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Sorting Buffering and Collating Systems SORTEQ R-200

Sorting Buffering and Collating Systems SORTEQ R-200

Limitless sorting from batch size 1

The SORTEQ R-200 collating center optimizes your storage space ensuring that all available areas are used in the most effective way possible. Multiple workpieces can be sorted next to or behind each other whilst the SORTEQ R-200 buffers, sorts, and picks the material flow over the entire process chain with a reliability that is not possible for humans.


  • Complete freedom over material flow strategies
  • High flexibility even when an order is changed thanks to short response times
  • Damage to panel material is almost completely excluded
  • Fully visualized parts management from incoming delivery up to shipping
  • High availability system with low energy costs
  • Automatic restart even after a power failure


  • Regulated material flow: random flows of incoming parts are sorted and provided to the subsequent process

  • High storage capacity: ideal positioning of parts in the pick-up area

  • Optimal assignment of shelf compartments: multiple workpieces are stored next to and behind one another

  • Scalable modular system: sorting lane (shelf length and height) can be adapted optimally to customer requirements and construction situations on site

  • Wide range of parts thanks to a carriage with 3+1 fixed edge system

  • Protective, low-energy transport due to "parts being carried"

  • Reduced maintenance times: easily replaceable drive unit wheels and changeover from lifting drive to steel cable

Technical Data

SORTEQ R-200Shelf TLR 211/D
Machine dimensions
Total height [mm]3,900 – 10,7403,900 – 10,740
Total lenght [mm]17,480 – 54,4808,800 – 45,100
Workpiece sizes
Workpiece length [mm]240 – 3,050240 – 3,050
Workpiece width [mm]70 – 1,25070 – 1,250
Workpiece thickness [mm]8 – 608 – 60
Workpiece weight [kg]max. 100max. 100

(Previous product name: Collating center TLB 321)