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Panel dividing saws SAWTEQ SAWTEQ A-400 | A-410 angular saw unit

Panel dividing saws SAWTEQ SAWTEQ A-400 | A-410 angular saw unit

The SAWTEQ SAWTEQ A-400 | A-410 delivers a high level of precision in continuous operation, coupled with an impressive processing speed.

The angular saw unit cuts panel materials lengthwise and crosswise fully automatically – with great precision and at feed speeds of up to 170 meters per minute! The SAWTEQ SAWTEQ A-400 | A-410 copes effortlessly with large books of panels and excels in cutting high volumes of material very quickly.


  • Rugged angular saw unit for finish cut quality on a grand scale
  • Highly productive thanks to automatic feeding and high 110 mm or 125 mm saw blade projection
  • Efficient panel-sizing saw with a small footprint


  • Logo ecoPlus

    Patented dustEx technology: combination air jets transport dust and chips specifically towards the right-angled fence – protects the material from damage

  • Maintenance-free lifting table for automatic feeding from the rear

  • Control software CADmatic 5
    – Intuitively understandable
    – Full HD widescreen multi-touch monitor
    – Harmonized user interface powerTouch
    – The new 3D assistance graphic supports the operator and is intuitive to operate
    – Ready for connection to tapio
    – Graphically supported diagnostics

Technical Data

Saw blade projection [mm]110 (125 as option)
Cutting length, cutting width [mm]
rip saw: 3,200  / 4,300 / 5,600
cross cut saw: 2,200
Program fence speed [m/min]rip saw: up to 90, cross cut saw: up to 140
Saw carriage speed [m/min]150 (up to 170 as option)
Main saw motor [kW]50 Hz: 11 (18 or 24 as option)
60 Hz: 11 (21 or 28 as option)
Monitor24" full-HD multi-touch display
Operating softwareCADmatic 5

(Previous product name: Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-400 | HKL 400)



  • CADmatic 5

    • Intuitive machine control – simple, fast and clearly structured: these are the strengths of CADmatic 5


Angular saw unit

Focus: Single boards

  • HOMAG Winkelanlage

    Im Fokus: Plattenpakete



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