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CNC processing: New entry-level solution, robot support in woodworking shops and tool-free furniture

  • "Slim version" of the CENTATEQ P-110. Machine with optimized installation area for customers with limited space
    "Slim version" of the CENTATEQ P-110. Machine with optimized installation area for customers with limited space
  • The DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center, "The Raumwunder," can be fed with the FEEDBOT D-310 robot in the future
    The DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center, "The Raumwunder," can be fed with the FEEDBOT D-310 robot in the future
  • Tool-free corner joint on the DRILLTEQ D-510. HOMAG presents the new concept from Välinge. Here, dowels are inserted into the edges and surfaces at almost 45°. The furniture parts are simply plugged together and locked using "pin locks."
    Tool-free corner joint on the DRILLTEQ D-510. HOMAG presents the new concept from Välinge. Here, dowels are inserted into the edges and surfaces at almost 45°. The furniture parts are simply plugged together and locked using "pin locks."
  • The horizontal robot sorting cell with the SORTBOT R-300 can cover various performance classes thanks to its scalable solution.
    The horizontal robot sorting cell with the SORTBOT R-300 can cover various performance classes thanks to its scalable solution.

In the area of CNC processing, the HOMAG Group is presenting a colorful mix of innovations. In addition to the relaunch of an entry-level series, the focus is on handling and robot support. This series will cater to current wishes as well as future requirements — from entry-level trade through to industrial orientation or suppliers.

The highlights at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover:

  • After a relaunch, the CENTATEQ P-110 will be presented in new splendor.
  • It can be seen as a "slim version," a machine with an optimized surface area, especially for customers that have limited space.
  • The CENTATEQ E-310 and a TEQBOT robot form an unmanned processing cell, which, in addition to feeding, also takes over other value-adding activities.
  • The DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center, "The Raumwunder," is receiving support. In the future, it can be fed with the FEEDBOT D-310 robot. The reliable supply of workpieces by the robot system makes the DRILLTEQ V-310 a high-performance center and therefore an optimal production cell in woodworking shops.
  • In the future, using the DRILLTEQ D-510, it will be possible to produce furniture without tools. In cooperation with Välinge Innovation Sweden AB, a new plug-in furniture connector will be presented. 
  • The dynamic storage of furniture parts will be presented with an industrially aligned horizontal sorting cell using robot support from the SORTBOT D-300. Stacking of parts in one level, rotated storage or bending line correction are just a small part of the service portfolio.  
  • The packaging ensures the relevant product protection during transport and therefore plays a fundamental role for transport from the factory to the customer. The packaging line on display at LIGNA 2023 has been specially developed for deconstructed furniture in the industrial sector. The line works according to the "bottom-lid concept," which will be presented live on the PAQTEQ S-250.

CENTATEQ P-110 series — Relaunch and new space-saving "slim version"

After seven years, it is time to revise the series introduced in 2016 and adapt it to current requirements. The 360° free access set standards in its time and is, of course, still an absolutely elementary component. Established properties from newer series will also be reflected in this entry-level series from the HOMAG Group in the future. One new feature on the CENTATEQ P-110 is, for example, the PC87 machine control unit with the simple and intuitive slot assignment and the automatic, slot-specific generation of the suction unit equipment. This is a new benchmark for comfort and performance in machine operation.  The CENTATEQ P-110 can be equipped with up to 24 tool change slots and a maximum of 21 vertical and 10 horizontal drilling spindles featuring a patented spindle clamp. The user can choose between three-, four- and five-axis heads, The proven five-axis head DRIVE5CS is equipped with a unit interface and spindle sensor for monitoring vibrations and overload to allow universal and safe use. All familiar HOMAG spindles will also be available on this series in the future.

"Slim version" for small installation spaces and entry-level customers

Small to medium-sized joiners and carpenters benefit from the versatility and performance of this HOMAG CNC entry-level series, but these customers in particular often have limited space. In order to be able to offer a solution here in the future, there will be a "slim version" of the CENTATEQ P-110 for small spaces.
To achieve this, the gantry will be shortened to the rear and the change slots for the tools will be arranged on the side. A reduction in depth of up to 1.2 m means only a small installation space is required; an additional benefit and an easing of the space in the workshop.

