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Return Conveyors LOOPTEQ O-300

Return Conveyors LOOPTEQ O-300

For a wide spectrum in the material flow

Whether handicraft or industrially oriented production. The LOOPTEQ O-300 transports the largest material variety and is indispensable for an economic workpiece return. It convinces by its high capacity and an especially gentle workpiece handling. The LOOPTEQ O-300 is best suited for customers with high material variety - from small and light up to large and heavy workpieces.


  • Fast amortization - pays off from 15 hours working time per week
  • Low quality costs - gentle workpiece handling with air cushion table
  • No training necessary - assemble the LOOPTEQ O-300, connect it, and get started
  • Flexible operator organization - thanks to economic one-man operation
  • Ergonomic operation - operator will be released from heavy physical work


  • The LOOPTEQ O-300 perfectly harmonizes in size, capacity, and speed with HOMAG Group's unilateral edge banding machines

  • Optimum part handling thanks to an air-cushion table without ball valves

  • High capacity also in case of small workpiece gaps

  • Simple belt cleaning equipment is already included in the standard

Technical Data

LOOPTEQ O-300/20LOOPTEQ O-300/25
Workpiece length [mm]300 - 2,500240 - 2,700
Workpiece width [mm]60 - 80060 - 1,000
4-sided processing* min. workpiece length [mm]300 x 80240 x 80
4-sided processing* max. workpiece length [mm]2,000 x 8002,500 x 1,000
Workpiece thickness [mm]8 - 608 - 80
Workpiece weight max. [kg]5050
Mass per unit area max. [kg/m²]2020
Working height [mm]835 - 950835 - 950
Feed Speed [m/min]8 - 308 - 30

*Larger workpieces can be returned or even fed out at 4-sided processing with manual support during crosswise offset and turning.

(Previous product name: Return conveyor BOOMERANG® TFU 140)