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Double-end tenoner TENONTEQ D-500 HOMAG

Double End Tenoners TENONTEQ D-500

Double End Tenoners TENONTEQ D-500

A compact introductory solution for double-sided dimensioning work

This high-performance double-end profiler can be configured as required to tackle a host of different tasks: angle cuts, bevel cuts, profiling, rabbeting, grooving, sanding and corner processing. Thanks to its robust design, low-wear technology and high level of availability, this machine is exactly the right choice for manufacturing doors, fronts and panels.


  • Stable, low-vibration machine stands enable precise dimensioning and profiling, even on furniture featuring click profiles
  • Solid wood processing without tearing thanks to insertion control with synchronous and reverse rotation
  • Flexible enough to be used as a single machine for longitudinal and cross processing but also designed for use in a production line to enable integration into plant concepts


  • Scoring and chipping unit for tear-free processing of coated surfaces or clean cross processing of veneered parts and solid wood

  • SF20 standard trimming unit for trimming, rabbeting, profiling, grooving etc., electro-pneumatic control system, swivel range of 90° and reversing switch for controlling the direction of rotation of tools

  • KS10 belt sanding unit with vertical oscillation for even sanding of straight edges and to enable optimum belt utilization

  • PS20 belt sanding unit with a belt length of 3200 mm and the option to sand special profiles using two separate, individually adjustable sanding pads (dual sanding pad Technology)

Technical Data

Overall length [mm]
    FPL 2653,650–5,650
    FPL 266 individual machine4,650–6,650
    FPL 266Line execution4,880–6,880

(Previous product name: Double-End Tenoner FPL 260: for furniture production and interior furnishings)