CENTATEQ E-310 and TEQBOT robot — More function, less operating effort

For small rooms, the automated cell, consisting of a CENTATEQ E-310 series CNC processing center, combined with a feed robot, offers a new alternative. The robot is completely integrated into the control system of the CNC machine and is operated purely via the powerTouch control system of the processing center.  In addition to classic tasks such as feeding and destacking, the robot supports the preparation of the workpieces. Once the parts have been aligned via an inclined plane to determine the zero point, the panels can be pre-trimmed on an external trimming spindle. For example, corners are cut, roundings are trimmed or panels are set to the relevant dimension before the edges are applied with the powerEdge Pro Duo. Preparation with robot support runs in parallel with the production of the processing center, thus saving time.

2x DRILLTEQ V-310, 1x FEEDBOT D-310 — The new DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center receives robot support.

The new DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center, a space-saving masterpiece in the field of cabinet processing, was presented to the public for the first time last year. Ergonomics and ease of use were at the heart of the model's development. The new machine is therefore characterized by its wide range of functions in just a small space.
At this year's LIGNA, the CNC processing center will receive support from the FEEDBOT D-310 robot, as automation and processing with minimal personnel are becoming increasingly popular in woodworking shops. In future, the DRILLTEQ V-310 can also be fed automatically. The reliable supply of workpieces by the robot system makes the DRILLTEQ V-310 a high-performance center and therefore an optimal production cell in woodworking shops. The benefits of introducing a robotic system are obvious: It doesn't require breaks, can work in the workshop around the clock and ensures a consistently high level of quality. The possibility of using this tool in the future will allow small and medium-sized companies to save time and reduce the workload for employees. The resulting flexible organization of personnel enables the workforce to be used for other value-adding activities and production processes. This creates added value for the system in terms of quality, availability and performance.

In addition to the robot support for the DRILLTQ V-310, you can look forward to a processing center that is breaking new ground in terms of accessibility and setup functionality. A selection of up to 45 drilling spindles in a split head configuration and a C axis with a unit interface offer extensive processing options. The improved suction concept and the vacuum-free fixing of the workpieces save energy and costs at the same time.
A new highlight is the twinio web app. Here you can manage your tools easily, quickly and digitally. Different functions in the app ensure that you always have an overview of the statuses and storage locations of the tools. Work with individually set limits in the process data area or book your tools in for sharpening with just one click. Historical data is available in a graphical form in the app, which means that you always know how your tools have performed after past sharpening cycles. Take advantage of the benefits of integrated tapio tool partners and create your saw blades or trimmers with just one scan.

DRILLTEQ D-510 — New function: Tool-free "click furniture"

The DRILLTEQ D-510 is the perfect supplement for CNC surface processing and covers all common processing activities on the front side and edges of the workpieces.
A new feature at LIGNA is the option of creating a tool-free corner connection using an inclined trimming unit. In cooperation with the Swedish company Välinge Innovation Sweden AB, bore holes and dowels are inserted into the edges and surfaces at almost 45°, which are locked by means of a patented "pin lock." The cabinets can thus be easily connected without tools. The corner joint is fixed in place by means of positive locking and the cabinet is stable. Disassembly is performed in the same way and the furniture can be dismantled in a space-saving manner in just a few steps. 

As with all other processes on the DRILLTEQ D-510, the workpieces are fixed in place securely and gently using an adjustable clamping cylinder. The lowerable side stops also allow workpieces that protrude beyond the processing field to be processed. The compact machine, which takes up only 4 m² of space, leaves nothing to be desired: from vertical and horizontal drilling, including through-holes, through vertical and horizontal trimming for connectors, such as the Lamello P system, or hidden hinges, right up to rear wall grooves. With the powerTouch user interface, included as standard, the DRILLTEQ D-510 can be operated intuitively. The optional intelliGuide Basic optical LED assistance system offers improved user-friendliness and helps to avoid errors when workpieces are deposited. With this system, when positioning the workpieces to be processed, the operator is guided precisely via an LED strip.

SORTBOT R-300 — Horizontal sorting

At LIGNA 2023, HOMAG is showing dynamic sorting into two horizontal racks with book formation by a robot. In addition to the already established technology with the horizontal shelf control unit and the vertical robot, the HOMAG product range has been expanded to include sorting using a horizontal robot.

Sorting is a process step that takes place between different processing steps, both in woodworking shops and in industry. It does not matter whether sorting is done to optimize the setup times for the subsequent processing or to provide the right parts for assembly or packaging at the right time. With the functionalities of the dynamic storage of several parts in succession in a rack compartment, the stacking of parts on one level, the rotated storage or the bending line correction, the horizontal robot sorting cell with the SORTBOT R-300 offers a high degree of flexibility. Multiple robot sorting modules in one layout make the solution highly scalable and it can cover different performance classes.

