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HOMAG Service — Benefit for a lifetime. Now even more individual and with new products.

Since the introduction of its own LCS (LifeCycleServices), HOMAG has been focusing on the holistic approach of supporting and continuously strengthening its customers.

  • Our Mission, Your Performance.
    Our Mission, Your Performance.
  • Unser Verständnis von gutem Service ist, sowohl schnell zu helfen, als auch kompetent mit Rat und Tat zur Seite zu stehen. Und das aus nächster Nähe.

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The new focus now lies in the customer's ability to generate added value — very closely oriented to the customer's processes. HOMAG is gradually increasing performance, making processes more efficient, offering faster help, and providing sustainable availability and modern knowledge management. This is the HOMAG understanding of value-added service — according to the motto:

Our mission, your performance.

Look forward to the attractive offers and the new services that we will show you live at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2022 in Nuremberg. Among other things:

  • MMR Mobile: The powerful free app for analyzing the performance of the machine
  • eShop 2.0: More content, more manageable and faster than ever
  • Two top apps for quick help in an emergency — now immediately available on delivery
  • HOMAG Academy is showing an unprecedented way in which employees can continue to receive first-class training even in the face of the pandemic
  • Robot connection made easy — "getting more out of it" can be simple and very inexpensive

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