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Edge-banding-machine EDGETEQ S-300 from BRANDT

EDGETEQ S-300 improves quality and production capacity for C & S Interiors


2024/04/10   |   United Kingdom

C & S Interiors specialises in producing beautiful bespoke pieces of furniture and helping customers with electrical, plumbing and other building projects. With its modern 3,500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Harrow, C & S creates affordable, uniquely designed made-to-measure quality furniture.

“At the start of 2023 we realised the need to automate and speed up our production if we were to meet the growth targets we’d set for the business,” explains Matt Rybak, director and founder of C & S Interiors. “Our existing manual edge bander was slow and produced inconsistent finish quality. To improve, we needed to invest in a new, automated edge bander that would be fast and produce panels with a first class finish every time.”

A brand with no equal at a competitive price

“HOMAG is the world’s leading woodworking machinery and software brand; it has an unmatched reputation for designing and manufacturing technically advanced, dependable and robust machinery. As a consequence, we had been interested in investing in one of its machines for some time.  

“Initially we looked at a couple of alternative manufacturers, but as soon as we saw the HOMAG edge bander in action, we knew it was the right machine for our business. The key factors that gave us confidence to invest in the EDGETEQ S-300 were the speed of throughput, the quality of the finished edges, and the ease of operation and control which is performed directly from the screen on the machine.  

“Price was a big factor for us too, as was the comprehensive aftersales support. HOMAG has its own team of dedicated service engineers ready to help if needed. Should an issue arise, HOMAG's hotline technicians can remotely dial into the edge bander and fix most issues very quickly. That’s a really big plus for us because it means any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. 

“Our HOMAG area sales manager, Ian Woodall, is another reason we chose to partner with HOMAG. We can rely on Ian to provide unbiased advice that’s in our best interest. Ian’s input is invaluable, and he was instrumental in helping us decide which edge bander model was right for our particular needs.  

“His knowledge, not only of HOMAG products, but also of joinery and furniture manufacturing, is impressive. We took his recommendation on which model was the best for our requirements – the HOMAG EDGETEQ S-300 – and it’s proved to be an excellent choice.” 

Well organised and implemented installation

“The installation of the EDGETEQ S-300 was extremely well-planned and the machine was quickly installed and commissioned. The HOMAG engineers then trained our people on site as to how to setup and operate the edge bander.  

“Once our team had mastered the basics, they were able to familiarise themselves with the best procedures to maximise the throughput and performance of the machine. In terms of getting the very best out of such a technically advanced piece of kit like the EDGETEQ S-300, it is very much a case of learning progressively as the operators gain more experience running it.

A bright future 

“The new HOMAG edge bander has been a game-changer for us. There is a world of difference compared to our old edge bander; the EDGETEQ S-300 is easy to control directly from the screen and we don’t have to do manual adjustments. Everything is automated, easy to set up and the speed of throughput is very impressive, as is the superb quality of the finished edges.”

 “The S-300 has increased our production capacity, and there is no doubt it will pay for itself in under three to four years. It will also help us to increase our turnover well beyond the current £300,000 a year mark.  

“For any company looking to take its business to the next level, I can highly recommend HOMAG and the EDGETEQ S-300 edge bander. As a partner, they are easy to deal with, responsive and thoroughly professional,” concludes Matt.

If you would like information or a demonstration of any HOMAG machinery and software, please contact HOMAG UK on 01332 856424. 

“For any company looking to take its business to the next level, I can highly recommend HOMAG and the EDGETEQ S-300 edge bander. As a partner, they are easy to deal with, responsive and thoroughly professional!”

Matt Rybak, Director and Founder

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