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Sorting Buffering and Collating Systems Collating storage system

Sorting Buffering and Collating Systems Collating storage system

Automatically on two levels - 2-bridge-system

The collating storage system is used for buffering and sorting of panels for cutting. Different kinds of material are stored and removed, collated, or transferred to the connected operating machines quickly, fully automatic and precisely. Therefore, the storage system offers much of leeways for your industrial production.


  • Low capital commitment by means of stock-keeping as needed
  • Low resource consumption by means of automatic offcut management
  • Gentle material refeeding from the operating machine back to the storage thanks to fully integrated transport systems
  • Materials consumption is coordinated with ordering and the job order planning


  • The whole material is registered by the storage control and administered with name, number and occupancy

  • Storage movements are permanently monitored in the background and the storage organization is automatically adjusted to the production condition

  • The available material is optimized by the permanent feedback of predictable stocks

  • Control of the production succession of each terminal connected with the storage

  • intelliStore, the optimizing program as guarantee for short ways to the next operating step