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Better clarity: Job archive available in productionManager!

productionManager, the digital job folder, not only enables you to manage jobs clearly and ensure that job progress is transparent, but also offers the option of archiving jobs quickly and easily.

  • Job archive in productionManager (digital job folder)
    Job archive in productionManager (digital job folder)

The digital job folder archives your jobs

To give you an even better overview of your jobs, you can find the job archive in the navigation area of productionManager. You can move one or more jobs from job management to the archive with just a few clicks. All information relating to your job—including information from Production—is archived and made available to view at all times and for all employees. This makes job management clearer — for example, completed jobs are removed from this view and placed in the job archive.

You can also reproduce entire jobs or individual parts — for example, if further production is required.

Simply copy the selected job from the archive and process it again immediately!

You can find more information in our online documentation!

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