New destacking concept with operator guidance

HOLZMA conducts in-depth analysis of processes related to cutting operations and offers more and more concepts to reduce inefficient non-productive time. In the interest of the customer, HOLZMA provides for increased efficiency in production. The latest innovation, a world first, was launched at the LIGNA fair: the new destacking concept.

This guides the operator intuitively, from depositing the first part to forming the perfectly stacked pallet. The solution is underpinned by a general software and hardware concept that enchances efficiency and ergonomics in all work steps.

  • The destacking software guides the operator intuitively. The operator is shown which part he has to place on which destacking or buffer station and when he should do it
  • Smooth processes
  • Times and routes that do not add value are systematically reduced
  • The parts buffer is integrated into the process in an anticipatory way
  • Errors are virtually eliminated
  • Stack formation is bound to the pre-selected stacking strategy
  • This produces solid stacks in a sensible order with significantly less space required (fewer pallets required)
  • No bottlenecks at the saw caused by workers
  • Better ergonomics
  • Flexible use of personnel

Above all, it is the interaction of the different elements comprised in the overall concept that achieves the best possible results:

  • They include the software module ("destacking module PRACTIVE")
  • Including the new label design feature: Pictograms on the label indicate the designated pallet for the part and the precise location
  • Including the new way of forming stacks: 
    … safely and stably
    … sorted by customer / material / subsequent processing step
    … significantly reducing the number of pallets required
    … cutting out unnecessary routes
  • Parts buffer (new design, resulting in the ergonomically correct position of the waste/trim container)
  • Manual label printer (with swiveling arm when combined with the parts buffer)
  • Automatic label printer near the pressure beam
  • New feeding and destacking aid – also serves as a buffer zone, for example for headcuts
  • New scissor lift pallet truck with automatic height adjustment: Allows ergonomic destacking and can also be used to transport parts to a subsequent processing station (e.g. an edge banding machine). There it functions as a feeding and destacking aid. In this way, batches can be reliably grouped together and search time is minimized

The new destacking concept is recommended particularly for single saws or angular saws with manual destacking. Especially in the case of batch size 1 or small series production and for very high output, as achieved, for example, by the Power Concept.

The new software module is available for the 3 and 4 series in combination with CADmatic 4.1 PROFESSIONAL or CADmatic 4.5 PROFESSIONAL.

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