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toleranceCheck: Consistently produce dimensionally and angularly accurate parts

The new SAWTEQ S-300 and S-400 series panel dividing saws revolutionize all aspects of sawing. Processes and components that are part of the sawing process have been consistently optimized. Some have even been redefined - such as toleranceCheck.

  • With the toleranceCheck, you can continuously ensure the individual dimensional and angular accuracy that you require of your parts — even with stress-prone material.

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  • Produce dimensionally and angularly accurate parts consistently with the new toleranceCheck
  • At the heart of the technology is a sensor system directly on the right angled-fence, which helps the machine operator to detect the curvature of a part before cross cutting
  • intelliGuide and the label show whether the respective part is inside or outside the required tolerance and which is the concave side for further processing

High part quality despite material stresses

Material stresses released during panel sizing can lead to curvature of parts and strips. The result? You discover in the assembly process or on the construction site that your workpieces can no longer be assembled cleanly. This is exactly where toleranceCheck can help!

At the heart of the technology is a sensor system that is directly on the angle ruler of the panel dividing saw, which helps the machine operator to detect curvatures even before cross-cutting, and to see whether individual parts will be inside or outside the required dimensional tolerance. Operators now have the opportunity to react actively and can decide for or against cutting certain parts. If they decide to cut, the label immediately shows which is the concave side for further processing; for example at the edge or CNC. This increases the reliability of the subsequent processes and creates unprecedented transparency regarding part quality.

Also detects insertion errors

Speaking of process reliability: the system continuously checks whether the respective strip is positioned correctly and prompts turning if necessary. In addition, toleranceCheck also detects insertion errors.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Ensures the individually required dimensional and angular accuracy of parts - especially in the case of stressed material
  • Creates unprecedented transparency regarding panel quality and increases the process reliability of downstream processing steps (e.g. edging or CNC)
  • Rejects are recognized before cross-cutting and can be declared as reusable remnants
  • Helps customers to objectively assess panel suppliers in terms of material quality

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