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The Thai furniture manufacturer Design Alternative produces high-quality products on German machine technology from HOMAG.

Design Alternative — Impressed by German technology


2018/11/14   |   Bangkok   |   Thailand

The best quality worldwide. 100% reliability. Made in Germany.

The Thai furniture manufacturer Design Alternative produces high-quality products on machines "Made in Germany". The high demands that Managing Director, Dr. Somsak Vatinchai, places on the quality of his products is reflected 1:1 in the satisfaction of his customers.

Almost sequentially, Design Alternative equips the top five universities in Thailand and some international schools with all types of furniture. The product range also includes high-end equipment for medical laboratories, as well as exclusive kitchens for private customers. Furnishings for restaurants, offices and even libraries round off the portfolio of this successful company.

The increasing demand for its products soon exhausted the production capacity at Design Alternative. For Dr. Somsak Vatinchai, realigning production to allow more flexibility with a high output over the long term was the only option. Today, the Thai showpiece company can manufacture its products efficiently and flexibly — in series or in batch size 1 depending on the requirement. The right solution for all this: a machine pool "Made in Germany". The ideal partner for Design Alternative: HOMAG!

Today, the production line encompasses a storage system with two integrated saws as well as two edge banding machines each with a different performance class, one of which is equipped with laserTec. Both edge banding machines have an automated workpiece return. Two CNC machines for drilling, routing and grooving workpieces and a CNC processing center for further processing round off the machine pool.

Dr. Somsak Vatinchai, Managing Director of Design Alternative, is impressed.

"At Design Alternative, production has changed significantly. We have much more control over production today than in the past. The machines are easier to operate, the employees are happier and the added value has increased. Everything has changed for the better."

Perfect collaboration of human and machine. HOMAG meets the prerequisite for precision and quality.


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Furniture production at Design Alternative: Customers worldwide trust Made in Germany

“When customers see our production today, with a complete production line from HOMAG, they have more confidence in what we can do and are impressed by the German technology.”

Dr. Somsak Vatinchai, Managing Director of Design Alternative

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