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Multi Rip Saws SAWTEQ M-500

Multi Rip Saws SAWTEQ M-500

The path to increased profitability

This robust throughfeed saw is designed for maximum loads, featuring a continuous multi-blade arbor that can be equipped with variable saw blades. The rapid and simple process of exchanging the saw arbor guarantees excellent machine availability plus a continuous flow of material.


  • Continuous shaft offers flexibility when it comes to inserting the required saw units
  • Bearing damage during tool changes is prevented because the shaft bearing is integrated into the main shaft
  • Good suction performance directly on the saw units using a central suction channel
  • Extra noise protection is provided via the booth that surrounds the entire machine
  • Secure workpiece transport via precisely sanded rollers or optional knurled steel rollers


  • Stable, low-vibration machine stand design

  • Precise roller transport system with a roller diameter of 140 mm

  • Simple tool changes via the extendable saw arbor unit

Technical Data

  SAWTEQ  M-500
Feed speed 15–60 [m/min]
  110 [m/min] (on request)
Raw workpiece width max. 2,500 [mm]
Workpiece thickness 6–40 [mm]
Raw workpiece length min. 600 [mm]
  450 [mm] (on request)

(Previous product name: Multi rip saw FSL 360: Longitudinal division of large panel materials)

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