Pimp my HOMAG

Modernization improves the efficiency and productivity of your machine. This increases machine availability and reduces maintenance costs. In addition, production and process times can be shortened. Modernization also significantly increases the quality of your products.

Modernize your machine — Create added value!

The process of modernizing your technology is a profit-generating investment in the future of your business.

How you benefit:

  • High productivity through the use of future-oriented technical solutions
  • Shorter work cycles and an efficient material flow by networking old and new machine technologies 
  • Flexibility when making changes to your product range thanks to the use of the latest units and processing technologies
  • Process and cost savings generated by improved technologies and energy efficiency 
  • Employee-based ergonomics with modern handling
  • Security for your machine investment since the replacement parts will be available in the future

Our specialists can provide you with comprehensive support for any questions you may have regarding modernization and conversion projects. We work with you to draw up a concept and create an appropriate modernization recommendation suited to your requirements. This will ensure that you remain competitive in the future. Contact us for more information.

Software updates and upgrades — Even more options!

We can help you with installations, updates and licensing for all HOMAG software packages.

Our technicians can support you with the following tasks:

  • Installation and licensing of HOMAG software
  • Program correction in woodWOP at the work preparation station
  • Advice on programming tasks
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Window and door programming

Software updates and upgrades

Are you using a previous version of woodWOP or Cut Rite? Or do you want to update your production capabilities? Get new functions to expand your production capabilities.

Window and door programming

Our windows team can assist with all requests regarding windows software on CNC machines:

  • Support for adjusting existing woodWOP macros and correct activation of the machine
  • Optimization within the program sequence
  • Support and advice for programming tasks relating to window and door production

What solution can we develop with you to meet your software challenges?