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Goldbach Kirchner: One of the furniture industry’s most up-to-date plants

Goldbach Kirchner: One of the most up-to-date Industry 4.0 plants


2018/03/13   |   Germany

One manufacturing execution system, 12 new machines, 1,500 square meters of space. All combined to create a fully networked, highly flexible batch size 1 furniture production for Goldbach Kirchner’s interior fitting firm based in Dessau.

In his existing plant in Geiselbach, Bernd Kirchner already ran a highly successful business producing high-end system partition walls, series furniture and interior fittings for banks, industry, schools and public institutions, the catering trade and shopfitters – sticking mainly to large batch sizes. However, increasing demands on planners and new developments within the construction industry meant that Kirchner and his team would have to improve their flexibility.

How could it be achieved? After acquiring an empty hall in Dessau, HOMAG and Goldbach Kirchner transformed the space into a highly technologically advanced furniture and series production plant. The plant, which has been producing for a number of months, is networked with the latest manufacturing execution system ControllerMES and is considered one of the most exceptional projects in terms of networking and digitalization by the HOMAG experts.

The plant encompasses a saw-storage combination, an edge bander with automated return conveyor and laser technology for zero joint production, a sorting magazine, a robot (removal, stacking, feeding, ejection and insertion of components, change of component orientation for further transport), a fully automatic drilling and dowel driving machine and a stand-alone case clamp. The new plant allows Goldbach Kirchner to work with the utmost flexibility and efficiency.


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Video: Goldbach Kirchner operates one of the furniture industry’s most up-to-date Industry 4.0 plants.

“Two factors were of crucial importance for me: Absolute flexibility in production and an integrated data flow. To achieve this, I require a suitable machine fleet, end-to-end software and experience in digitalization. Here, HOMAG supplied an integrated complete solution I’m thoroughly impressed with.”

Bernd Kirchner, CEO, Goldbach Kirchner raumconcepte GmbH

Goldbach Kirchner

Goldbach Kirchner offers a comprehensive catalogue of interior fit-out services for architects, contract fitters, interior design agencies and private customers. Whether for entertainment, working, shopping or living – we aim to provide designs for rooms in which people can feel at home.

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