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woodWOP 8.1: In use at the Fuchs joinery in Austria

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2024/03/19   |   Weitra   |   Austria

  • Owner Raimund Fuchs and production manager Markus Schuster

The Fuchs joinery in Weitra, Lower Austria, is a genuine traditional company. Founded in 1963, Raimund Fuchs is now the third generation to run the business. The 12 employees produce high-quality kitchens and individual furnishings for private customers and are also active in the contract sector. 

CNC machines have also been used for this since 1996, today primarily the DRILLTEQ V-500 with split head and dowel unit as well as a BMG 311 (today: CENTATEQ P-310) with 5-axis spindle. According to owner Raimund Fuchs, the machines complement each other perfectly. 

Initially, all workpieces were programmed on the machine, but since 2017 a CAD system has been used that automatically creates many woodWOP programs. However, the CNC programming software woodWOP, currently the latest version 8.1, is still an elementary component of work preparation. It is mainly used here for special parts with CAM plug-in elements, for example. The carpenters also program individual parts and small orders directly in woodWOP at the machine. 

Overall, the CNC programming software woodWOP is characterized by its clear operation, simple programming and open program creation using a CAD system," continues Production Manager Markus Schuster.

New functions in woodWOP 8.1 that make work easier

Opening tool selection lists directly from the variable table or the component variables makes it much easier to change machining operations. The Austrians were also impressed by the "Replace variable name" function. This makes it easier for them to maintain and standardize the variables used in the component assortment. 

The list of "tools used" is also frequently used - it is particularly useful for more complex programs. Many useful new features have also been added to the pocket macro and block macro for the Fuchs joinery, which make program changes or reprogramming much easier.

“The ability to open the tool selection list directly from the variable table makes it much easier to change machining operations.”

Markus Schuster, Production Manager Joinery Fuchs

Fuchs Joinery

The Fuchs joinery in Weitra, Austria is a company with a long tradition. It was founded in 1963 and is now run by Raimund Fuchs in the third generation. With 12 employees, the company manufactures high-quality kitchens and individual furnishings for private customers and also works in the contract sector. 

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