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Panel cutting from woodworking shops to industrial applications

Which saw best fits your production requirements? What support do HOMAG saws provide in times of shortage of skilled workers? And what role does the end-to-end data integration play from work preparation and material storage to cutting and stacking? All these questions and more will be answered at HOMAG Treff in Holzbronn.

  • Power Concept Classic for the SAWTEQ B-130 and B-200
    Power Concept Classic has an additional clamp operates independently on the program fence and moves in front of the program fence if necessary. Power Concept Classic delivers up to 30% more output.
  • SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec: parts buffer for recuts
    Parts buffer for recuts – the robot temporarily stores certain parts here.
  • Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec
    Revolutionizes the cutting process in batch size 1 production with fully automated cycles and unlimited recuts

Power Concept Classic — for even more performance and material throughput in woodworking shops

Simple machine operation with the greatest possible efficiency and precision in cutting: These strengths make even the smallest HOMAG panel cutting saws—like the SAWTEQ B-130 and SAWTEQ B-200—an excellent choice for woodworkers.

The innovative Power Concept Classic is now available without a lifting table for the SAWTEQ B-130 and SAWTEQ B-200. Two strips with differing cross-cut divisions can be cut to length at the same time using a separately movable collet chuck, which moves in front of the program fence if required. This allows the output to be significantly increased and makes it easier to reduce production peaks.

To ensure that the machine operator can cope with the increased material throughput quickly and safely, the combination with intelliGuide Classic is recommended. This operator assistance system uses LED light signals at the cutting line to guide the operator safely, easily and quickly through the cutting process.

Power Concept Classic at a glance:

  • Up to 30% greater performance (depending on cutting pattern)
  • Lower costs per cut
  • Separate drive unit for fast and precise positioning
  • Power Concept Classic is ideal in combination with the intelliGuide Classic: Supports the machine operator in processing increased material throughput
  • Can easily be retrofitted to any machines produced from July 2021

materialManager Advanced — HOMAG innovation for automatic adjustment of the optimal machine parameters for cutting

materialManager Advanced ensures that the optimal machine parameters are automatically set depending on the selected material, the saw blade used and the required cutting quality. This means that the processing quality always remains at the same high level, even with a wide variety of materials and different machine operators. Using the optimal settings also increases tool life and ensures simple and efficient operation. The machine settings are provided by HOMAG and are constantly being refined and improved via a cloud-based system. However, users have the option to individually adjust the recommended machine parameters at their own discretion at any time — meaning they retain complete freedom in customizing the machine settings.

A further advantage of the software assistance system integrated in CADmatic is the warning function, which alerts the operator when a saw blade that is unsuitable for the material to be processed is used. In addition, the software offers full transparency with regard to the relevant saw blade stock and the service life status.

materialManager Advanced at a glance:

  • Greater performance: Predefined, optimized machine settings from HOMAG ensure a higher output
  • Efficient and simple machine operation: The machine automatically adjusts itself optimally to the respective job
  • Consistent processing quality: All machine operators automatically use the same machine settings — even with multiple saws
  • Fewer sources of error: Prevents the use of an unsuitable tool
  • Saves time and costs: Longer tool life and less frequent tool change
  • Applicable for the series: SAWTEQ B-300/B-400, SAWTEQ B-500, SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec and SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec

Measuring System Cutting Quality (MSQ) makes its debut on the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec at HOMAG Treff

The SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec robotic panel dividing saw is equipped with an industrial robot that performs cutting in batch size 1 operation over long lines without a human operator. Up to 800 parts are produced per shift. Additionally, if required the operator can simply switch the saw to manual operation. This is because the saw has all the functions of a classic HOMAG panel saw.

In order to be able to make optimum use of the machine concept, especially in robot mode, HOMAG has developed the Measuring System Cutting Quality, or MSQ for short. Thanks to this new development, the cutting quality and tool life can be monitored in the best possible way even during automatic production and destacking.

Monitoring wear automatically allows for tool changes that are more needs-based, easier to plan and can be implemented in a timely manner. This improves process reliability and increases machine output while also reducing scrap. The MSQ also reduces operator interventions to a minimum and thus maximizes the technical availability of the machine.

Performance increase for fully automatic batch size 1 cutting: SAWTEQ B‑320 flexTec

With the SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec, HOMAG is setting new standards for batch size 1 production and allows highly flexible order-based or customer-specific production. The centerpiece of the saw is an industrial robot, which handles all parts and strips during cutting. Thanks to the optimal integration of dust and waste disposal, HOMAG can confidently describe this as "the cleanest machine on the market."

At HOMAG Treff, HOMAG will be presenting new tools and features that will further increase the performance and availability of the SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec. The focus of these innovations lies in optimizing customer production. More detailed information will be available at the event.

SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec at a glance:

  • Automation through robotic part management
    Highly flexible pattern amendment and gentle material handling with almost complete availability of the robot
  • Advanced simulation of production and standard, customer-specific configuration
    Provides maximum planning security and optimal production design
  • Scalable performance thanks to redundantly chained saws
  • New tools and features to improve performance, availability and quality

woodStore 8 — intelligent storage system management software for transparent flow of information and material

woodStore can be described as the "brain" of the storage system. The ordering system is linked to order processing in a transparent manner, materials are managed through to the panel offcut, movements are analyzed, the material flow is controlled and all material movements are optimized through constant self-monitoring.

In the new woodStore 8, it will be possible to integrate significantly more processing machines and deposit positions into a storage system in the future, and it will also be easier to link two storage systems next to each other, for example. This makes layout and process design much more flexible for the customer. In order to better manage the higher number of processing machines, it is now also possible to divide the machines into multiple groups, each of which is assigned its own pool list for processing.

In future, the storage return position will be fully usable as a restacking position, which will be particularly beneficial for customers with smaller storage areas. The storage capacity therefore increases again significantly in the case of random warehouse management, since two positions cannot be filled to only 50% in order to enable restacking down to the lowest panel.

Greater convenience and ease of use are provided by the simplified user interface, the self-configurable action button for quick navigation, and the use of a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone for:

  • Scanning panel codes (optionally from suppliers), order items or order numbers for easy recording of master data during storage of panel materials.
  • Recording decor images, which are automatically saved in the database and stored visually in the master data.
  • Storage and transfer processes as well as the management of offcuts — for which the mobile device acts as a hand scanner.

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