Your solution for surface processing: Laquering, Laminating, Planing and Apps

For several years now, HOMAG has been continuously expanding its strategy and expertise in the area of surface processing. This year, the company is once again showcasing its complete range of options at LIGNA, complemented by a host of technical developments. Combined with new tools and digital aids, surface processing is now more efficient than ever — opening up new opportunities for businesses in trade and industry.

PAINTING: You need it, we've got it – HOMAG surprises its customers with a diverse range of products

Since making its debut in the painting product segment, HOMAG has so far concentrated on the SPRAYTEQ S-100 series. This spraying machine is specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies looking for an entry-level solution for automated spray painting. But that's not all that HOMAG has offer. In partnership with the world-famous painting system specialist, MAKOR, HOMAG provides a comprehensive product portfolio that includes machines for surface painting as well as for profile and window painting. In addition, HOMAG offers machines and systems in various performance classes, all of which are tailored to the individual requirements of trade, industry, and medium-sized businesses. And as you would expect from a surfaces specialist, visitors to HOMAG will find everything from application technology, to essential drying systems, right through to material handling.

Next generation of SPRAYTEQ S-100: Even more advantages for entry-level painting

As the saying goes, "perfect is the enemy of good." With this in mind, HOMAG is presenting an optimized version of the SPRAYTEQ S-100 spray painting machine — just two years after the market launch of the original. This latest generation provides small and medium-sized businesses with features they would previously have expected to find only in an industrial machine.

Here are all of the new developments at a glance:

  • Reduced costs when manufacturing a painted surface: A better transfer rate can be achieved thanks to changes in the design. This means that an even greater amount of the coating material being used lands on the workpiece surface.

  • Reduced cleaning effort: Another result of the optimized design — with less overspray, the operator spends less time cleaning, allowing them to carry out tasks that add greater value.

  • Longer filter life: The result of an improved exhaust air system.

  • Improved working conditions: The fans make less noise thanks to the optimized exhaust air system.

This laminating unit with handling concept takes care of every task

There are various challenges facing today's coating specialists. The LAMTEQ F-200 laminating unit with handling concept offers a complete package of solutions, including:

Solution for a lack of skilled workers: All tasks requiring a higher level of qualification can be handled by a single machine operator. This frees up someone else to take on more straightforward tasks.

Reduction in personnel costs: Partially automated material handling reduces the number of personnel required, as the system can be operated by just two people.

Consideration of employees: The new concept means that personnel no longer have to carry out strenuous lifting and turning tasks involving large workpieces, thereby preventing physical strain.

Reduction in manufacturing costs: An optimized part flow leads to increased productivity. This means that a greater number of parts can be laminated with an equal amount of effort.

PLANING MACHINES: Production of window scantlings in trade – Automated and versatile

At LIGNA, HOMAG will debut the MOULDTEQ M-300 planing machine in combination with a return line — for economical one-man operation in window production.

The planing machine is fitted with six processing spindles, all of which are equipped with a separate drive unit. This means that the speed of each spindle can be adjusted individually. The spindles are fitted with the proLock clamping system and can therefore be changed quickly, making setup much faster and simpler.

Once processing has finished, the return line takes the workpieces, separates them on a driven roller conveyor, and transports them back to the operator. This is possible for parts with a length of up to 2.70 m.

This offers several benefits to the operator: An improved material flow, a sleeker, more efficient production process, and better organization of personnel thanks to economical one-man operation that is considerably more ergonomic than conventional operation.

DIGITAL PRODUCTS: Surface apps – Tool for more efficient working

Sustainable technology, digitization, networking, and automation are just some of the challenging topics facing the wood and wood-based materials industry. For this reason, HOMAG is constantly developing a wide range of digital products with a consistent focus on making production even more efficient and tapping into new potential for optimization. HOMAG is also supporting its customers and partners in the area of surface processing by aiding digital transformation and providing useful apps.

The intelliCoating, intelliLaminating, intelliMoulding, and intelliSanding apps are digital multifunction tools that are available free of charge. These user-friendly digital tools help every machine operator to perform individual tasks within their working environment with greater ease and no fuss.

SANDING: Rounded and optimized portfolio

For decades, HOMAG has represented high-performance wide-belt sanding machines. At LIGNA 2019, the machine manufacturer will be presenting visitors with a rounded and optimized portfolio of SANDTEQ sanding machines. Machine operation with powerTouch control still plays a major role, with developers having once again improved the graphical user interface. The user-friendliness of the user interface not only enables simple and fast input, it can also be tailored to the needs of the operator.
At LIGNA, HOMAG will be demonstrating that SANDTEQ sanding machines will continue to offer all the technical prerequisites to meet tomorrow's requirements and to easily master the step into a digitized world.

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