x 1,250 x 80

Workpiece dimensions min. with manual feeding [mm]

200 x 50 x 8

Workpiece dimensions max. with feeding via FEEDBOT D-300 [mm]

3,050 x 1,200 x 60

Workpiece dimensions min. with feeding via FEEDBOT D-300 [mm]

350 x 120 x 10

Workpiece weight max. [kg]


Installation dimensions [mm]

10,020 x 8,000 x 3,400

*You will find more available versions in our brochure.

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