Base-lid packaging line

The packaging sector offers a lot of potential for increasing efficiency and relieves employees of monotonous work.
The packaging ensures the relevant product protection during transport and therefore plays a fundamental role for transport from the factory to the customer. The packaging line on display at LIGNA 2023 has been specially developed for deconstructed furniture in the industrial sector. The folding of the "bottom part of the box" (also called the base) without a lid in position will be presented digitally on the PAQTEQ F-250 in Hanover and the insertion of the workpieces will be shown symbolically.

The sealing of the cardboard box to make a package can be seen live on the PAQTEQ S-250 and will be demonstrated. The "bottom-lid concept," with a capacity of up to 12 packages per minute, is relevant for industrial customers for whom "front-end product protection" with minimal cardboard use is relevant. In order to achieve the high output volume, the cardboard box is fed in via two stacks and positioned directly on the filled bottom part and initially sealed on the front side.
This means that only a small installation space is required and there is no downtime during stack change.

The longitudinal sides are then sealed and the package is transported out.

CENTATEQ P-210 — Top balance between space requirements and performance.

The CENTATEQ P-210 will demonstrate just what it is capable of at LIGNA. In addition to being equipped with up to 32 tool change slots and 21 vertical and 1 horizontal drilling spindles, the CENTATEQ P-210 presents itself with the easyEdge edge banding unit. This makes it the smallest edge banding machine in the world, enabling edging of small workpiece quantities with veneer edges, ABS edges, PP edges and thin edges. The A-Flex table, which offers greater convenience and flexibility in arranging vacuum pods through automation, completes the range of parts offered.

CENTATEQ E-510 — Power Edge Pro Duo chamfered edge

With the CENTATEQ E-510, our customers are ideally positioned for all their tasks to meet demanding production requirements such as staircases, furniture, windows, doors and interior fittings. It is a complete system that ensures maximum performance and efficiency to fulfill your customers' individual requirements. This is very well illustrated by the power Edge Pro Duo unit. Whether it's the dining room, bathroom or living area: customers increasingly want furniture with an original forest edge. It gives tables and console panels an individual charm that may sometimes be lost with a design that is too clear. With the power Edge Pro Duo, these forest edges can be created very easily and reproduced as often as required.

At first glance, the powerEdge Pro Duo contains the same basic components as previous units: edge transport, edge snipping, glue application and post-heating. In addition, it can be swivelled from +7° to -45° via program control. But if you take a closer look, you will find the latest sensors and control algorithms. The result: Experienced CNC operators get the forest edge from classic edge material.

CENTATEQ N-510 — Efficient nesting with maximum flexibility.

The HOMAG nesting series covers all demands as well as future requirements of our customers — from entry-level woodworking shops through to industrial orientation. Improved handling and increased output were the clear areas of focus in the development of the nesting series. Key features include the different table sizes and automation concepts, which are optimally designed for the target groups. The machines run manually and automatically, from 3-axis technology to 5-axis technology and on table sizes from 1.25 x 2.5 m to 2.1 x 7.4 m — in half-sized or full-sized format. The main components are a highly modular, switchable vacuum and air cushion table concept as well as newly designed suction components that have been optimized using CFD flow simulation. There are also innovations in the area of workpiece handling that can be easily expanded via plug-and-play in the modular concept. The nesting series is designed and prepared in such a way that additional components such as the label printer, the automatic lifting table or the webbed belt can be easily installed and connected via plug-and-play.
The CENTATEQ N-510 model is live at LIGNA. In addition to the extensive 4-axis nesting processing with a Flex5 unit, it also demonstrates space-optimized integration in a storage system. On the one hand, the already well-known serial holes, grooves for rear walls, light strips and furniture connectors such as dowels, Mini Fix or Cabineo can be processed without any problems. However, manual placement of individual components with vacuum clamps for other applications such as stair stringers or door panels does not pose any difficulties in the slightest for the CENTATEQ N-510 either. The high-precision stopper systems provide optimum support for the machine, as they can be controlled at different levels depending on the application.

In Hanover, the CENTATEQ N-510 is integrated into a saw/storage combination, whereby the workpieces are transported to the nesting machine by means of a workpiece turner. Depending on the application and requirements, jobs can thus be separated and processed efficiently either on the SAWTEQ or CENTATEQ. After nesting, the workpieces are labelled manually as a final step.

