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Multi Rip Saws SAWTEQ M-700

Multi Rip Saws SAWTEQ M-700

Minimal tolerance ranges for longitudinal division techniques

This longitudinal saw provides extremely accurate cuts thanks to its precision workpiece transport and throughfeed alignment station that uses cameras. A unique feature of the transport system is the combination of a rolling block link chain, top roll pressure belt and vacuum belt to enable precise workpiece guidance.


  • Maximum precision with a dimension tolerance of ± 0.1 mm on the sawed part widths
  • Excellent productivity thanks to the freely positioned saw units featuring automatic adjustment mechanisms and pneumatic engagement control
  • Integrated throughfeed alignment enables precise processing workflows


  • Automatic width adjustment within the workpiece gaps is possible during operation using the markings detected by the camera system

  • Suction belts in the infeed area hold down the panels

  • Units are adjusted via servo axes

Technical Data

 SAWTEQ M-700  
Feed speed30–60 [m/min]  
Raw workpiece widthmax. 2,080 [mm]
Workpiece thickness6–40 [mm]
Raw workpiece lengthmin. 1,200 [mm]

(Previous product name: Multi rip saw FSL 480: Maximum precision for throughfeed cutting)