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Installation Cutting Assistant at the vertical saw


2021/07/21   |   Montabaur   |   Germany

Master carpenter Dariusz Buchta is an avid reader of the German trade magazine "BM" - and won the HOMAG Cutting Assistant in the BM quiz. We brought him the "Cutting Production Set" in person and looked over his shoulder as he installed it on his vertical panel saw.

See how Dariusz Buchta starts up the digital assistant on his vertical saw and how he divides up the first cutting patterns with the new digital assistant.

Today, Dariusz Buchta saves a lot of material by optimizing the cutting plans in the work preparation department (web app intelliDivide). When he is working through the cutting patterns at the saw, he always keeps track of the parts that have already been sawn and the cutting patterns that have been processed through a smart visual display directly on his tablet in the workshop. Dariusz Buchta then labels each of his components directly on his manual saw. In this way, each workpiece carries the relevant information for subsequent processing machines.

This digital assistant can be used quite flexibly in connection with sliding table saws as well as vertical and horizontal panel sizing saws/horizontal panel saws or pressure beam saws – regardless of type, age and manufacturer.


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Start-up of the cutting production set at the carpentry d.b.holzdesign

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