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Customer Magazine performance – issue 13 | 2014

Higher quality and shorter assembly times with the new insulating plate.

  • Customer Magazine performance – issue 13 | 2014
    Customer Magazine performance – issue 13 | 2014

While the international economic situation has been increasing relatively slowly, the German building sector has registered a considerable sales growth during the second half of 2013. The growth in the timber construction sector was particularly positive: The prefab industry experienced a stronger increase than the overall private house building sector during the first half-year, and the carpentry sector can look back on full order books for the 3rd year in a row, so carpentries can expect busy times ahead. As a partner of construction business, we will focus our activities on machines and construction systems that will open up new market potential for timber construction and advance its development, as we have already been doing during recent years.


  • Interview
    with Marc FABRY, Holzbau GmbH, Germany
    with Jean Claude Guillaumie, Guillaumie SARL, France
  • Press highlights
    Friedl Holzbau: Successful start to CNC element production
    20 % time saved when manufacturing elements - Abderhalden Holzbau AG
  • News
    University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim uses carpentry technology from WEINMANN
    Innovative enhancement of the compact system paves the way for a productivity increase of up to 30 % with regard to element prodution
    Spare parts around the clock

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