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HOMAG machine and productionManager working together

Direct communication between the machine and the digital job folder

  • Display of the feedback data from your machine in the job progress in productionManager
    Display of the feedback data from your machine in the job progress in productionManager

Feedback data from machines provides even greater transparency

The job progress in productionManager enables transparent tracking of all components and items in your jobs. Anyone who also uses the productionAssist Feedback digital feedback assistant in production can easily define individual workstations or stations in the workshop at which feedback should be given on the current status of the individual component or item. Feedback can be submitted by scanning (using a hand-held scanner or tablet) or by clicking in the app.

The benefit: all employees know at any point in time where particular components have already been processed or whether the furniture has been assembled in the assembly area. Finished components and items are automatically visible in the productionManager job progress in real time. This means that you always have an overview of jobs and ensure consistent and transparent day-to-day work throughout the entire business.

Components and items of a job can not only be reported to productionManager via the digital feedback assistant, but also directly via your HOMAG machine. Machines and productionManager communicate with each other via coordinated interfaces. After the components and items have been processed, the machine automatically reports that they have been completed — without any manual effort or additional intermediate steps using a tablet or hand-held scanner.

The feedback data from the machine is displayed immediately in the job progress of the digital job folder. This means that you can see not only which items and components are reported as "finished," but also from which machine.

The interface between productionManager and your machine is available not only for new machines, but also for your existing HOMAG machines.

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