Live.HOMAG: CNC high-performance centers.

In the CNC sector, HOMAG will be showcasing a number of innovations that make daily woodworking tasks more precise, more effective and, above all, more simple.

DRILLTEQ V-200: expanding your options.

Over 5000 DRILLTEQ V-200 machines have been sold, making it one of the most sought-after HOMAG solutions of the last ten years. This flexible machine for complete cabinet processing—with a footprint of less than 5 m²—continues to enjoy worldwide popularity. The use of the Clamex P furniture connector and the precise placement of necessary grooves and holes is a new feature. The LAMELLO connector does not use adhesive or screws, thus ensuring a secure connection.

DRILLTEQ V-500: robot handling on a vertical processing center.

With uptime of approximately 100%, high repeat accuracy and pinpoint part handling, robots are reliable partners and increase the cost-effectiveness of production. The reliable, integrated parts supply makes every CNC machine a high-performance center and therefore an optimal manufacturing cell for production.

In Horb, the FEEDBOT D-300, a six-axis robot, assumes automated parts handling for the DRILLTEQ V-500 vertical processing center. Integration into the cell control system allows intuitive operation of the robot and the machine. Additionally, functions such as aligning, validating and rotating of parts can easily be integrated into the process. It is also simple to implement new workpieces during the process. The clear advantages of robot handling are the space-saving concept, gentle and precise material and surface handling and a reduction in the number of personnel required.

CENTATEQ P-210: a top balance between space requirements and performance.

The CENTATEQ P-210 series shows what it can do in Horb. The CNC machine impresses with a perfect balance between space requirements, performance, handling and flexibility. Here are the details: a gantry design with a drive unit on both sides, a drilling gear and trimming spindle arranged separately with two independent Z axes, dynamic field division for shuttle operation and a dual-circuit vacuum system with double-lip technology for infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping equipment.

The CENTATEQ P-210 features the easyEdge edge banding unit. This makes it the smallest edge banding machine in the world to enable banding of small of workpiece quantities with veneer edging, ABS edging, PP edging, melamine edging and thin PVC edging. The A-Flex table, which offers greater convenience and flexibility in arranging vacuum pods through automation, completes the range of parts offered.

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