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Top Consultant 2023: Award-winning consulting for the timber and furniture industry

SCHULER Consulting has won the TOP Consultant Award for the third time. The award honours Germany's best SME consultants.

  • Award Ceremony Top Consultant Award 2023
    Christian Wulff (former Federal German President) presents the award to Joachim Weilbacher (left), Senior Consultant and Florian Hauswirth (right), Director Consulting. Picture credits: KD Busch / compamedia

Leading the way for the furniture and prefabricated housing industry

Company portrait about SCHULER Consulting, Author: Heike Thissen | Published at: SCHULER Consulting GmbH - TOP CONSULTANT (

For more than 65 years SCHULER Consulting GmbH has been providing its clients in the international timber and furniture industry with significant competitive advantages. As one of the few companies in the industry worldwide, it provides holistic advice on digitalisation, manufacturing and organisation with its range of services. The continuous development of this expertise and its application is a challenge that Head of Consulting Florian Hauswirth and his team master anew every day.

"Our goal has always been to help our customers achieve sustainable success," explains Florian Hauswirth. To achieve this, SCHULER Consulting relies on innovative solutions that take a holistic view of digital and physical business and production processes - for companies of all sizes, from small carpentry businesses to large furniture manufacturers. What makes the consultants special is their high level of practical relevance and their connection to wood as a material. All consultants have academic qualifications in the fields of woodworking and furniture manufacturing, have a high level of expertise in digitalisation and information flow and have also completed a carpentry apprenticeship.

Working worldwide with profound expertise

Thanks to this in-depth industry knowledge, the 30 employees throughout Europe, North America and Asia work not only close to the customers, but also with them. For every optimisation project, but also for every strategic information flow planning project, the clients are given a roadmap with which they can implement the planned actions. "These concrete roadmaps, based on client-specific data and facts on the one hand and the entrepreneur's vision on the other, are what distinguish our work," Hauswirth is convinced.

From 5 to 50 timber houses a year thanks to consulting

With regard to the efficient construction of prefabricated houses with wood as the basic material, this means, for example, that SCHULER Consulting supports smaller carpentry businesses and medium-sized companies in strategic expansion planning. "The market is starting to boom. But in order to be able to build ten times as many wooden houses per year in the future, three new machines are not enough," the Head of Consulting sums it up. Rather, production must be completely re-planned. His team of consultants combines proven methods with digitalisation and automation and paves the way for increased performance. From 5 to 50 timber houses a year? That's possible!

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