2014/03/03   |   Germany

State of the art production technology for highest precision

The use of WEINMANN machinery for beam processing and element production offers von Perbandt Holzbau Technik GmbH, Tussa Haus, the highest constant quality. An important contribution to this is made by the highly skilled staff, most of them trained in-house.

The Ilertissen based enterprise von Perbandt Holzbau Technik GmbH, Tussa Haus, was founded in 1998 by Peter von Perbandt. Due to the continuous boom and a steady workforce, after only 10 years the entire premises were wholly owned by the company. So von Perbandt has been producing within his own factory for more than five years, employing around 40 people and producing approx. 80 - 100 houses per year on an area of 1,5 hectares.

Ecological construction as an investment for the future

The main focus of the enterprise is the use of construction methods standing for healthy living and environmental friendliness. For Managing Director Peter von Perbandt ecological housing construction is “an investment for the future”. That is why von Perbandt Holzbau-Technik GmbH only uses ecological and sustainable building materials, because especially “in a time of limited resources and rising energy costs ecologically friendly built houses reflect their great value”, adds Mr. von Perbandt. As an example, the wood fiberboards are manufactured without the use of any chemical binding materials - the only binding substance is the natural content of cellulose. The low density of the material and the way it is installed into the external wall support the vapor diffusion in an ideal way, without the danger of condensation water occurring.

With boards that are manufactured in a tongue and groove mode, the external wall is perfectly windproof. Another type, which is impregnated with natural resin, is used in the roof area as a waterbearing insulating board by Mr. von Perbandt. Another focal Point is the cooperation with the builder-owner during the creation of the living space, following high standards with regard to quality of life and a good cost-performance ratio.

Extension of the production lines with WEINMANN Technology

In 2008, due to the high demand, Von Perbandt Holzbau-Technik GmbH decided to buy a carpentry machine - a WEINMANN WBZ 150. Five years later, as the next step, a “compact line” for element production was purchased.

As there was lots of positive experience to look back on with the WEINMANN line, and also with the service features performed by this manufacturer, it was no question to buy from WEINMANN again. The advantage: The same software plus handling could be applied, when the new line was put into operation. In spring 2014 another upgrade was realized in order to gain a so called compact- PLUS with the huge advantage that additionally to the automated beam processing and the automated processing and fastening of sheathing, the frame work production is also performed in an automated manner. This means that the entire production process for wall elements today is done by means of WEINMANN machines. First, the fully automated cutting of studs and plates is performed by the carpentry machine WBZ 150. As automated frame work production was now available, the beam processing for the Frame work could be reduced, because markings and cutouts for the stud positions weren’t necessary any more. At the same time, new capacities for other work to be done on the carpentry machine were available, whereas the beam processing performance could be significantly increased. As soon as studs and plates are pre-cut, the machine operator inserts them on the first framing table. Alignment, clamping and fastening then happen fully automatically. The fastening is done by means of a unit for frame work creation, which is installed on the multifunction bridge. Afterwards, the completed frame work is transferred to the next work station - a carpentry table. With the aid of a vacuum Lifting device, the operator places the sheathing onto the frame work. This means an enormous ease of work because handling is made much easier.

Then the sheathing is fastened fully automatically by a stapling gun on the multifunction bridge. Subsequently, the cuts for doors, windows and power outlets are mortised into the sheathing. The integrated tool changer exchanges the required tools automatically, so no unnecessary machine set-up times occur.

After the first element side is finished, the element is turned automatically. For this purpose, the assembly tables move in such a way, that they face each other. Through the integrated hydraulic devices, the two tables raise and the element is turned to its second side. In this manner, the turning process is accomplished within shortest time, plus no element damage can occur. Now plumbing and wiring as well as insulation materials are placed into the element, before it gets closed by applying the sheathing. Here also the vacuum lifting device makes handling a lot easier.

Finally, the multifunction bridge moves across the element and fastens and processes the sheathing. In a final step, the element is picked by the hall crane and transferred to the next workstation for further processing. There the windows are installed, the plaster and timber formwork are applied, before the elements are loaded for delivery to the building site.

Increased accuracy and performance

Erwin Lang, Technical Director of von Perbandt Holzbau-Technik states that the huge advantage of the machine upgrade is the considerable increase in productivity and product quality. Through that upgrade, it is possible to simultaneously process three elements at three work stations. What’s more, the rate of utilization of the multifunction bridge is much higher. Von Perbandt Holzbau-Technik now does not only fasten the sheathing automatically with the multifunction bridge, but also generates the frame work with this line. This means, 2 - 3 houses per week are produced.

Small space - great effect

As the production area at von Perbandt Holzbau-Technik GmbH is very limited, the space requirement
played an important role when the machine extension was planned. Through the arrangement of the
machines in one line and the compact design, there is enough space left in the hall for further work to be
done. In this way, the line is optimally integrated into the production process, even under these limited
space conditions. Momentarily, von Perbandt Holzbau-Technik GmbH only manufactures wall elements
with the compactPLUS.

However, there is the option to produce roof and floor elements at any time, without the need of a machine modification.

Peter von Perbandt is very satisfied with his purchase. “We are very happy with our decision to make this investment. On the one hand, we now produce a greater number of elements, and on the other hand, we offer the builder owners some much better quality”. The von Perbandt Holzbau-Technik GmbH staff is enthusiasti cover the production line. Peter von Perbandt says “for our people the line means an enormous improvement. They were thrilled from the first moment, due to the easy handling and the high functionality."

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