intelliDivide – optimization "software as a service" on tapio basis

Production time, material yield, parts handling and logistical process: efficient panel cutting with seamless processes requires intelligently optimized cutting patterns. For HOMAG saws, you can get the appropriate optimization solution, large or small, on demand – as permanently installed software or directly from the tapio cloud.

From creating cutting patterns to managing tools and retrieving individual material parameters: Intelligent and cleverly networked software solutions are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing processes along the value chain in the woodworking trade. 

That is why all HOMAG saws of the 3, 4, 5 and 6 series with CADmatic 5 are already tapio-ready today! As of the HOLZ-HANDWERK fair, this will also be the case for the 2 series and the SAWTEQ B-130 (previously the HPP 130).

The option of connecting the saw to the IoT platform (Internet of Things) "tapio" lays the foundation for the use of innovative, cloud-based high-performance software.

HOMAG will be demonstrating an example of such software at the HOLZ-HANDWERK fair: intelliDivide. The cloud-based optimization software features significantly higher computing capacities and can therefore swiftly provide the user with several alternative optimization results. Users can then access these alternatives to meet the needs of the situation at hand.

When using intelliDivide, in addition to a purely waste-based result, the operator can also select other alternatives, such as results based on the shortest machine time or the simplest handling – to ideally suit the specific requirements. The high computing power in the cloud ensures that the result, with considerably better key figures, is quickly available.  

The benefits: 

  • No local hardware required. intelliDivide works independently of the operating system – Internet access is all that is needed
  • Users do not have to worry about maintenance or updates
  • Automatic calculation of various alternatives
  • Easy comparison of optimization results
  • Low-cost introduction to optimization
  • Automatic transfer of the machine configuration (if the saw is connected to tapio
  • intelliDivide also works without CADmatic 5 and the saw being connected to tapio. In this case, the results will be shown on a computer and then transferred manually to the saw

Parallel to intelliDivide, the locally used optimization software Cut Rite will also continue to be available as usual.

At HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018, visitors will be able to see for themselves, in live demonstrations, in what ways intelliDivide can be used and what possibilities it opens up for users.

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