DRILLTEQ V-200 — Classic CNC processing in a small space

The DRILLTEQ V-200 is one of the most sought-after HOMAG solutions of the last 10 years and the entry-level machine for vertical CNC processing. This flexible machine for complete cabinet processing—with a footprint of less than 5 m²—continues to enjoy worldwide popularity. This all-rounder machine drills, trims and grooves. It is particularly well-suited to just-in-time production for woodworking shops and other small businesses, and for custom production in large companies.

PAQTEQ C-250 packaging machine — Every box is made to measure

The PAQTEQ C-250 cardboard box cutting machine enables individual, tailor-made cardboard packaging for the product — just in time — for optimum product protection. With a width of just 1500 mm, the PAQTEQ C-250 demonstrated at the upcoming LIGNA fits in every workshop. The PAQTEQ C-250 optimizes the packaging process with minimal space requirements. It is equipped with eight longitudinal tools and one transverse tool. The cardboard box cutting machine processes fanfold corrugated cardboard fully automatically to form precisely dimensioned cardboard boxes in different designs. The machine completes the cutting, perforating and grooving in series operation just as efficiently and reliably as in batch size 1 production. The PAQTEQ C-250 works according to the single-point principle and, depending on requirements, can be converted fully automatically within a short time. Grooves and cuts can be executed in the running direction of the corrugated cardboard fed in, as well as crosswise to the running direction. The data is provided via various input options, from manual input to an automatic 3D scan.

The operation of the packaging machine is fun, as the powerTouch operating concept and the PAQTEQ intelliCut control system work together to make operating the machine child's play. The machine also connects automatically to the PAQTEQ Shop, a modern service tool that is available exclusively to users. With just a few clicks, users can use packaging designs or individual service solutions. All packaging designs can be downloaded easily and transferred directly to the PAQTEQ C-250 control system. The cutting programs also have significant performance specifications and are visualized in 2D and 3D both in the shop and directly on the machine. That also makes operating the machine much easier.

CABTEQ S-250 — Ideal assistant for cleanly pressed cabinet furniture

The CABTEQ S-250 is the ideal assembly assistant for pressing furniture bodies. The practical design of the machine makes our presses particularly space saving. The CABTEQ S-250 therefore fits in every workshop. Its press plates work like a single unit. When the plates simultaneously reach the cabinet, the pressure is distributed completely evenly. This ensures that tolerances in the cabinet are better absorbed. The result is cabinets that are pressed tightly and are characterized by their squareness. Operation is simple, intuitive and requires no prior knowledge. You just have to place the cabinet in the press and then press the control elements to proceed. Compressed air is not required. The motto is therefore: Install, connect and begin.
Two speeds make the machine particularly efficient: an approach speed (rapid speed) and a pressing speed. By pressing the control elements manually to set rapid speed, the plates move from their starting position to the pressing position just before hitting the cabinet. The speed then switches to pressing speed. The pressing pressure is infinitely variable from 12 to 18 kN. Depending on the cabinet type, the pressing forces can be adjusted variably using the regulator. Thanks to a preloading location and a cabinet “uprighter”, the operator has an environment worthy of their craft. The ergonomic processes make work much easier.

CABTEQ T-250 — The continuous operation press with nailing unit

The CABTEQ T-250 is an automated variant of a case clamp in continuous operation.  To round off the process and as a supplement to the gluing of the cabinets, it is also equipped with a nailing unit for attaching the rear wall. This inserts the staples perpendicular to the rear wall or at an angle between the rear wall and the side/base of the cabinet. State-of-the-art 4-axis servo motor technology is used here.
The reload magazine with up to 10,000 staples ensures a time-efficient workflow by reloading while the cabinets are moving. The vacuum suction unit in the vertical pressure beam ensures that even long sides are held in a horizontal position, thus achieving a perfect pressing result.

woodWOP programming software – Update to 8.1

The latest version of our woodWOP programming software 8.1 is packed with new features as well as enhancements to familiar functions that make applications even easier in many areas. For example, the existing pocketing cycles have been completely revised as an enhancement. Users can now define the approach mode, the reference point and the shape, significantly increasing flexibility during programming now. The nesting plug-in now allows users to manually position and nest individual woodWOP programs on an unprocessed panel directly in woodWOP. The nesting plug-in then automatically generates the milling path for separating the workpieces. When it comes to simulation and calculating the processing time, users can look forward to woodMotion 8, which has an impressive improved visualization. For customers who want to know a processing time, woodTime is now available. In addition, the new CNC test suite enables large quantities of woodWOP programs to be checked quickly during work preparation. As well as determining the processing time, the executability of the programs is also checked. This means that users know how long a job needs on the CNC in advance, This prevents unplanned waiting times.

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