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Handling and storage systems timber construction FEEDBOT F-300

Handling and storage systems timber construction FEEDBOT F-300

Robot management in frame work production

Availability of approximately 100%, high repeat accuracy and high-precision material handling: robots are reliable partners and increase the cost-effectiveness of wood work production automatically. In combination with the frame work station, the robot allows studs and plates for wall elements with windows and doors or special elements such as gables to be inserted fully automatically. Regardless of whether it's standard and special studs or the top and bottom plate, the robot inserts a wide variety of studs into the frame work automatically and with high precision. In this process, the six-axis robot transports stud weights of up to 75 kg without any problems.


  • Increased capacity due to automated production
  • Increased flexibility with regard to production options: depending on the element, the studs are inserted transversely, longitudinally or diagonally
  • Significant reduction in the heavy physical work for employees
  • Increased machine availability: high technical availability of the robot minimizes downtimes and increases the added value of the machines
  • More precision: the studs are inserted at a precise fit


  • Six-axis robot as the central element of the frame work station

  • The robot is actuated via a wup data record

  • Multiple provision slots can be served

  • Various approach programs for different woods

  • Wood picked up quickly thanks to robot grippers with compressed air or servo motors

  • Automatic calculation of the retrieval and depositing positions (part weight, installation position and installation routine are included in the calculation)

  • Fully automatic insertion of wood in the frame work: depending on the stud and element, insertion is transverse, longitudinal or diagonal

    • Plates (top and bottom plates)
    • Processed and unprocessed studs (standard studs and special studs)
  • Robot inserts wood at a speed of up to six cycles per minute

  • Quiet, energy-efficient handling as energy is consumed only when a part is moved

Technical Data

Workpiece dimensions 
Workpiece length [mm]780 - 3,500
Cross-section [mm]

min. 40 x 100

max. 160 x 250 

Workpiece weight  [kg]max. 75


Prefab house, Frame work station, Carpentry, beam processing

Video: Robot technology in timber framing